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You should definitely see these Monty Python films

The news of Terry Jones' death has left fans of the British comedian sextet feeling sad rather than joy in recent days. Actually they are Monty Python Movies namely for their legendary laughs and disrespectful skits that stop at nothing and nobody. We are taking the depressing news as an opportunity to re-introduce you to the films by the comedy group that you should definitely have seen.

Monty Python Movies Everyone Should See

Since the 1970s, the British John Cleese, Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam, Graham Chapman and Terry Jones delighted fans from all over the world with their humor. The last two have now passed away and in general you don't hear much from the truly legendary comedians who shaped a whole era of fun for the following generations. Reason enough for us to once again recommend the Monty Python films that everyone should have seen.

# 1 "The Life of Brian" (1979)

As early as 1979, the most famous but also most controversial Monty Python film appeared on our list. Under the title "The Life of Brian" he tells the satirical story of a man who sees the light of day in the stable next door to that of Mary and Joseph and how Jesus is declared a prophet by the people - albeit under slightly different circumstances . The legendary song "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" not only contributed to the success of the film, but also became a real evergreen in music history and almost everyone knows the melody of the song by heart, even if one should never have seen the film . By the way, Terry Jones shone here in the role of Brian's mother.

# 2 "The Knights of the Coconut" (1975)

The second Monty Python film on our list is also a real classic. And as in "The Life of Brian", the British comedians were guided this time by more or less historical events, which are heavily targeted in their own interpretation. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are in search of the Holy Grail in medieval England and meet particularly cheeky French and farmers who are fed up with their simple lives. Respect for British legends was lost in the fight between the "Knights of the Coconut" and a killer rabbit. Terry Jones not only directed but was also featured in the film as Sir Bedevere.

# 3 "The Meaning of Life" (1983)

The last Monty Python film on our list is also the last that the comedian group ever produced with the full cast. After that, the great team unfortunately broke up. Nonetheless, it's also one of the funniest titles out there. In bitter satire, Monty Python accompanies the journey from the birth to the death of a person and searches for the eponymous "meaning of life" in a humorous way. Controversial topics from the areas of religion, sexual education and food culture are taken up and made fun of. Particularly funny: Terry Jones, in his role as a woman washing clothes, even drops a baby in "The Meaning of Life" and casually asks his daughter to pick it up. This explains the "miracle of childbirth" in the first part of the film.

Exciting side-fact: There was even a supporting film by Terry Gilliam, in which capitalism and the life of a simple employee were examined more closely in classic Python fashion.

Other Monty Python films are also worthwhile

If you've already seen all of the Monty Python films recommended to you, there are still a handful of other comedian titles that are worthwhile. Among them, for example, "A fish called Wanda" from 1988, which the group was no longer able to achieve with the full cast. It is about a group of diamond thieves who can no longer get their prey.

If you've always wondered which films are generally the best of all time and where to find them, we recommend you take a look at our relevant article. After all the classic comedy about John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Co., do you prefer the latest movies? These are the seven most exciting titles for 2020.