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About marriage and children: Why single women are the happiest

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About marriage and children: Why single women are the happiest

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Anyone who is single as a woman will definitely get one thing for free: pity. "I don't understand why nobody wants you." «Cooking for one person ?! Is it even worth it? "

As singles, women are somehow not that complete, according to popular belief. And therefore not that happy either. So pity is appropriate?

Not really. Because single women are doing very well. Pretty good, in fact. In contrast to single men, by the way. At least that's just what Paul Dolan, behavioral scientist at the London School of Economics, said.

“If you are a man, you should definitely get married. If you are a woman, you can leave it alone. "

Paul Dolan "The Guardian"

Sociological studies have long shown that men derive great benefits from romantic relationships. They live healthier, they have better relationships with family and friends, they even make more money. Women, on the other hand, don't get that much benefit from relationships. And it even shows that when they're not in a relationship, they're doing the very best.

"The happiest and healthiest subgroup are women who have never been married and have no children."

Paul Dolan, "The Guardian"

In the studies that Dolan reports, married test subjects indicated a fairly high level of happiness, but only as long as their partner was in the same room. When they were alone, the picture looked different. Then the singles were happier.

What makes singles really less satisfied, Dolan argues, is the stigma associated with being single. In other words: if you are constantly pitied, you will feel really bad at some point. No reason at all.


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