How to use x360ce with skyrim dlc

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Hello everybody!
In this guide, learn how to unlock all 75 Steam Achievements for the base game and DLC. 50 of them belong to Skyrim itself, 25 can only be unlocked if you own the paid DLC.

I've listed the achievements in the order they appear in your profile on Steam. So you can just go through the list and see immediately where you still need to improve. The achievements that can be missed are specially marked, but luckily there aren't many ;-)

If you are looking for more German-speaking Skyrim guides, or if you always want to be kept up to date on new ones, then take a look at the SkyGuide Steam group.

- Last update: October 31, 2016 -

Complete "Unleashed".

Shoot the first main quest.

Complete "Desolation Hill Tomb".

Complete the third main quest.

Complete "The Way of the Voice".

Complete the fifth main quest.

Complete "Diplomatic Immunity".

Complete the eighth main quest.

Complete "Alduin's Wall".

Complete the tenth main quest.

Complete "The Knowledge of the Ancients".

Complete the twelfth main quest.

Complete "The Fallen".

Complete the 14th main quest.

Complete "Dragonslayer".

Complete the 19th main quest.

Join the Companions.

Sooner rather than later in the game, you'll come to Whiterun City. There in Jorrvaskr are the companions who will quickly accept you in their guild.

Become a member of the circle.

If you do some quests for the companions, you will be offered to join their circle. You know that when you have the ability to transform yourself into a werewolf once a day, you'll be there (the Daedric artifact "Ring of Hircine" allows more transforms). Don't worry, the werewolf curse can also be reversed.

Complete "In Honor of the Dead".

Complete the sixth and final main quest in the Companions' quest line. You have completed the quest line as soon as you are the Herald of Companions.

Join the Winterhold Academy.

Go to the Academy of Mages in Winterhold and get access to it (you can buy the required spells from Faralda). In the academy you will then be accepted after a short quest.

Revealing the unseen
Complete "Unveiling the Unseen".

Complete the fifth main quest in the Winterhold Academy quest line.

Complete "The Eye of Magnus".

Complete the eighth and final main quest in the Winterhold Academy quest line. You have finished the quest series as soon as you have been entrusted with the management of the academy.

Join the thieves' guild.

To join the thieves' guild, you have to complete two quests for Brynjolf. You can find him in the Rifton Market Square during the day. Then he'll tell you how to get into the guild's hiding place under the city.

The return of darkness
Complete "The Return of Darkness".

Complete the eleventh main quest in the Thieves' Guild quest series and bring the skeleton key back to the Twilight Tomb. As a reward, you will receive one of three passive bonuses that permanently strengthen your character.

Help the thieves' guild regain its former glory.

This is an achievement that is easily overlooked in "normal" playthroughs. Plan some time for this, you won't be able to do it under an hour or two.

As soon as you have completed "The Return of Darkness", Delvin and Vex will give you random and endlessly recurring quests in which you will be asked to complete tasks in different cities of Skyrim (stealing items from house / person / business, raiding, falsifying balance sheets, Denounce).

You have to do the tasks in all possible cities, but only the tasks in Whiterun, Windhelm, Loneliness and Markarth (!) Are relevant. If you get "useless" jobs, you can simply reload, the missions will then change.

If you have completed five missions of this type in one of the cities mentioned above (falsifying balances is the fastest and easiest), you will receive a special quest in which you unlock a fence in the respective city, which is extremely useful in the further course of the game, in addition, a new shop opens in the hideout of the thieves' guild. If you have unlocked all four fences, you have to complete one last task for Brynjolf and you have unlocked the achievement.

Who has such friends ...
Join the Dark Brotherhood.

If you listen to the stories in the taverns of Skyrim, you will be told again and again about a boy named Aventus Aretino. You can find out more when you enter the Eherenhall Orphanage in Rifton. Follow the quest and kill Greloth in the orphanage. Now go to sleep in a bed and see what happens ...

Until death do you part
Complete "Till Death Do You Part".

Complete the seventh main quest in the Dark Brotherhood quest chain.

Close "Heil Sithis!" from.

Complete the 13th main quest in the Dark Brotherhood quest chain and kill the Emperor.

Join the Stormcoats or the Imperial Army.

Here you have to choose one of the two factions. At the beginning of the game, you will be faced with this decision when it comes to who you will follow on your escape from Helgen. In order to finally join a faction, you have to do some jobs and then make your choice. You can find the storm coats in Windhelm and the imperial army in Solitude in the city's castle.

