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On June the 16th Alexander Dorin has been arrested and there are no information where and who decide to set the Author of THE TRUTH about SREBRENICA - WHAT REALLY HAPPEND under arrest. Ther is no official confirmation about the REASON !!!

I have read the book and came into doubt about what has been presented by the lying press so far in relation to the events of 1992-1995 in Yugoslavia.

caption id = “attachment_49 You can kill people, make them disappear - whatever remains and survives is THE TRUTH [/ caption]

U CETVORKI „4“ u sred mraka sijase mi on- ZVEZDA PETOKRAKA - remake - stuck to the inner steel door of the original Separation cell "4" in the Special prison department Waldheim. The three reasons for my hunger strike were written out in paper letters under the star. When you open the door you could see the star in the hallway and see and take note of the 3 reasons for my hunger strike. I had won allies by knocking and founded a network that had broken the greatest conceivable shielding of the GDR by smuggling out the diary I wrote in it and sending it to my father in Villingen.

Why is nothing about me in the press !? THEREFORE !!! Because there cannot and must not be any press or freedom of expression in Germany - because Germany is not FREE! limits-medienstrategie-der-cia/

There is strong symbolism in it: Human dignity in Germany is worth € 0.56! ?? ... THAT was my experience after I had sent a 10-page letter to the special representative Joachim Gauck on December 7th, 1991 ... HE KNOW MY TRUTH !!!

Unpunnished Victim of Torture by the STASI is fighting for Human Rights and against the War in Germany ALONE! ??

LOOK What They Have Done TO My Land, Ma! ?? WHY! ?? I know the reason WHY !!! The systematic annihilation of the Yugoslav nationätze-vernichtung-der-jugoslawischen-nation-4/

You can kill people, make them disappear - whatever remains and survives is THE TRUTH - THE TRUTH never die !!!

THE TRUTH about SREBRENICA!?!ätze-vernichtung-der-jugoslawischen-nation-1/

Germany and the USA were Tito's wrong friends! Did the Americans take revenge because Tito shot down two AMI aircraft over Yugoslavia in 1946 and sold them US $ 200,000 in gold for the dead pilots !? barely ! Did Germany destroy Yugoslavia in revenge for the lost Second World War, as many historians see that today !? (640,000 German soldiers who had tied TITO's partisans to themselves were missing from the Russia conquest.) Or did the USA leave the destruction of Yugoslavia to Germany, around 750,000 liquidated Germans after the surrender in Yugoslavia, whom Adenauer and TITO had simply dealt away !? in which TITO, as the winner, renounced the payment of reparations and Adenauer left the murdered people to be forgotten forever in the pits of Slovenia!

Has America therefore seen Germany guilty and now expects DEU to lead the preventive strike against Russia, and thereby plunge into its own doom !? In any case, after the secession of Slovenia, Germany, in spite of the strict resolution of the UN, in the event of a further secession, has in no case to recognize the separatists diplomatically !!? That's history. History is also that Genscher recognized the split off Croatia after all, and thus initiated the total destruction of Yugoslavia. Instead of having to scrap the arsenals of the NVA, the weapons in the Balkans were scrapped and they still made good money. Germany's plan and reason for the destruction of Yugoslavia has worked out, and Germany has overtaken its competitors in the arms trade - Yugoslavia was No. 4 in the world - without having to catch up with it - it was simply liquidated, with the approval of the Americans. They didn't even have to punish the prodigal son Milosevic for not wanting to dance to Clinton. He might have paid for THAT with his life!?!

In the current situation we are hopeful that hardly anyone except Merkel and Gauck are so passionate about the war against Russians, and that no representative of the churches cries out for the preventive strike as Cardinal Lehmann did: “When will we finally start bombing Belgrade ! ?? ”And the German tornadoes started from AVIANO and dropped the first bombs on Belgrade, again after April 6, 1941.

The warmongers owe us why the started machine at the AVIANO base did not start to stop Mladic and Karadzic and prevent SREBRENICA. Or should Clinton's wish, which he is said to have expressed two years earlier, be fulfilled: "I need 5000 dead Muslims in Bosnia to start the attack on Yugoslavia!" What a genocide would be - reason enough for the USA to play the GOOD ... THAT is why it is important also the OTHER VISIBILITY to look critically if we have the courage to look like our politicians in the mirror and would have to be very surprised to see a picture similar to this! ??

