How does the asset management company work at the airport

Check in

If you arrive at the airport, you usually have to go to check-in first. You patiently stand in line at the counter of your airline, give your details and luggage to the friendly service staff, choose your seat (if you haven't already done so) and finally receive your boarding pass, which entitles you to board the plane to enter. Check-in is usually 30 to 45 minutes before departure. If you make it to the counter later, you have to hope for a delay or goodwill from the airline, because officially you have already missed the flight. You should therefore have a generous amount of time when driving to the airport so that you don't get into this uncomfortable situation.

Online check-in

Hardly any part of the flight process has changed as much in the course of digitization as the check-in. Although it is still possible today to check in at the counter in the airport, check in luggage and receive the boarding pass, more and more customers are discovering the advantages of online check-in or web check-in offers: So you can do everything relaxed on your home computer and can avoid standing in line at the airport under certain circumstances.

Check-in machines

Even those who do not check-in at home can use an electronic procedure at the airport. Because more and more airports are having check-in machines that offer a touchscreen-based check-in process, making queuing at the counter superfluous. In the meantime, you can even check in your luggage independently at more and more machines.

Mobile check-in

A relatively new phenomenon is mobile cell phone check-in or SMS check-in and the mobile boarding pass. You use your internet-enabled smartphone to check-in online, for example via an app. The practical and environmentally friendly feature of this option is the mobile boarding pass: This means that you no longer have to print or have your boarding pass printed, but simply save it on your mobile phone at the end of the check-in process and simply show it on the display when boarding.