Use of push-lock hose connections

Application examples

Zip Chain Actuator Sample Applications and Benefit

Pallet lifting / transfer unit

Pallet transfer

Benefits of adoption
  • Can be installed in the small space on the ceiling side.
  • Reduces the cycle time for conveyance by allowing for lifting at high speed.

Furnace Door Operation Mechanism

Furnace door operation

Benefits of adoption
  • Can be installed without protruding from the equipment.
  • Higher speed operation prevents temperatures inside the furnace from changing.
  • Environmentally friendly with less noise compared to pneumatic cylinders, and no oil mist.

Part Tray Depalletizer

Part trays are sequentially processed on the conveyor

Benefits of adoption
  • Large number of trays can be stacked since it is low to the floor and compact.
  • Highly accurate multi-point stopping at any desired position means it can handle trays of various heights.

Durability Tester

Evaluate repeat tensile strength performance

Benefits of adoption
  • Provides a wide stroke range and high accuracy multi-point stopping.
  • Enables high speed and high frequency evaluation by connecting to servomotors
  • Environmental friendly with no oil leaks, unlike hydraulic cylinders

Heavy load lifter

Benefits of adoption
  • Users can link two units together when the required thrust for one unit is not enough
  • Provides compact interlocking thanks to the use of dual shaft motors

Lifting work

High lift equipment

High speed high lifting

Benefits of adoption
  • Users can arrange two units in tandem when the required stroke for one unit is not enough. Furthermore, lift speed will double when operating two units at the same time.
  • Can be installed compactly, even with two units overlapping


Transfer to conveyors of different heights

Benefits of adoption
  • Lift unit can be accommodated compactly in the AGV
  • Height can be adjusted according to the conveyor height of the next process

Container sorting equipment

Sort containers to each conveyor for transfer

Benefits of adoption
  • Enables horizontal and push / pull lifting mechanisms with no protruding parts, allowing for compact equipment
  • Precise multi-point stopping enables horizontal transfer

Work lifting and transfer equipment

Work transferring

Benefits of adoption
  • Enables long strokes in lifting applications with no space at the top
  • Interlocking two units allows for lifting of heavy objects