Respect for the artist

20 years of searching for justice for Adam Lauks and his torturers

An interview by Mira and Ardašir Pârse with Alexander Dorin:

Ardašir Pârse: Pârse & Pârse would like to thank you in advance for your willingness to give us an interview. It is a great honor for us to have you here with us today and to be able to ask you questions about “Srebrenica”.

Ardašir Pârse: Mr Dorin, so far you have written two books and various analyzes on the subject of Srebrenica in which you completely question the official version of the events in this small Bosnian town. What made you decide to devote yourself to this politically very sensitive topic?

Alexander Dorin: I published my first book in 1998 'In ourHeavens crosses the strange god ’, in which I use numerous examples to show that the reporting of the western mass media about the wars in the former Yugoslavia was completely untruthful, one must even speak of the worst propaganda, which was directed exclusively against the Serbs. The same trend in our media can be observed at the moment during the conflict in Ukraine, during which our media practically unanimously portrayed Putin and the Russians as the culprits. The difference to the wars in ex-Yugoslavia, however, lies in the fact that the mass of consumers in the West no longer just allow themselves to be lies, because more and more people are realizing that our leading media cannot even provide politically objective and independent reporting and research have something to do in the beginning.

In any case, I have been researching in connection with the Yugoslav wars since 1991. In the summer of 1995, after Srebrenica had fallen and half the world was flooded some time after with true horror reports about alleged mass crimes of the Bosnian-Serbian army in this city, big ones turned up for me Skepticism. Could it be that the media that had not reported objectively in any way on the wars in ex-Yugoslavia suddenly reported the full truth? After a short research it became clear that there were increasing voices among critical journalists and activists who did not simply unreservedly believe the official version. The research carried out by such people in the following years corroborated the suspicion that this story could largely not correspond to the truth. I not only analyzed the research of these people, but also carried out on-site research in Bosnia and Serbia for many years. Over the years, all of these puzzle pieces made a pretty straightforward picture. A political and media fraud of enormous proportions became visible.

Mira Pârse: What exactly did you find out? What are the main points of research by you and other people that contradict the official version? Can you systematically explain and show us this?

Alexander Dorin:There are, of course, numerous details, so, as already mentioned, Icould fill two books with it so far. I can now because of space and time constraintsdon't cite every example from the books however we canwould like to take a closer look at the main points of the whole story.Probably one of the most tragic aspects of the whole story are the mass murders of the Bosnian-Muslim army from Srebrenica, which were largely concealed in the West and committed against the Serbs. Between April 1992 and July 1995 this army from Srebrenica (approx. 6000 men) attacked in the vicinity of Srebrenica and alone Bratunac brought about 50 Serbian villages that were damaged, destroyed and partly razed to the ground during the raids. Most of these massacres took place in 1992 and 1993. The German publicist Mira Beham described these mass murders in her book ‘War Drums: Media, War and Politics‘:

When the first UN convoys rolled into Srebrenica, UN General Morillon the great liberator was celebrated and showed how angry Serbian women at the gates of Srebrenica carried the UN blue helmets' trucks spat on. No German journalist asked the Serbianstheir motives. Misha Glenny, the BBC's Balkans correspondent, and the English journalist Joan Hoey, however, independently researched the history of Srebrenica, about which the media public was silent at the time.

The Serbian siege of the city was preceded by a major Muslim offensive in which 50 Serbian villages in the neighboring municipalities of Srebrenica and Bratunac were razed to the ground. More than 1,200 Serbian women, children and old people were massacred and over 3,000 were injured. The Serbian women, who apparently behaved so inhumanely when they insulted the aid convoys, had been victims themselves - but without the cameras and thus without the pity of the world public. That is the mechanism by which the apparent partisanship for a belligerent side fuels the conflict. "

At that time, however, the area of ​​operations of the Muslim army in Srebrenica was not limited to the immediate vicinity of Srebrenica and Bratunac, but extended over a region called Birač, which, along with Srebrenica and Bratunac, also includes the communities of Vlasenica, Zvornik, Milići and Šekovići . The Serbian population was attacked in well over 100 villages. The organization ‘Srebrenica Historical Project’ published a book about these attacked villages, in which you can find many photos and a list of all attacked villages.

