Who made Geritol commercials with mistakes?

General patient association Marburg (ed.): Doctors' errors. Botch and cover up. A manual for patients, doctors and lawyers

Frankfurt am Main 1986 (Fischer)

ISBN 978-3596242634

The General Patient Association has campaigned for more than 10,000 patients in recent years, examining their cases, looking for medical experts who can prove their claims, and knowledgeable lawyers who stand up for the rights of the injured party. Gone are the days when patients lay in hospital beds with their hands on the seams of their trousers and doctors thought they were demigods. More and more patients no longer accept medical malpractice tacitly.

But the times in which lawyers believed that they should now immediately indict any doctor who made a mistake are gradually being overcome. For doctors who were immediately brought to the criminal court for malpractice and charged like criminals felt it was outrageous, and many other doctors sympathized with them. So it was almost impossible to get a medical report from a colleague. Today that has changed.

In realizing its health policy objectives, the association is concerned with making the inadequacies of our health care system clear with justified criticism and thereby achieving their elimination.

With this aim in mind, the association published the "Patient Newspaper".

The patient newspaper went into the "Patient Protection Yearbook" which was further developed by the association. After the association's information has been digitized on the website, the latest releases are posted on the Internet at www.patienten-verband.de and updated promptly so that everyone can get an idea of ​​the association's goals and activities.
The association advised the association's lawyers on the publication of the book "Patient Rights" and wrote together with a critical doctor, Dr. med. Niels Auhagen, there the foreword.
Linda Amon: Death Trap Hospital

Vienna 2004 (Ueberreuter)

ISBN 978-3800070145

Medicine can endanger your health: every year up to 300,000 patients in German-speaking countries leave a hospital in a worse condition than they entered it - provided they survive the visit. Because around 30,000 people die as a result of medical malpractice, incorrect medication or a lack of hygiene. Those who survive are often handicapped for the rest of their lives. Unable to work, they have to fight for meager pensions, and usually have neither the means nor the strength to take irresponsible doctors to court. Anyone who dares to do so is fighting against a wall of silence.
Linda Amon has dared to face a social taboo that can affect anyone. She talked to affected patients and doctors willing to talk to break this wall of silence.

Dina Michels: White Coats - Dark Businesses: In the Fight against the Health Mafia.

Reinbeck near Hamburg 2009 (Rowohlt)

ISBN 978-3871346439

A chief investigator reveals: How illness and human fate are turned into money! We trust no one as much as people in white coats - it must be due to the reputation of the selfless healer. The truth is: Many professionals in white pursue their own interests and do not shy away from criminal methods. Dina Michels, chief investigator of a large health insurance company, and a team of nine uncover - if necessary undercover - the illegal machinations of doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, medical supply and hospitals. Using numerous unpublished cases, she shows how the health mafia works - and how our health system even favors this. A revelatory book that is as spectacular as it is explosive.

Udo Ludwig: Tatort Hospital: How Patients Become Victims

Munich 2008 (Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt)

ISBN 978-3421043863

"Ludwig has incorporated the current debate about clinicians who no longer want to remain silent and admit technical and malpractice errors in order to avoid them in the future. He takes the reader to the operating room, to the bedside and to the court, if the victims or their survivors argue with doctors about compensation for pain and suffering. " (Hamburger Abendblatt

Annegret Markendorf: Victim of a Doctor: A supportive advisor before and during a doctor's liability suit

Sigmarszell 2008 (Papierfresserchens MTM-Verlag)

ISBN 978-3940367204

With Sacrifice of a Doctor, you, dear readers, are given the most important steps in positive words and judgments in order to be able to prepare perfectly for a coming process. Victim of a doctor describes with his correspondence, false reports and judgments how you can win against a doctor in court if you suspect an error in the treatment. Doctor's Sacrifice serves as a guide to make it clear that you can become a winner despite poor prospects! The author Annegret Markendorf herself became a victim of a doctor years ago and is still suffering from the consequences today.

