How to install etvnet on smart tv

Install DAZN on Smart TV + watch: this is how it works

Thrilling live sport at the streaming provider DAZN is especially fun on the big TV screen. We'll tell you here how to get the Champions League, the Europa League or the highlights of the 1st Bundesliga on your Smart TV.

How to use DAZN on your Smart TV

You have a modern Internet-enabled Smart TV? Great - because then all you have to do is get the DAZN app and you can then immediately enjoy exciting live sports on your television.

The free DAZN app is currently available for Smart TV devices The manufacturers Samsung, Panasonic and LG are available from the year of construction 2014.

You can usually find them in the "Apps”Of your TV set - you may have to install it beforehand.

How do you watch DAZN without a Smart TV?

If you no smart TV of the manufacturers mentioned or do not have an internet-enabled television, there are a few other options for enjoying what DAZN has to offer on the big TV screen:

  • You can install the DAZN app on Amazon Fire TV or on the Amazon Fire TV Stick and use it on the TV.
  • The DAZN app can also be installed on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and XBOX One game consoles.
  • If you use Apple TV from the 4th generation, you can also use DAZN on your TV via this detour.

If you don't have any of the above devices, you can also use the Chromecast Stick from Google to transfer DAZN from a mobile device or from your PC or laptop to the television.