In total, a little more than 3,200 Serbs were killed in the entire Birač region between spring 1992 and summer 1995. This figure includes massacre victims as well as combat deaths of the Bosnian Serb army who perished during the fighting before and after the fall of Srebrenica. The following was to be read in the Junge Welt (Jürgen Elsässer, "3 287 dead accuse", Junge Welt, July 11, 2005):

“The strongest impression so far was made by a supplement in the largest Serbian daily newspaper Vecernje Novosti from June 30th: On a total of 16 depressing pages there is a list of all Serbian victims in Srebrenica in the civil war years 1992 to 1995. A total of 3,287 people are given with their first and last name, father's name and age. This countered the propaganda of the West, which portrayed Srebrenica as Serbian genocide and ignored the Serbian victims of the Muslim warfare, with strong evidence. "

I myself researched this area for years because I found myself familiar with the

Wanted to convince the accuracy of the allegations made by the Serbian side. In Karakaj near Zvornik, for example, I counted around 1,000 Serbs in the cemetery who perished during the war. The photos of most of these victims hang in the memorial room in Zvornik. At the cemetery in Bratunac I counted a little less than 1,000 victims, while in the local memorial room you can also find many photos of those killed. In Vlasenica I counted hundreds of deaths in the cemetery, while a visit to Šekovići revealed the same picture. In all of these places there are also memorial rooms with the photos of the dead. In front

A few years ago a memorial room for the Serbian victims was built in Milići, followed by Srebrenica. Serbian victims were even buried in the Serbian town of Bajina Bašta, which borders on Bosnia. Most of them are civilians from the neighboring Bosnian village of Skelani, which was attacked several times by the Muslim army. Lots

the victims were buried in Bajina Bašta because the war situation in Bosnia was too uncertain. Over 300 Serbs were killed in the Skelani community. There are also numerous graves, plaques, memorials and other monuments that commemorate these slain Serbs in many villages in the Birač region. In the village of Sase, for example, a bust was set up for the Orthodox clergyman who was massacred together with other civilians during an attack on the village. In the village of Fakovići, the killed villagers were buried right next to the victims from the Second World War. A memorial plaque was placed on the bridge between Skelani and Bajina Bašta for the victims who were brutally murdered on the bridge by the Muslim army in 1993. In the village of Drinjača I also found the grave of the boy Slobodan Stojanović, who was tortured in 1992 in the village of Kamenica at the age of twelve by soldiers of the Muslim army and then murdered. This list of graves and memorial monuments in this region could go on and on.

During my research, Bosnian-Serb institutions also gave me an insight into the documentation of the pathologist Zoran Stanković, who at that time carried out autopsies on numerous victims. During my research I also got to know Zoran Jovanović, former head of the Ministry of Information of the Bosnian-Serbian Drina Corps. Filmed and photographed during the war Jovanović often Dr. Zoran Stanković during the rescue and autopsy of the Serbian victims. The naked horror strikes you from the videos and photos; one sees numerous massacred Serbian women, children and old people as well as mutilated soldiers. Many victims had their skulls smashed, necks slit open, eyes gouged out, heads and other body parts cut off, genitals mutilated, Islamic symbols carved into the skin, etc. A Serbian prisoner was nailed to a tree in the vicinity of Zvornik. Jovanović also showed me a video of a Serbian woman who was impaled and roasted over a fire during the attack on a village. The Serbian army found the completely charred body of this woman and had to take her off the spit. The Muslim army perpetrated unimaginable atrocities on the Serbian population in this region, whose bestiality is reminiscent of the darkest chapters in human history. I published some of these photos in my book ‘Srebrenica - as it really was’ (Ahriman-Verlag).

Muslim sources also attest to this horror. For example, the Muslim politician Ibran Mustafić described various crimes that the Muslim army committed against the Serbs in his book ‘Planirani haos’ (the planned chaos). The Muslim commander Naser Orić bragged about these atrocities during various interviews with foreign journalists and showed videos of these crimes. For example, he mentioned to the Toronto Star Reporter Bill Schiller that he and his fighters had murdered 114 Serbs in a single Serbian village (Bill Schiller Fearsome Muslim warlord eludes Bosnian Serb forces ’, Toronto star July 16, 1995). Naser Orić also presented videos of his crimes to Washington Post reporter John Pomfret (John Pompret ‘Weapons, Cash and Chaos Lend Clout to Srebrenica’s Tough Guy’, Washington Post February 16, 1994).

Ardašir Pârse: Yes, but didn't the Serbian authorities at that time make international organizations aware of these crimes?

