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Mark Medlock: That became the DSDS winner

At DSDS, Mark Medlock (42) was able to sing himself into the hearts of the audience in 2007 and also convinced juror Dieter Bohlen completely of himself. After his “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” victory, the now 42-year-old was able to build on his successes.

Dieter Bohlen, Marco Schreyl and Mark Medlock 2007 in "Das Supertalent"

Above all, he benefited from his collaboration with Poptitan. Mark Medlock then toured all over Germany and touched countless fans with his voice. Songs like “Summer Love” or “Mamacita” became a complete success and stayed at the top of the charts for a long time. But in 2011 Mark Medlock and Dieter Bohlen ended their collaboration.

Mark Medlock founded his own record label

The 42-year-old wanted to be as independent as possible and therefore founded his own record label called Black Feather Records together with his management in 2013. But his new single "Car Wash" didn't make it into the charts. Soon after, Mark Medlock announced his departure from the stage.

In 2014 his farewell album “Im Nebel” was finally released, which he produced, composed and written text entirely himself. After that, Mark withdrew completely and has been enjoying life on Sylt ever since.

Mark Medlock lives on Sylt today

Three years later, in March 2017, he reported from the island and published "Zwischenwelten". However, the album did not make it into the charts. In October 2017, Mark again announced the end of his music career.

At DSDS, Mark Medlock impressed Dieter Bohlen
(© imago / Michael Wigglesworth)

But apparently the DSDS winner can neither with nor without the music. In March 2020, Mark Medlock announced his comeback after almost 10 years. At the beginning of the year he gave his comeback concert on Sylt. But the joy did not last long. Only a few months later, the singer said goodbye again.

After his comeback concert, he had found hope, but this can apparently be pursued again quickly. He announced on Facebook that he was not interested in the music. Mark Medlock has deactivated his Facebook account.