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Nut wholesale

In addition to a superfood wholesaler, NutriBoost is also a nut wholesaler. We supply nuts for the processing industry, but also for web shops and other wholesalers. In organic and conventional quality. Our range of nuts consists of different types.

On this page you will find a complete overview of our services and what we can offer you as an organic nut wholesaler. Everything you are looking for can be found here. Do you have any questions after reading this page? Or would you like to request an offer? Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Types of nuts

As a nut wholesaler, NutriBoost supplies a wide variety of nuts, mainly for the organic market. Our most popular nuts are:

  • Organic almonds (Valencia, Italy)
  • Organic Brazil nuts
  • Organic cashew nuts (W320, LWP)
  • Organic hazelnuts
  • Organic macadamia
  • Organic pecans
  • Organic walnuts

With us you will find nuts, seeds and dried fruits of the best quality. Over the years we've been in business, we've built a broad network of reliable sources. Around the world.

Nut wholesale services

When looking for a crazy wholesale company, you're not looking for the average type of business. They want the best quality in business. But not only that, you are also looking for a partner and not “just” a supplier. Someone to support you in your needs. Unfortunately, not all wholesalers offer the same services. This is where we make the difference. NutriBoost offers three main services to ensure your business runs smoothly:

  1. Packaged nuts;
  2. Nut bulk trade; and
  3. Services for the production of nuts (for example: trail mix).

Packaged nuts

When we speak of "packaged nuts" we are referring to private label or your own brand. We can support you if you are looking for a supplier to support you in this process. Maybe you already have a brand? Or are you just getting started? We can help you in both cases. As an importer, we take care of the procurement. The production part is something we outsource to a partner so you don't have to.

The processing of nuts into a private label is outsourced to co-packers who can handle allergenic products such as nuts. We avoid this in our operations, as otherwise we have to re-label all products so that there is a possibility of cross-contamination of nuts.

Nut wholesale

Our nuts are packed in 20 kg boxes. This is the core of our business. Our customers usually buy a pallet or a mixed pallet of different types of nuts. However, we can also deliver most of our items in individual packaging. If you are looking for 1KG packaging types, then it is a private label or a white label. We do that as described above. As a bulk supplier, you can buy bulk almonds, bulk cashews, bulk walnuts, etc.

delivery time

Since NutriBoost is an importer and nut wholesaler, the majority of our stock is readily available. Availability depends on the market situation and the ordering behavior of our customers. However, if a product is in stock, it will usually be shipped within 1-3 working days of receiving the order. Are you in a hurry? Or do you want to know exactly how long it will take to arrive? We can indicate this at any time before receiving your order.


Quality is the key factor at NutriBoost. The quality, taste and food safety of our products are of the utmost importance. We are in direct contact with our producers and can check them at least once a year. It is our duty to offer you this guarantee. Therefore NutriBoost is also IFS certified.

Minimum Order Quantity

We serve many different types of businesses. For example, we supply bakeries and producers. But also to restaurants, caterers and web shops. This diversity demands flexibility. This is how we have specialized in recent years. Looking for 20 kilograms? No problem. Maybe a full range? That's not a problem either. If necessary, we can even deliver several pallets at the same time.

Wholesale organic nuts

Ordering from NutriBoost has many advantages. We and our farmers consider the welfare of people, animals and the environment. Our products are grown and processed in accordance with ecological guidelines. Pesticides and other unauthorized substances are not used. In addition, we are organically certified as an organic nut wholesaler and also IFS certified. As an importer, we also offer an attractive price.

Importer of nuts and dried fruits

If you have nuts in your range, you likely offer dried fruit as well. These two product groups are inextricably linked. So it doesn't surprise you that we not only import nuts, but also dried fruits.

NutriBoost is the first party to receive nuts made from organic nuts. We strictly pay attention to the quality. We check this on the basis of analyzes that we carry out beforehand at the origin. We also regularly analyze the nuts as soon as they arrive. With NutriBoost you can therefore safely buy nuts.

Other wholesale services

In addition to our activities as a nut supplier, we also offer other products and services as a wholesaler. A detailed explanation of these services can be found on the corresponding pages:

frequently asked Questions

Do you also deliver raw nuts?

NutriBoost mainly supplies raw nuts.

What are the wholesale prices of the nuts you sell?

We mainly work with daily prices. We therefore recommend that you contact our sales team using the contact form below.

Do you also deliver dried fruits?

Yes. For more information on dried fruits, visit our Dried Fruits page.

Ask for price

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