Alexander Dorin: Yes, of course, but nobody cared. On the contrary,

theMaterial submitted by the Serbs was covered up and removed. SerbianAuthorities have also sent comprehensive documentation of these crimes to the UN Security Council, which has been recognized as a UN document. The document was presented to the Security Council on June 2, 1993 by the Yugoslav Ambassador Dragomir Djokić. It lists the destroyed villages, the massacred people, as well as many of the Muslim commanders and perpetrators of these crimes. In addition, numerous testimonies from surviving Serbs were cited.

Memorandum 1

("Memorandum on War Crimes and Crimes of Genocide in Eastern Bosnia (communes of Bratunac, Skelani and Srebrenica) committed against the Serbian population from April 1992 to April 1993 "(UN document A / 46/171 and S / 25635, June 20, 1993).

Jürgen Elsässer describes in one of his books how such documents were handled (Jürgen Elsässer, ‘War Lies - from the Kosovo conflict to the Milošević process’): Professor Cherif Bassiouni from Chicago chaired a UN commission of experts on the events in Srebrenica in 1992/93. In his final report to the Secretary General of May 27, 1994, he suppressed the evidence of Muslim terror presented by the Serbs. If you know that Bassiouni praised Sharia elsewhere as a “flexible legal system” and “found no contradiction between the concept of jihad and the UN Charter”, then his actions become understandable. "

Mira Pârse: However, a “trial” was later held against Naser Orić because of these crimes before the ICTY in The Hague. How do you see the result?

Alexander Dorin: First of all you have to know that there is nothere is an independent tribunal. This so-called Yugoslav tribunal is mainly directed from Washington and primarily serves the SerbianCivil War party that did not side with America during the war discredit. The message from Washington to the world via The Hague is this: ‘Look what happens when you oppose US interests’. For example, former NATO spokesman Jamie Shea declared during a NATO press conference in Brussels on May 17th, 1999 that the tribunal and NATO are friends, which is further confirmed by the fact that the Yugoslav tribunal supports NATO for its war crimes in the area of the former Yugoslavia never charged. During the same press conference, Jamie Shea also confirmed that it is mainly NATO countries that are providing the funds for the Yugoslav tribunal. The next point is that the USA / NATO stood on the side of the Muslim civil war party during the Bosnian War and also supported them. The reporter Shena, for example, shot about this supportMcDonald made a movie called ‘Allies and lies’ (SFI Production). Also in one

The press release of the US Congress is informed about it (‘Clinton-Approved Iranian Arms Transfers Help Turn Bosnia into Militant Islamic Base’, Congressional Press Release, US Congress, January 16, 1997). Many other statements from high political insiders also confirm this cooperation between the USA and the Bosnian Muslim government. In other words: the US- and NATO-controlled Yugoslavia tribunal in The Hague will not condemn any of its allies, because so far not a single Bosnian Muslim politician or military commander has been brought to justice by the tribunal in The Hague for the crimes committed against the Serbs. A trial was officially held against Naser Orić in The Hague because the evidence for his crimes had been accumulating on the Internet for years, but strictly speaking one has to speak of a pure trial farce, while numerous facts and evidence were not even presented. And so the tribunal in The Hague acquitted Naser Orić of all charges in 2008. The absurd thing is that the tribunal does not even deny the crimes committed against the Serbs, but rather asserts that Orić cannot be proven responsible for them. But who else could be responsible for the years of years of massive crimes committed by Orić's army? However, we will see in the course of this interview that the concealment and failure to investigate the Bosnian-Muslim crimes against the Serbian population in the region around Srebrenica is unfortunately by far not the only aspect of the Srebrenica manipulation.

Mira Pârse: Mr Dorin, we welcome you to continue our interview on the subject of the Srebrenica lie, thank you in advance on behalf of ParseandParse for your performances.

Ardašir Pârse: Mr Dorin, you know that in the first part of the series we dealt with the events in the former Yugoslavia in a multi-part series that has not yet been fully published "The systematic annihilation of the Yugoslav nation" under the primary aspect of foreign involvement in this conflict, in which we see the fratricidal war in the former Yugoslavia as a geopolitical strategy in a larger overall plan for the USA, and we will explain this more clearly in the coming parts. What else can you tell us about Srebrenica, which is kept secret in the West and which differs significantly from the official version?

