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Image credit:Hubble Estate Archives, NASA, ESA - Processing:Judy Schmidt

Description: Do we appreciate the art of the stars more when they come to an end? Stars present their most artistic performance, while they go down.

Low mass stars like our sun or the M2-9 shown here transform from normal stars into white dwarfs by repelling their outer gaseous shells. The ejected gas often presents an impressive display called the planetary nebula that gradually fades over the course of thousands of years.

M2-9, a butterfly-shaped planetary nebula 2100 light-years away, has been depicted in distinctive colors. Its wings tell a strange, incomplete story. In the center, two stars orbit in a gaseous disk that is 10 times the size of Pluto's orbit.

The shed shell of the dying star penetrates the disk and creates the bipolar appearance. Much of the physical processes that form and shape planetary nebulae are still unknown.

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