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Pore ​​cleaners dangerous: is there a risk?




Of course you want to have beautiful, pure skin, that's for sure. But do you really have to take a risk? Is there any danger at all when using modern pore suction devices? Are pore cleaners dangerous? As part of this advisory article, we would like to inform you about potential risks. Since vacuum blackhead cleaners have not been on the market for a long time, there is still a certain degree of uncertainty and ignorance about their application.


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A well-known video on the subject of pore vacuums also shows how a young girl sucks a very visible hickey herself. But is that why pore cleaners are dangerous? In our opinion, the most important thing here is the specific application. We will also include a video in this post, which at best can help you with the correct use of the blackhead vacuum cleaner. So you can ask yourself the question: Are pore cleaners dangerous? Much easier to answer.



The short answer is, it depends on how you use the device. Most pore cleaners allow you to set the level of suction intensity yourself. There are often 3 different suction levels to choose from. But even at the highest levels, we would not classify pore cleaners as dangerous. Nevertheless, we give the following tip: slowly but surely approach the skin care products. You should always start with the lowest suction level of your pore vacuum. For further information, please have a look at our Blackhead sucker test throw.


Are pore cleaners dangerous? Correct use is required


This is the least likely to suck an unsightly hickey on your face. Pore ​​cleaner dangerous? By no means! If you use them correctly. In addition, we can give you another tip on the way: Always pay attention to the customer reviews on Amazon! Often dozens of users have already posted their experiences with the respective blackhead cleaner there. If a lot of people complain that the device is sucking too hard, you might want to go for a different model.


You should be able to recognize a dangerous pore cleaner very quickly by this alone. You have the advantage that you don't have to test the product first. Many beauty friends before you have tried the blackhead remover and you can of course benefit from their experience. In principle, we can by no means agree with the statement: pore cleaners = dangerous cosmetic product. We also have to address at this point that the differences between the individual devices are extremely large.


Conclusion on the guide "Are pore cleaners dangerous?"


There are very professional facial vacuums for over 100 euros, but there are also pore cleaners for 35 euros. This is the good middle-class area in which many of the bestsellers are located. Are the cheap pore cleaners more dangerous than the expensive models? This statement cannot be brought to our investigations either. Even an inexpensive blackhead vacuum cleaner can achieve excellent results without being dangerous if used correctly.


Pore ​​cleaners, which are generally classified as unsafe, are very unlikely to come onto the market that easily. So, in our opinion, you definitely don't need to worry unnecessarily. To the advisor contribution to the question: Are pore cleaners dangerous? To conclude: We believe these are great skin care products as long as you buy the right model and use it properly. Thank you for your attention and good luck with sucking blackheads.


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