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Season 4

Season 4

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September 12, 2008 - June 25, 2009

Charlotte Kröger comes to Lüneburg with her sister Alexandra to attend her father's funeral. Charlotte had inherited his entire publishing house in her father's will, Bertram Kröger, as the latter could never forgive Alexandra for accidentally shooting her brother Bertram junior with her father's hunting rifle as a child. However, Alexandra forges the will and therefore inherits half of the publisher. Finally, Erik Siemers, Alexandra's husband, also comes to Lüneburg. He, Charlotte and Alexandra finally decide to run the Kröger-Verlag together.

Gradually, however, it becomes clear that Erik and Charlotte, after falling in love almost 30 years ago, still have feelings for each other. Back then, Erik had only decided in favor of Alexandra because she was pregnant with their son Felix. After a few detours, Erik and Charlotte finally find each other. When Alexandra finally finds a letter in which her father forgives her the tragic death of his son and thus all her intrigues have lost their meaning, she completely loses her composure and wants to shoot her own sister. She is admitted to psychiatry. Erik and Charlotte leave Lüneburg happily together for Paris, where they open a small second-hand bookshop.

The 4th season includes episodes 421 to 597.