Conquer Sonnwacht Fortress or Gr├╝nwall Fortress.

Complete the seventh main quest in the Stormcoat quest series or the eighth quest in the Imperial Army and defeat the defenders of the respective fortresses.

Conquer solitude or wind helmet.

Complete the eleventh and final main quest in the quest series of the storm coats or the imperial army and defeat all defenders of the respective cities.

Complete 10 side quests.

Throughout the game there are a few quests that count as side quests. These include, for example, quests like "The White Bottle" which you can find in a shop of the same name in Windhelm. You can see in the statistics how many such side quests you have already completed. In a normal game play (with somewhat open eyes) you should find and solve ten such missions in any case (tip: the missions that count as side quests are marked in the quest log by a dagger-like symbol).

Complete 50 other objectives.

Other goals include all the quests that you get in the course of the game, for example in taverns or from the Jarls (and which are often randomly generated). You don't have to pursue this task either, as you usually have easily fulfilled the required 50 goals at the end of the game.

Chop wood, mine ore and cook food.

Also an achievement that I overlooked on the first playthrough. Grab a lumberjack ax and a block of wood in Whiterun. Then buy a pickaxe and find an ore deposit that juts out of the mountains all over Skyrim. And last but not least, go to a saucepan in a tavern, see which recipe you have the required ingredients for in your inventory and cook something nice.

Pick 50 locks and steal from 50 pockets.

Your thief skills are required here. You pick the 50 locks normally while playing through anyway. For pickpocketing you choose "common citizens" Skyrims that you find on the streets and in the taverns and steal keys or food from them (you have the best chance of not being discovered). Saving beforehand and then reloading again and again is not possible, as the achievement relates to the counter in the character's statistics.

Successfully persuade, bribe, and intimidate someone.

Persuading, bribing and intimidating are dialogue options that appear in many places in the course of the game. Whether you are successful with it depends on your talent for speech, which you can even increase by simply buying or selling). The further you progress in the game, the easier it should be for you.

Select the blessing of a boulder.

You can find a total of 13 boulders in Skyrim. These are shrines that give you certain abilities, whereby you always have to choose one (several cannot be activated at the same time).

If you escape from Helgen at the beginning of the game and are on the way to Flusswald, you can already find the first three "The Guardian Stones" in the west of the street (marked on the world map by an obelisk).

Find 13 boulders.

To unlock this achievement you must have discovered all 13 boulders on the world map. A corresponding guide with locations and effects is currently in progress. Until this is available, you can find a map of the Internet community "" here [], on which the locations of the boulders are all listed.

Buy a house.

As soon as you have completed some quests for the Jarl of the Cities, he will offer you to buy a house. The first house that is so typically available for sale is the "Brisenheim" house in Whiterun.

Break out of jail.

To break out of prison, you have to be arrested first. To do this, commit a crime in one of the dominated areas of Skyrim and have the guards arrest you (so don't pay any fine). In prison you will then have a lockpick with which you can open the dungeon door. If necessary, just run past the guards and leave the dungeon (tip: the easiest way is to escape in solitude).

Marry someone.

You must first visit Rifton and talk to Naramal in the Chapel of Mara. He will explain to you how getting married works in Skyrim and he will also conveniently sell you an amulet from Mara, which you have to give to your loved one.

There are a bunch of potential spouses. In Whiterun these are for example Aela the huntress, Lydia or Ysolda. As a rule, before he or she wants to marry you, you have to do a little thing for them.

Craft a Forged Item, Enchanted Item, and Magic Potion.

Smithing: Talk to any blacksmith and follow their instructions. He even gives you everything you need to forge.

Enchant: To enchant an item, you first need another enchanted item. Now go to an arcane enchanter (you can find it in the Dragon Hold in Whiterun, for example) and disenchant the enchanted item. This makes its effect available to you (be careful, the item will be destroyed). Now go to an arcane enchanter again and combine the effect you have just learned with an unenchanted item from your inventory and any filled soul stone. Finished.

Magic potion: Go to an alchemy table and simply combine a few potion ingredients (except for the daedra hearts ^^) until you get a potion. For example, you can combine blue mountain flower and wheat to get a healing potion.

Bounty of 1,000 gold pieces in all nine principalities.