Werner Bartens: The doctor hate book: An insider unpacks

Munich 2007 (Knaur)

ISBN 978-3426779767

The doctors: arrogant, aloof, amateurish. The patients: defenseless. Patients do not know whether they have come across a quack or a luminary until it is too late. For better or for worse, they are at the mercy of the doctors. The doctor and medical journalist Werner Bartens knows from his own experience how things go in practices and hospitals: Too many technocrats and failures hide themselves under white coats. He relentlessly reports megalomania, botch and ignorance. His diagnosis: We should stop talking only about the costs of health care and finally focus on the essentials again - the needs of the people who seek help from the doctor.

Elke Holzer / Christian Thomekzeck / Eugen Hauke ​​/ Dieter Conen / Marc-Anton Hochreuthener (eds): Patient safety: guidelines for dealing with risks in health care

Vienna 2004 (Facultas)

ISBN: 978-3850766876

"The subject of" patient safety "has come to the fore in recent years, with the risks, the enormous costs and the fatal and possibly irreparable consequences associated with inadequate risk management, especially in the healthcare system to an increased discussion of the question of how errors can be avoided through forward-looking planning. Practitioners from Austria, Germany and Switzerland explain how risks in the health care system can be uncovered, which strategies exist for dealing with them and how risk management is used for the health sector can be adapted. " (Care magazine 6/2005)

Jenö Ebert: Danger Doctor !: Getting and staying healthy despite treatment

Kirchzarten 2005 (Vak-Verlag)

ISBN: 978-3935767729

Just don't ask your doctor or pharmacist!
This book is a bold plea for meaningful medicine. The author is a doctor himself and knows what he's talking about: Unheard-of facts and case studies from 35 years of medical practice show why the treatment should not focus on the symptoms, but on the people behind them.
For patients interested in alternative treatment options. For doctors and naturopaths.

Ute Hönscheid / Christel Vollmer: Three children and an angel: a fatal treatment error and a mother's struggle for the truth

Munich 2005 (Pendo Verlag)

ISBN: 978-3866120631

When three-year-old Dennis was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the doctors at the Frankfurt University Clinic gave the parents hope: the tumor was operable and the chances of a cure are great. The operation is going well and Dennis values ​​are stable after the first chemotherapy. Then the unbelievable happens: a night nurse gives Dennis the wrong medication, he falls into a coma and dies. Seven years later, Ute Hönscheid won the trial against the hospital that tried to cover up the incident. But she is still committed to her goal: the introduction of error statistics and measures against the grievances at German clinics. "Only if we manage to make everyone stand by their fallibility will something really change."

Markus Breitscheidel: Well cared for instead of being ripped off: ways of decent care for the elderly

Berlin 2008 (Ullstein)

ISBN: 978-3548369877

"Well cared for instead of being ripped off, the elderly care is anything but the ideal world. But the author's approach is more differentiated. He names the causes and backgrounds for unsustainable behavior, such as violence. How can you recognize it and whom you can contact for intervention. These questions will be answered. The book is intended to help provide insights and ways out - not only for the elderly affected, but also for those involved in care. " (November 7, 2006, New Germany, Simone Bartsch)

Markus Breitscheidel: Ripped off and cared for to death: Everyday life in German nursing homes

Berlin 2007 (Ullstein)

ISBN: 978-3548369013

“I felt guilty all the time. For a year he worked and researched undercover in nursing and old people's homes. He has seen the elderly patients drugged, force-fed, and deliberately neglected. Now Markus Breitscheidel has written a book - a story from our future. «Der Tagesspiegel

Wulf Schröder: The enemy in my body: a guide for cancer patients, friends and relatives

Frankfurt am Main 2005 (Mabuse Verlag)

ISBN: 978-3935964814

"I was very moved by this book. Schröder explains how the various therapies work and very carefully makes all the difficulties associated with them clear from the patient's point of view. He really does act as an excellent advisor. His warm-hearted book is a loving and committed support for all those affected , especially worth reading for specialists, for everyone who works with cancer patients. " Dr. Peter Weyland

Walter Hartenbach: The cholesterol lie. The fairy tale of bad cholesterol

Munich 2008 (Herbig Verlag)

