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MPU requirement: call in a lawyer or not?


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How can a lawyer help with an MPU?

The requirement of a medical-psychological examination is not only a shock for those affected, but sometimes existentially threatening. Since this entails comparatively high costs, it causes quite a few people to have financial difficulties. In addition, many need their vehicle to work, and withdrawal of their driving license would be fatal.

The following guide answers questions like: “Can I have a Bypass MPUWhen can a lawyer get involved? ”and“ When can a lawyer for an MPU helpful be?"

FAQ: Hire a lawyer for MPU

Can a lawyer fend off an ordered MPU?

Even the lawyer can hardly do anything against the order of the MPU. The Federal Administrative Court regards the order as purely preparatory. She cannot be attacked independently. However, the lawyer may be able to help if the authority has revoked the driver's license or refuses to grant it again.

I failed the MPU. Is it worth engaging a lawyer about this?

As far as the expert opinion corresponds to the scientific principles, its evaluations are hardly contestable. It therefore makes a lot more sense to prepare thoroughly for the examination in advance.

It is rarely possible to bypass the MPU through a lawyer

Affected can don't rely on itthat an MPU can in principle be bypassed by a lawyer. This is due to the fact that the Arrangement itself not open to attack is and thus no specific remedy can be applied.

So could an MPU through a lawyer only then challenged if, contrary to the request, you have not provided an expert opinion - because this is something that must then also be taken into account - and then one Withdrawal of the driver's license would take place.

As a rule, the sole condition of the MPU itself cannot be challenged by the lawyer, but theoretically the withdrawal of a driving license in connection with the MPU can.

After receipt of the relevant notification, those affected have a monthto object to the withdrawal of the driver's license. So if you want to do your MPU with a lawyer, then early action is the most important thing real opportunities insist on circumventing the measure naturally depends on the individual case. Has the authority legitimately Doubts about suitability of a road user - e.g. B. if he has caused an accident under the influence of alcohol and then Hit and run has committed - then legal representation cannot specifically effect the condition.

Failed MPU - can a lawyer help?

Would you like a Appeal MPU report, your lawyer and you are in the Burden of proof. You must then be able to conclusively and conclusively prove that the test center concerned has a wrong assessment has met. For this it would have to be necessary, among other things, to evaluate recordings of the conversations. As a rule, however, there is no entitlement to these recordings for the person to be examined. Here too, the real chances of success are rather slim.

Nonetheless, the Preparation for the MPU a lawyer to be consulted. Normally this can be yours Tips explain how exam requirements are to be mastered and which things you should avoid in a face-to-face conversation. He can also help you with further questions about the MPU - for example, if you need information on proof of abstinence or something similar.

Conclusion: can an MPU be facilitated with a lawyer?

  • When it comes to the Requirement for a provision In all experience, an MPU cannot be challenged by a lawyer.
  • If, on the other hand, the driver's license is withdrawn, it may be possible to take action against this and the original condition.
  • If the MPU's first assessment was negative, a lawyer can help you prepare for the next test.
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  1. Good day,
    Where do I have to report to close an MPU?
    Do I have to be tested for 1 year? That I'm drug free?
    Is it possible to get my driver's license earlier because of my job ????

    MFG Markus

  2. Good day
    My son is supposed to submit an expert to the road traffic office by June 22nd, that's about 6 weeks time
    We immediately took care of things and called TÜV Nord, we also registered to have a conversation, in which we were informed that an expert without 12 months proof of abstinence would make no sense, which the psychologist would immediately reject
    Do we have a chance that the office and the deadline extended under the above circumstances?
    We would like to present the expert to the office, but if we are immediately told by the tüv that an expert without 12 months proof of abstinence has no point, our hands are tied and we must first prove the abstinence from drug consumption, which is understandable for us that the appraiser does not know us and wants to have proof.
    What chances do we have that my son does not have to hand in his driver's license on June 22nd and that he gets the chance from the office that the deadline for the reviewer is extended?

    Thank you for your reply

  3. I have a question and I started my driver's license in 2011 and haven't had an exam yet. However, I bought a car and drove with it and I would not be caught but the car was in a place where it should not have been there was no key in the ignition and I was sitting in the passenger seat when the police arrested me in my blood Alcohol and cannabis found, then I received a letter from the sta Hannover stating that I was not allowed to continue the FS until the proceedings were completed. There never was a negotiation and when I wanted to apply for it again in 2015 it said that I have to do the mpu is that so I can do something about it please help me love thanks to jackie

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