It's not as easy as it sounds. First of all the nine principalities, that is:
  • Twilight star
  • lonliness
  • Hawk ring
  • Markarth
  • Morthal
  • Rifton
  • Whiterun
  • Wind helmet
  • Winter festivals
In each of the principalities one must look for you at the same time and have a bounty of 1,000 sevenths placed on you.

The easiest way to achieve this is to travel to any city and kill someone there in front of others. Then make sure that the writing appears in the top left of the picture that 1,000 seventh bounties have been offered. Then run or ride out of town and move on to the next one. Even if it is really annoying to wait until the pursuers are out of sight and the fast travel is working again, you have no choice. If you kill your persecutors, in the end there will be no more witnesses for your deed and the bounty will disappear (tip: save beforehand, then you can try several times if necessary and do not destroy your score).

Have 100,000 gold pieces.

Save, save, save. The easiest way to achieve this success is to have already completed the achievement "One with the shadows" described above. Then you have fences everywhere who have significantly more gold with them than the ordinary traders. Best forges and enchants armor, it is the most expensive to sell.

Complete 50 dungeons.

There is really no shortage of dungeons in Skyrim. Mostly these are places that you can discover and enter on the world map, so not simple huts or shrines. If you have taken down the bosses of the dungeons, the message "Completed" appears on the world map under the location. However, you should actually complete enough dungeons during the normal game play to unlock this achievement.

Increase a skill to 100.

Normally you use at least your combat skill (one-handed / two-handed / bow / destruction magic) in the game so often that you have leveled it to level 100 at the end. But there are also a few tricks that can be used quickly. If you can stand halfway on your own two feet, just grab a shield and some healing potions and put on your strongest armor. Now stand in front of a giant and just block his attacks with the shield and very much what happens ... ;-)

Discover 100 places.

You will most likely do that as well when you play through. There are around 300 locations in the main game that can be discovered on the world map. Nothing helps, you have to go on a long journey.

Read 50 textbooks.

During the course of the game you will always see books lying around. Some of them increase your skills permanently and can be seen as you walk past the fact that they are worth significantly more than the useless books. Read them whenever you find them (even in strange houses, as long as you don't take them with you). Then you have no problems with this achievement either.

Loot a Daedric Artifact

You will surely find one of the 15 (or 16) when playing through, but just have a look at the next achievement ...

Collect 15 Daedric Artifacts.

Finding the 15 required artifacts is a tough task. I have published a separate guide where you can find all the information about it:

Take in a dragon soul.

None of you can avoid it ;-) Just kill any dragon.

Take in 20 dragon souls.

Do the same as for the achievement "Dragon Soul" ... only 20 times. You will find enough dragons in the course of the game. If you are still missing one or the other soul, simply look for the dragon markings on the world map or travel quickly from one place to another (tip: I find that an unusually large number of dragons appear in Twilight Star).

Learn all three words of a scream.

Each scream is made up of three words that must be learned before it can unfold its full power. But you already learn all the words of a scream in the course of the main story. So this achievement is not a problem.

Learn 20 screams.

This is a more difficult task. There are only 20 different screams in the entire main game and your task here is to find at least one word of each scream (but had already found 19 after the first play through, so it's not too difficult).

A guide with exact locations and effects is also in the works. Until then, I would like to refer you to the "" community again here [].

Reach level 5.

Leveling in Skyrim happens automatically while you use your skills. The following applies in principle: The more skills you use at the same time, the faster you rise in the level.

A warrior who goes into the field with a one-handed sword against his opponents, blocks their attacks with the shield and gets a blow to the heavy armor from time to time, then heals himself with magic and also forges his own stuff, is much faster in a high level, as an archer who shoots all opponents from a distance and never uses anything other than his ranged combat skills.

If all else fails, there are also a few other options, such as the trick with the shield and the giant described above. But you can easily get up to the required level of 50 without using any "tricks".

Reach level 10.

Just take a look at my notes on "apprentice".

Reach level 25

Just take a look at my notes on "apprentice".

Reach level 50

Just take a look at my notes on "apprentice".

To start the Dawnguard DLC, simply speak to one of the guards in the larger cities. Shortly afterwards you will be invited to Dusk Watch. This is located in a new area in which the main quest series of the DLC starts.

Complete "Awakening".

Complete the second main quest in the DLC.

Complete "Beyond Death".

Complete the seventh main quest in the DLC.

Complete "A Familiar Judgment".

Complete the twelfth and final main quest of the DLC.

Lost in the past
Complete "Lost in the Past".