ISBN: 978-3776622775

Lowering cholesterol is a billion dollar business for pharmaceutical companies, doctors and the margarine industry, but according to the findings of Professor Hartenbach and some leading scientists, it is completely unnecessary, harmful and in many cases even life-threatening. The deaths caused by the cholesterol-lowering drug Lipobay have alarmed the public, but how misleading the population is about cholesterol is little known. In his generally understandable guide, Professor Hartenbach clears up the greatest errors and explains the great importance and positive effects of cholesterol on the human organism. He proves why the dreaded widespread diseases arteriosclerosis and heart attack have nothing to do with high cholesterol levels and shows how these diseases can be avoided. The greatest concern of the author: to free the population from the psychological terror of the cholesterol opponents and thus to prevent unnecessary fears and in some cases massive damage to health through to increased cancer and death.

Rolf Bossi: demigods in black. Germany's judiciary in the pillory

Munich 2006 (Goldmann)

ISBN: 978-3442153893

A provocative plea against the arrogance and arbitrariness of German judges favored by the judicial system.

How fair is our democratic constitutional state? Rolf Bossi shows how high-handedness, arbitrariness and incompetence lead to the independent reaching of judgments ad absurdum. A committed plea for the control of a system in which the omnipotence of judges becomes the source of serious legal errors.

Ulrike Hinrichs / Dana Nowak / Horst Seehofer: On the patient's back. Self-service health system

Berlin 2005 (Ch. Links Verlag)

ISBN: 978-3861533474

"A tough, merciless settlement with all those involved in the abuse. The authors relentlessly reveal facts and show that every reform must always degenerate into a pure emergency operation if only the income side is screwed instead of structurally clearing the system. (.. .) The book is a small masterpiece, well readable and well written, it makes it abundantly clear: Everyone is in demand, because only the responsible patient - who knows the current situation - can appear self-confident, demand the right to have a say and shine a light Bringing darkness. And that basically makes the book compulsory reading for all of us. " Deutschlandradio Kultur

Christian Weymayr / Klaus Koch: Myth cancer prevention. The harm and benefits of early detection

Frankfurt am Main 2003 (Eichborn)

ISBN: 978-3821839509

The precautionary hysteria is reaching its peak: celebrities are calling for a colonoscopy, commercials demonstrate the size of hidden tumors, and the widespread introduction of mammography is just around the corner. The renowned science journalists Weymayr and Koch analyze the benefits of the early detection programs and sound the alarm: Whether breast cancer, prostate, colon or skin cancer - the early detection procedures are associated with numerous risks. These range from misdiagnosis to hastily executed operations and their consequential damage. The authors shed light on the background of medical policy decisions, refer to scandals in German clinics and provide answers to important questions: What are the economic and political interests behind the cancer prevention craze? How is provision made in other countries? What chances does the individual have to avoid harm and to use the chances of medical knowledge?

Jörg Blech: The inventors of diseases: How we are made into patients

Frankfurt am Main 2005 (Fischer)

ISBN: 978-3596158768

Actually, one would think that there are naturally enough diseases on earth, and one does not have to fantasize about more. But that is exactly what certain interest groups do, claims journalist Jörg Blech in his new book. The publisher added the instruction “Read this book before you go to the doctor!” To the pithy title “The Disease Inventors”. And the back cover speaks of an “educational book” in which the author “reveals how we are systematically turned into patients”.
So much turn-on makes you suspicious. Another one of those endless numbers of health guides about anal fistulas, fungal infections or the fidgety philippine syndrome, which cause nothing but panic for the reader?
The provocative first impression is deceptive: The content of the book is less useless and excited than deeply thoughtful. Jörg Blech wants to use various examples to show how diseases are invented in order to open up new markets for pharmaceutical companies for their products and to gradually convert medical practices into sales outlets. This is mostly achieved by expanding or reinterpreting well-known clinical pictures in such a way that a healthy person becomes a sick person or at least somehow needs treatment. Spectrum of science

Eva Schwenk: Misdiagnosis of the rule of law: The countless psychiatric victims

Norderstedt 2004 (Books on Demand GmbH)

