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Haemar's shame

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Haemar's shame is a small cave system on the border between the JarltümernFalkenring and Rift, the entrance of which is directly on an important connecting road, at the Löwengrube. Bandits used the cave as a hideout until 4E 201 when they were attacked by vampires and turned into vampire servants or killed.[1]


The lower section of the cave, called Haemar's Cave, mainly contains the former fortifications and storage areas of the bandits who hoarded a multitude of potions and books. The expansion indicates a permanent bandit hideout.

Behind that is Haemar's Shame, where not only the vampires but also frostbite spiders have settled. Experiments on enchantment with the help of human souls are shown in a blood-soaked room with iron cages and a rare black soul stone. In the center of the cave is a shrine to Clavicus Vile, to whom the vampires made sacrifices.

Behind the shrine, a path leads to a hidden exit above the road.


The vampires of Haemar's Shame wanted to be redeemed from vampirism with the help of the Daedra prince Clavicus Vile.[2] When an adventurer fought his way through the vampires in search of the shrine, that wish was fulfilled through death, and Clavicus granted the adventurer an audience.[3]

After a quarrel and the consequent banishment of his companion Barbas, Clavicus had lost power and was for decades[2] close to its shrines[4] bound. Dissatisfied with this condition, the Daedra prince agreed to send the adventurer and Barbas on a search for the mighty ax of repentance. It was part of an agreement with Sebastian Lort, a magician. He wanted an instrument to free his daughter from the werewolf curse. After he had managed this with a few courageous blows through the war ax, Lort withdrew to the Reiffelsenhöhle. Should they succeed and bring the ax back, both would be rewarded and Barbas could return to Clavicus' side.

Rumor has it that the adventurer completed the task and reunited Barbas and Clavicus Vile, for which he received the mask of Clavicus Vile. Allegedly, the adventurer himself is said to have made an agreement with the Daedra prince and, at his request, killed Barbas with the ax of repentance. But he was allowed to keep the gun.

  • Extensive fortifications

  • Experiments on human souls


  1. ↑ The corpses of the bandits can still be found. The vampire servants sometimes wear armor that is typical for bandits
  2. 2,02,1According to the dialogue with Clavicus Vile
  3. ↑ Part of quest A Daedra's Best Friend
  4. ↑ According to Barbas, Clavicus could not manifest himself far from his shrines and, in Haemar's shame, chooses the shrine as the closest. Clavicus himself claims that he spent decades in the cave, that is exactly this shrine.