How to keep greens fresh without cooling

Store apples correctly

Wrap each apple individually.Because even if apples are in pristine condition, they give off some ethylene gas, which is why apples that touch during storage rot faster. Additionally, an apple that starts to rot could infect other apples it touches, causing all of your storage to rot faster. Wrapping apples one at a time prevents most of the damage that can result from apples touching each other.
  • Divide newspaper pages into four and stack them. Only use newspapers with black printing, as colored inks can contain toxic heavy metals.
  • Put an apple on top of the pile. Fold the top sheet around the waste and gently twist the ends together to keep the apple wrapped up. Don't twist it too much or the newspaper may tear. The point of this exercise is just to keep the apples from touching, not to seal them airtight.
  • Continue doing this until all of the apples are wrapped in newspaper.