For this you have to do a side quest for once, which you start by reading the book "The Aetherium Wars", which is, for example, on a shelf in Twilight's Watch.

The side quest takes you to some places (mainly Dwemer ruins) starting with Arkngthamz. There you collect the items requested by Katrina and finally travel to the Aetherium Forge in the ruins of Bthalft. Should you have problems in Raldbthar to find the last part that is stuck in the cogwheels, then take a look under the cogwheel in the water ;-) In the Aetherium Forge you can forge a legendary item. However, this is only possible once and you have to irrevocably choose one of the three objects.

What is a bit annoying about this quest are the common bugs. After you have found a piece of Aetherium at one of the locations, Katrina's ghost must appear and the markers to the next locations must be visible on the world map. If that doesn't work, just reload. So it's worth saving often.

Learn all three words from Soul Ripper

During the main quest of the DLC you will meet the dragon "Durnehviir", who will teach you a scream that you can use to summon him in Skyrim. Every time he appears, he will teach you a new word from Soul Ripper (to avoid bugs, always call him in an empty seat and scream towards the floor). Invest three dragon souls and learn the three words and the achievement is yours.

Use the special power of Auriel's bow.

You will also get this achievement in the course of the DLC main quest. If you have Auriel's bow, just shoot one of the sun-consecrated elven arrows in the direction of the sun and see what happens ...

Obtain 11 werewolf talents.

If you have been transformed into a werewolf in the Companions quest line, you already have the basic requirements for this achievement. If you have already reversed the transformation, then just go back to "Aela the Huntress" in Whiterun and let yourself be transformed into a werewolf again (only one dialogue and only possible once more).

Now you have to transform yourself into a werewolf and eat the corpses of dead people. With Tab you call up the new werewolf skill tree and the more corpses you eat as a werewolf, the more skills you unlock. When you have unlocked all eleven talents, the achievement is considered fulfilled (it is best to choose the right skill branch first, as you can then also eat animal carcasses, even those of rabbits, and thus gain experience).

The easiest way to do this is if you just save and kill all guards and "killable" NPCs as werewolf and then eat the corpses. But the whole thing takes about an hour and a half. Then, of course, it is reloaded.

Obtain 11 vampire talents.

In the course of the main quest of the DLC you will have several opportunities to be transformed into a vampire (not the normal vampirism from Skyrim). In this form you have to unlock eleven skills (as already described for the "Master Werewolf" achievement).

The difference here is that you don't have to eat corpses to gain vampire experience, but instead have to kill opponents with the vampire spell "steal life" or with a bite attack. Lord Harkon should explain to you exactly how this works ;-)

One more point. Vampire and werewolf are mutually exclusive, but you can still achieve both achievements in one playthrough. Simply save before the respective transformation, learn the eleven talents and then reload.

Let your face change.

To do this, you must first (as described above) become a member of the thieves' guild in Rifton. Then go to the common headquarters, the "Shattered Bottle", and talk to Galathil there. She offers you to change your appearance. Just accept the offer (also counts if you don't change anything, but leave everything as it is).

Defeat a legendary dragon.

This achievement is a real hammer. Legendary dragons only appear very rarely in Skyrim (wherever normal dragons spawn) and only from a certain level. One does not really agree on that. The required level varies from 45-80 (!).

I traveled the kite places on all the mountain peaks for over three hours and couldn't find one. Then I read somewhere that they appear more often on higher levels of difficulty, I switched to "Master" and the next one was one. But I don't know whether it was a coincidence or whether it is actually related to the level of difficulty. By the way, I was level 78 with my character at this point.

Although I am actually a big enemy of cheats, at this point I will reveal a cheat for the first and only time in one of my guides, because I can well understand that you have your beloved level 50 character, with whom you have completed all quests and learned all the major skill trees did not want to start doing magic at once just to get to the required level.

In the game you open the console with the key: ^

If you now enter the command "advlevel", your character level increases by one (you do not get any skill or character value points, however). You can save and bring your character level to 80 by entering the cheat several times. Before I wrote this in, I tried it out with another character just to be on the safe side. It works, the legendary dragons appear (even if only very rarely).

But remember, if you cheat and / or increase the level of difficulty, that you also have to defeat the cattle and that can be really tough with poor equipment and on masters. Legendary dragons give out a lot more than their normal counterparts and can also take a lot.

To start the Hearthfire DLC, you simply have to wait a moment for a courier to bring you the corresponding message. There you will find all further instructions.

Adopt a child.