Alexander Dorin:For example, there is the spectacular information from a non-Serbian source that the so-called Srebrenica massacre was proposed by then US President Bill Clinton back in 1993! This emerges from various statements made by Hakija Meholjić, who was the Muslim police chief in Srebrenica during the war. Meholjić accused during an interview with the Bosnian newspaper Dani Alija Izetbegović that he had ordered the abandonment of Srebrenica. At the end of September 1993, Izetbegović had already made a strange suggestion to him and his delegation during a meeting: ("5000 Muslimanskih glava za vojnu intervenciju", Dani, June 22nd, 1998 :)

“We were received by President Izetbegović, and immediately after the greeting he asked us:

“What do you think of an exchange from Srebrenica to Vogošća [a suburb of Sarajevo]?” There was a moment's silence, and then I said, “Mr President, if this is a deal, you shouldn't have invited us here, because we have to go home and face the people and personally take on the burden of that decision. "Then he said," You know, I was offered by Clinton in April 1993 that the Chetnik forces invade Srebrenica, a slaughter of 5,000 Muslims perpetrate, and then there would be military intervention. "

And then he continues in the interview as follows:

Our delegation consisted of nine people, one of us was from Bratunac and he is the only one who, unfortunately, is no longer alive, but all the other members of the delegation are alive and can confirm that. "

Hakija Meholjić later repeated this statement in front of the camera for the film ‘Srebrenica - a town betrayed’ by the Norwegian director Ola Flyum. The Muslim general Sefer Halilović also repeatedly accused Alija Izetbegović in the Bosnian media of staging Srebrenica's task (‘Izetbegović je izdao Srebrenicu’, Politika, July 12, 2003). Semir Halilović, son of Sefer Halilović, makes the same claim in the book ‘Državna Tajna’. The already mentioned Muslim politician Ibran Ibran Mustafić repeatedly stated that Srebrenica's task was due to a plan by Alija Izetbegovic and Bill Clinton (Đorđe Barović ‘Orić je ubio 1,000 Bošnjaka’, Vesti online, February 19, 2013).

However, it is not just the Bosnian Muslim sources that indicate that this whole Srebrenica story goes back to a staging by American-Bosnian circles. Robert Baer, ​​a former CIA employee and author of several books, who himself was stationed in Bosnia for a certain period of time, also made explosive statements. The Ossieztky magazine provides the following information (Ralph Hartmann ‘The Charity Association’, Ossieztky 21/2013):

“Relatively little is known about the role of the CIA in the break-up of the Yugoslav federation and in the civil war in this multi-ethnic state. Only two decades later did the well-known publicist and former officer of the US secret service Robert Baer, ​​who was deployed in Yugoslavia and the Middle East from 1991 to 1994, shed a little more light on the darkness of clandestine work.

The interview with Baers, who was awarded the Career Intelligence Medal when he left the service of the CIA and subsequently caused an international stir with his investigative books “See No Evil” and “Sleeping with the Devil”, has now also been published on the website of the »Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals«, an independent, non-partisan association of intellectuals ( In his interview, Baer describes how he and three other agents were brought to Sarajevo in 1991 to stir up panic over allegedly imminent Serbian attacks. He and other intelligence agents were then deployed to Slovenia to provide millions of dollars in support to politicians and non-governmental organizations who spread national hatred. The aim of the propaganda was to divide the Yugoslav republics. “We had to choose a scapegoat,” says Baer, ​​“who was to blame for everything. Serbia was chosen because, in a way, it was the successor to Yugoslavia. "In this context, the former CIA officer reported how leading separatist politicians and journalists were bribed to spread hatred and nationalism."

Mira Pârse: We have also come to this result in our research in our series of articles and have also tried in the first part of the series to answer what NATO and the USA have promised themselves from it, in the last part we will provide a comparative analysis of the former Yugoslav republics and publish after the fratricidal war, but please go on, Mr. Dorin.

When asked if he could say anything about Srebrenica, Baer replied: “I was in Bosnia again from 1992, but this time we were supposed to train military formations to represent Bosnia, a new state that had just declared its independence. Srebrenica is an exaggerated story and unfortunately large numbers of people have been manipulated […] Srebrenica is political marketing. My boss, who incidentally used to be in the US Senate, pointed out several times that there was going to be a scam in Bosnia. A month before the alleged genocide in Srebrenica, he told me that this city would be a focus for the media around the world and he gave us instructions to call media. When I asked why, he said, you'll see! "