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What's the saying?

«What is the word that flows from the mouth of man in the world? - I asked the poet Sergei Belozerskii Raspopov and he replies: - There is alpha, omega started". In other works: "It is the cornerstone of our Russian life , Proverbs made indelible in the song, and gives meaning to our existence ... "" What a shame that because of the word / is able to be talkative, insignificant, nothing to kill ... "and not includedWe Chrysostom in 22 ( !) Years.

War meanness and rascaldom with sayings

Generation of people replaces one after another, and people live and full of experience, who does not give instructions on their use of the service and in concise sentences, from which it is not possible to draw bukovki not to defile the meaning of what is being said Proverb.Pristine sounded like this, “To strike with a good father, and to have a good cause to create.” When the time of collective irresponsibility came, the second half of the words was upset villains and tried to destroy it. This can but not happen.Because ... "the truth does not win, it remains." Pay attention to the world's evil ways, because the bullet only kills, but the word for a shelf drives. And people who are capable of that Loops and the words are not from them blowing in the wind and say the word - they are "under the hood miller" obscurantism servants what the proverb knows.

Words, not words indestructible

But the word that carries the true body of the national codes, strange, illogical tenacious.The seven-time winner of prizes of all kinds who wrote 30 volumes in a generation without a trace in people's lives, but to say the phrase becomes an unknown sage proverb and receives immortality. "As the rye harvest, feel as hot as the women, and it's not cold." What to say, when and what - is unknown, but it is possible to do amounts of research on this concept and nothing substantial not to add it to write. And it transparently clear even for those who today, beans and rye, is no different. And given the words were not lazy, namely villains. For lazy people, there are other, softer and ironic sayings because lazy people have a conscience, and he is not a lost man. His talking Russian substitute. They do not shy away from a liar, without the slightest idea of ​​morality, who spit in the eye and he said - God's dew .

Keywords word not invented

At that time, Leo Tolstoy stated in a private conversation that he gave his famous epic "War and Peace" for one to tell them. But it is not able to give birth because of human life and life does not know what a proverb. The definition is, Tolstoy said, but it does not make sense. But it is true. "Who war and own mother who" - said someone. And you can not read the famous epic, for it is exactly what is expressed in seven words.Some unknown Karataev, long-suffering in the war, after seeing them from their very insides, spoke these words and 7 in them understood the whole truth about the murder of collective, which for the people in organize the state.

Shakespeare and Gogol

Many writers have tried to have a saying, thinking that they understand what it is. But it has seldom succeeded, because every sage is ample ease. Shakespeare, as we see, it is possible. Much of his words are their thoughts express, and he himself is often not heard. And if they heard it, we don't misunderstand. And if you understand, you don't have to understand what was said. That's the way it happens when the state is fitting to compose proverbs because they don't know what a proverb is. In literature, I want to leave them in people's lives when their place. But sometimes it looks out of the text of the work and starts their literary word Existence.As it happened in the words of Gogol: "Quiet is the Ukrainian night. Slightly transparent air flutters ..." The rest of the text is not a great saying and sophistication, provision, themes and so on and so on. The term was only a term when it is saturated with multiple meanings, symbols and are not statements of fact or painting something else. Shakespeare and Gogol did not know and felt that such a saying. Examples of their work are not much, but enough that it One could argue - they did not come and gave birth. Gogol even managed to give birth to the saying from one word - Plushkin Nosdrev ...


No need to ask yourself: what is the word? After all, the meaning is clear and transparent as well as the words of my mother, father and bread. Verbosity in which it is not appropriate to said veiled. If you say at length on the subject theirs Start writing a monograph explaining, it will result in the desecration, which is fitting to say --breezed sown, and the wind blown. From invisible to the human eye code that is in the germ cells, the development of people. And the People from generation to generation repeat themselves on some code. Much of the information they undoubtedly kept in folk wisdom.