ISBN: 978-3833415265

We learn the truth about our society wherever people need to act responsibly. For example in psychiatry. What are politics, the medical profession and the judiciary doing with people who suffer mentally and who allegedly do not know what they are doing themselves? It is long time to hear about it; because a constitutional state is not one if its laws do not apply to everyone. The book documents crimes against psychiatric patients, committed as a result of unscientific diagnostics. Where psychiatry and social structures meet, it reveals the primitive and therefore incredible mechanisms that make these crimes possible. In a terrifying way, the general understanding of psychological experience becomes just as clear to the reader as the need to develop control criteria for psychiatric practice.

The author is a qualified psychologist. Through her work as a legal guardian for psychiatric patients, she learned of human rights violations in a psychiatric clinic, documented them and requested an investigation from the responsible supervisory authority that never took place.

Kurt G. Blüchel: Healing Forbidden - Killing Allowed: Organized Crime in Health Care

Munich 2004 (Goldmann)

ISBN: 978-3442153275

After years of research, science author Kurt G. Blüchel provides a relentless portrait of the German medical industry. His conclusion: corruption often hinders social and economic development, undermines public administration and endangers democracy. A shocking educational report about the medical syndicate and its scandalous injustice system.

Hans Ruesch: The Pharma Story. The big dizziness

Munich 2005 (Müller & Steinicke)

ISBN: 978-3887210274

Karlmann Geiß / Hans-Peter Greiner: Medical Liability Law: Legal status: July 2008

Munich 2009 (Beck)

ISBN: 978-3406581953

The extensive jurisprudence is incorporated into a systematic presentation of medical liability law.The volume has been thoroughly revised and the BGH rulings brought up to date. It is aimed at doctors, lawyers, judges and insurance companies.

Lynne McTaggart: What Doctors Don't Tell You: The Truth About The Dangers Of Modern Medicine

Kernen 2003 (Sensei Verlag)

ISBN: 978-3932576553

By showing you the true secrets of medicine, this pioneering book is your assurance from becoming just another case in medical statistics. It shows you the very latest, proven scientific alternatives for this diagnosis. Disease prevention or treatment. What doctors won't tell you will become your medical Bible that will help you be in control of your own health.

Alexander P. F. Ehlers / Maximilian G. Broglie (eds.): Medical Liability Law: Basics and Practice

Munich 2007 (Beck)

ISBN: 978-3406563881

More and more patients are demanding compensation for alleged or real treatment errors and are increasingly confronting the medical profession with liability claims. Here is a reliable and objective guide that will guide you safely through this highly complex specialty. This practical guide for medical liability law follows the basic structure and the typical process of a medical liability case. The work, written by lawyers and medical professionals, stands for a particularly high level of objectivity and provides a comprehensive overview of the material and formal aspects of medical damage cases. Out-of-court dispute resolution is also taken into account in detail. The medical liability case from the patient's perspective, the preliminary proceedings - out-of-court settlement - data, facts and procedures from the perspective of a liability insurer - expert commissions and arbitration boards - civil proceedings - substantive medical liability law - contractual medical liability - tort law - peculiarities of professional and criminal law - appendix with addresses, questionnaire and accompanying sheet. An interdisciplinary team of experts of lawyers and doctors brings in their diverse professional experience and guarantees a balanced assessment. For judges, lawyers, doctors, insurance companies, hospitals.

Alexander P. F. Ehlers: Medical report in the process

Munich 2005

ISBN: 978-3406467684

Gerhard H. Schlund / Bernd Ellermann: Doctor and liability: What you need to know - How to insure yourself

Landsberg 2003 (Ecomed)

ISBN: 978-3609517025

Nobody is perfect. Every doctor can quickly get into a dispute about his liability if he is accused of diagnosis and treatment errors or violations of medical information and confidentiality. Because the legal situation is often interpreted very differently and because the patients have become more critical, every doctor should always know about the current status and above all about the possibilities of comprehensive insurance. The book provides concise answers to all the questions that arise on this topic. And lots of practical tips on how to best behave in such situations.