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First working day? So introduce yourself professionally

  1. Log in to the human resources department
  2. Introduce yourself to your new manager
  3. Introduce yourself to your colleagues
  4. Write a circular mail

Whether you start in a company with 10 or 300 employees does not initially matter. The question of “How do I introduce myself to my new colleagues correctly?” Arises from anyone who starts from scratch. Here we show you what you should pay attention to when introducing, which faux pas to avoid and how you can leave a good first impression in a relaxed and confident manner!

Log in to the human resources department

Unless otherwise agreed, your first course should lead to the HR department. There you introduce yourself and say that today is your first day at work. The likelihood is that there will be some paperwork to begin with. You will make it easier to start a new job if you have all the documents with you that could be important for the HR department. This includes a possible medical certificate of your health suitability for the job, ID card, driver's license, possibly a certificate of good conduct, your social security number, information about your pension insurance, health insurance, your bank details, etc.

Introduce yourself to your new manager

Your supervisor, department head or team leader will likely meet you on your first day at work. If you've seen each other before, a brief greeting and a little small talk will do. If you see this person for the first time, you can expect a longer introduction to yourself. In this case, you will likely be asked to go to your new boss’s office first, where you will have time to get to know each other a little. Prepare to report on your last employment. What tasks were you responsible for, how did you proceed and what successes have you already been able to record? This getting to know each other is not an interview, but your boss would like to get to know you personally in a professional setting. Preparation for this interview is therefore highly recommended. Because you know: there is no second chance to make a first impression! Smile and be kind. By the way: don't forget the firm and professional handshake!

Before you say goodbye to each other, it is advisable to ask whether you will be introduced to your new department. Maybe there are plans to officially introduce you in a morning meeting. Or maybe nothing is planned, so that you have to take your personal ideas at your new workplace into your own hands. So don't forget to ask about it, otherwise you could make a fool of yourself if you spontaneously introduce yourself, even though this was planned for the later meeting. If nothing is planned, you can also ask your manager to briefly introduce you to the new team.

Introduce yourself to your colleagues

As soon as you step into your future workplace, you are likely to attract the attention of your new colleagues on your first day. Smile and introduce yourself. You can proceed in such a way that you shake hands with every single employee, or you can stand in the middle of the room and introduce yourself to the large group. Listen to your gut instinct or let your manager introduce you. Feel free to tell a few sentences about yourself, for example where you worked before and what your tasks were there. Of course, it is always well received when you say that you are very much looking forward to your new tasks!

Even if your immediate colleagues seem more important at first, you should still devote yourself to the employees of other departments. You don't have to go from department to department and shake hands with 300 employees. But if you meet a member of staff in the hallway or in the canteen, greet everyone with a friendly hello. You never know who will one day be responsible for whether you will be promoted or who will have to help you out with a problem. Ignore employees who you don't know and who don't seem important to you!

Extra tip: get to know your new colleagues in an informal environment. Just ask if you want to spend the lunch break together. Another possibility: suggest that they go out for a coffee together at the end of the week after work. This is how you get to know your new colleagues outside of the office. If it's customary in the company, you can also make a debut at the end of your first week. For a good cooperation it is important that you get to know your colleagues. So don't skip this step when introducing your new job! You will notice that after getting to know each other, the cooperation will work even better!

Write a circular mail

The first day in my new job is very exciting. No sooner have you got to know your future boss than you have to see that your new colleagues like you. After a short personal introduction, it is advisable to write a short circular to all of your new colleagues. In it you introduce yourself again with your full name and write how you can be reached. This ensures that colleagues who were not present on your first day at the new job can see who you are. Thank you for the warm welcome and offer to be available at any time if you have any questions. Attention: Do not forget to include your supervisor in this circular.

Thanks to this nice message, your new colleagues will know that you will be happy when they approach you. With such an all-round email you signal that you are sociable and open. In this way, you also record once again that there is a new employee in the department. You give all of your new colleagues your contact details, and they have your name again in writing, making them easier to remember. If you are unsure how to best introduce yourself to the company, then don't be shy, just ask! Regardless of whether it is your supervisor, someone from the HR department or a new colleague! Such a small question can get you a long way and quickly clear all your uncertainties out of the way! We wish you a successful start in your new job!

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