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In our modern world we are used to having technical devices available anytime and anywhere. However, a connection to the power grid is not always possible or it is relatively complex. For mobile devices, Toys or wall clocks practical batteries are therefore used. So-called AAA micro batteries are used particularly frequently. These are designed to be relatively small and have a low weight, so that they are very suitable for various devices. Because micro batteries differ greatly from one another in terms of price and quality, you should inform yourself about the products before buying. A battery AAA test delivers just like product comparisons or Online guide helpful answers to a wide variety of questions.

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AAA batteries can be found in almost every household

The well-known manufacturer Duracell, who first sold the small batteries in 1964, developed the first AAA micro batteries. Since then, the small batteries have been steadily improved so that they become larger within a short period of time popularity delighted with consumers. Today, micro batteries, together with mignon batteries, are among the energy sources that are used in almost every household. Micro batteries are cylindrical round cells with a diameter of around 10 millimeters have. They are between 43.3 and 44.5 mm high and therefore slightly smaller than Mignon batteries. Various electrochemical systems are available for production, so that AAA micro batteries with different nominal voltages, capacities and load capacities are available.

The following table shows an example of how the different types differ from each other:

Electrochemical systemnominal voltagecapacityResilience
Alkaline manganese, LR03 batteries, alkaline, LR3 batteries1.5V1200 mAh1.8 Wh
Zinc-carbon1.5V500 mAh0.75 Wh
Nickel oxyhydroxide1.7V1200 mAh1.8 Wh
LSD nickel metal hydride, eneloop1.2V750 mAh0.9 Wh
Nickel-cadmium1.2V500 mAh0.6 Wh
Lithium-ion3.7V450 mAh1.7 Wh

Due to their small size, micro batteries are very suitable for small portable devices such as MP3 players, CD players or digital cameras. They also supply wall clocks, toys or Remote controls with electrical energy. If the AAA batteries are rechargeable, they are also used for cordless telephones, game console controllers or pagers.

AAA batteries have different names: Although the electrochemical system is responsible for the nominal voltage, capacity and load capacity of the batteries, manufacturers often use their own names and designations for the batteries. For example, alkaline manganese batteries are also referred to as alkaline, 1.5 volt micro batteries LR03 or batteries 4003. Zinc-carbon batteries, on the other hand, are also known as 1.5 volt micro batteries R03, UM4 or 3003. There are various guides on the Internet that provide practical tables so that you can assign the different manufacturer names to the respective electrochemical system.

Disposable batteries or rechargeable batteries: When is which variant is worthwhile?

If you want to buy AAA batteries, you basically have the choice between disposable batteries or AAA rechargeable batteries. Although disposable batteries are particularly harmful to the environment and expensive to use, they are worthwhile for certain devices. Because they are more heat and cold resistant than rechargeable AAA batteries. In addition, they lose little energy through self-discharge, so that the micro batteries are particularly suitable for devices that consume little electricity or that are rarely used. Typically, disposable 1.5 volt AAA batteries are used for wall clocks, flashlights or remote controls. Rechargeable batteries are more expensive to buy, but some can several hundred times can be charged with new energy, so that you save money in the long term with the use of rechargeable batteries, even if you also need an AAA charger. Their use is particularly worthwhile for devices with a relatively high power requirement, such as toys, digital cameras or MP3 players. An AAA battery test often contains helpful tips regarding the use of batteries or rechargeable batteries as well as information relating to the AAA / AA difference. For the recycling you should also note that both rechargeable batteries and disposable batteries are hazardous waste that can be disposed of at the recycling center or in special collection bins.

Buy convincing AAA batteries: test reports and online guides help you make a purchase decision

If you need new AAA batteries for your phone or if you are looking for long-life AAA batteries for the remote control, you don't necessarily need one Electronics store to seek out. Although there is a large selection of different AAA batteries at Media Markt, Saturn or Conrad, discounters and supermarkets such as Aldi, Lidl and Rewe also sell AAA batteries. The small batteries are even available from dm or Rossmann. You can also buy batteries online, for example in a special battery shop or from large suppliers such as Amazon. Depending on the respective provider, besides branded batteries, products from Own brands expelled.

The following products are particularly well-known:

These are branded batteries that are included in almost every AAA battery test. If you want to buy cheap AAA batteries, you are more likely to come to the unknown manufacturers to grab. But can cheap micro batteries really keep up with well-known Varta AAA or Duracell AAA batteries? In order to find good AAA batteries, you should take a little time to make a purchase decision and seek professional advice. The Stiftung Warentest may have taken a closer look at the selected AAA batteries and published their results in an AAA battery test. In addition to reports from Stiftung Warentest, you can also take a AAA battery test Technology magazine or use a AAA battery comparison from an electrical blogger if you are not sure which batteries to order. In an AAA battery test, experts check, for example, how much mAh capacity the batteries have, how high the performance is and how many amperes Maximum current can flow. The batteries, with which the professionals have had the best experience, are ultimately chosen as the AAA battery test winner. The experts give their clear recommendation for this product.

But regardless of whether you choose the AAA battery test winner or another product - all micro batteries have the following advantages in common:

  • light weight
  • small and handy
  • easy to use
  • since this is a standard battery, they are often used
  • Available as a disposable battery or rechargeable battery

However, the following points should also be observed:

  • Self-discharge causes a constant loss of energy
  • partly big differences in quality and price
  • Electrochemical systems often create confusion

Best AAA batteries at the best price

If you found out with an AAA battery test that you prefer Energizer batteries AAA or other LR3 batteries, the selected products should of course cost as little money as possible. A price comparison provides information on the current prices of the batteries in the respective shop. Typically, AAA batteries are sold as a set of 2 AAA batteries, 3 AAA batteries, and 4 AAA batteries. To save money and costs on shipping, you can also look around for an offer that includes multiple batteries Cheap sold. A large pack containing 40 or even 100 batteries can save a lot of money. However, with such an offer you should Best before date the batteries.

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For the category AAA batteries (micro) we have found prices of 10-7 euros. The average at batterie.org is therefore 17 euros. We recommend that you use our price comparison before purchasing!

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