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Monitor WhatsApp users with a brazen spy app: And there is little you can do about it

The Android and iOS app WhatsLog, which is available free of charge in the basic version, makes use of a known loophole in Messenger and can monitor any WhatsApp contacts around the clock.

An iPhone & Android app called WhatsLog (formerly Dasta) lures with a promise that makes the hearts of some WhatsApp users beat faster. Dasta is back under a new name as WhatsLog and makes it possible to monitor and log the online status of any WhatsApp user around the clock. In Apple's App Store, the application has already made it to number two on the charts, only surpassed by the Corona warning app.

A wide variety of conclusions can be drawn from the data collected, for example typical daily routines and the times when people sleep. If you correlate the data of two users, you can also draw conclusions about when certain people are chatting with each other. The app aims to automate this task, which previously required manual effort, and to clearly break down the corresponding results.

Download: WhatsLog (formerly Dasta)

WhatsApp vulnerability known for a long time

It has long been known that such monitoring is possible in principle and is due to the way WhatsApp works. Anyone who has the number of a WhatsApp user can query the online status and of course also log it. Scripts that systematically exploited the vulnerability in WhatsApp have already existed in the past. To make this approach available to a broad target group in the form of an easy-to-use app, however, amounts to a new level of audacity.

On top of that, WhatsLog is rewarded for this service: If the download of the app itself is still free, the payment barrier waits after the first start. If you want to monitor more than one number, you pay 11 euros (4 numbers) or 28 euros (10 numbers), depending on the number - every month. A corresponding subscription is automatically renewed until canceled.

On Android, WhatsLog also uses a third-party app for subscription processing. Like the WhatsLog clones that can also be found in the Play Store, it uses the payment provider Pay Point, whose logo is unmistakably reminiscent of the well-known PayPal lettering. This is how the subscription is ultimately processed. In between, however, PayPoint collects your IP address, device name, language and other user data. The supposed detective becomes a spy himself.

Download: WhatsLog (formerly Dasta)

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