Anger blurred textures when rotating

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  • Blurry graphics in the game

    Good day,
    In the game, the graphics look very blurry and out of focus, even at high graphics settings. From a distance the trees and other things look very blurred D:
    I've already changed the graphics settings, restarted Steam, Ark and the PC several times and nothing worked
    My hardware: AMD FX-6300 overclocked to 4 Ghz. GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB Vram. MSI 970 Gaming as motherboard and I have 8GB Ram and Windows 10
    Ask for quick and helpful answers

    Thanks in advance

  • Spontaneously I will type on the "Resolution Scale". Options menu in the game just below the resolution. When the slider is all the way to the left, you can turn the resolution up as you want. It took me 2h to get to the controller.
    It's best to take a screenshot of your settings and an ingame and put both in here. Then maybe someone can help you better.

  • Ok, I'm not at home right now, when I'm there I'll send you a few pictures
    Thanks in advance

  • It would be nice if you would tell me how to send pictures here, I'm new here

  • and do you or someone else have an idea?

  • So I have to say that your pictures look great?
    Either I now have a kink in the optics but I think it looks good oO

  • So I have to say that your pictures look great?
    Either I now have a kink in the optics but I think it looks good oO

    Looks good to me too

  • Looks good to me too! Could it be your screen? Since it looks normal to us, just not to you

  • Ne have no kink, actually looks completely OK. Now I'm a little confused about what problems SuperIR has.
    If you mean that trees, bushes etc. lose detail in the distance. That is normal. ARK only renders at close range with full quality. At certain distances it is calculated down.

  • Yes, it looks really good, the graphics are okay

  • Uh!

    I would be glad I could play with the settings ...
    Looks good!?

  • Maybe he just means the fog. Every now and then it's just hazy in Ark.

  • I have had the problem with "blurry" graphics (not visible on the screenshots) since patch 245 and appears in the middle of the game. Must be a driver problem ?!

    When it shows up, Ark is barely playable. In this case it helps to switch from "full screen" to "window mode" in the game options, confirm and then reset. It's annoying, but luckily it rarely happens to me.

    Please write if it helped.

  • has more to do with the fact that your graphics card is still rendering the picture. That means it is still loading its contents. It is normal that this blurring occurs again and again. Especially when you start or you are approaching a base. 20 seconds and everything should be sharp.

    It would also be possible that your eyes are no longer the best. Had a buddy with a similar problem.

    Such things are still being improved by wildcard. At least that's what the community expects.

  • No, no, so if he has the same problem as me, then the graphics from one second to the other in the middle of the game are suddenly completely shit and Ark is hardly playable (because extremely blurry). For me this happens / happened very rarely (and as I said) only recently. In the meantime, however, Nvidia has released a new driver version. In any case, it hasn't happened to me since then.

  • yes gtx1060. It can just be that the driver doesn't always do the right thing in the first week. @OP driver update? Helped?

  • It's just a thought, but maybe it also has my problem:

    Full screen mode / full screen window mode | Resolution and display

    @SuperIR what kind of monitor do you have and in which resolution and in which display mode do you play ARK (full screen or full screen window mode)?

    It can also be that I'm wrong, but it sounds a bit like what I've just experienced