How to change your availability in Metime

Change the status of your accommodation to "open" / "bookable"

When you check the status of your property "Open" / "bookable" this means that you have completed all steps of the registration process and travelers can book your accommodation on our platform.

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How to set the status of your accommodation to "open" / "bookable"

You must complete your registration before you can check the status of your property "Open" / "bookable" can put. In some cases, this means that you will first need to confirm the location of your property. Before doing that, you should also:

  1. Add and organize photos of your property
  2. Check your facilities and room amenities
  3. Check your accommodation description for accuracy
  4. Set enough availability in your calendar
  5. Add rates for your available rooms or units
  6. Preview your property page to see how it will appear on our platform

As soon as the information about your accommodation is complete, you can change the status to “open” / “bookable” by going to the extranet Open my accommodation click.

When will I start receiving bookings?

Every booking that a guest makes on our platform is confirmed immediately, so that you can receive bookings immediately as soon as you have set the status of your accommodation to "open" / "bookable". Note that once you have made a booking, you cannot accept or decline it. It is therefore important that you set your availability correctly before setting the status of your accommodation to “open” / “bookable”.

Whenever you receive a new booking, you will receive a confirmation by email and a notification via the Pulse app, if you are using it. We'll also send guests a confirmation email and your availability will be automatically updated on our platform. You can find all your booking information in the extranet under the menu item Bookings and under Bookings in the Pulse app.

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