How long do Norelco rotary papers last

Protecting the environment
Remove the rechargeable battery
when eventually discarding your hair clipper.
Please note: You can also take the appliance to a Philips
Service Center. The staff will be happy to help you.
• Please read these instructions carefully in
- First disconnect from the mains supply.
conjunction with the illustrations before using the
- Before removing the battery should be completely
• Before connecting the appliance, check if the
- Let the appliance run until the motor stops.
voltage rating on the mains plug corresponds to
- Remove the cutting unit (fig. 13).
the mains voltage in your home.
- Remove the metal clip using a screwdriver (fig. 17).
• Before first use, charge the appliance completely.
- Remove the bottom part of the housing and open the
• Regular cleaning guarantees optimum
performance and the longest working life.
- Remove the battery (fig. 19). The battery may be
• The appliance has a maintenance free cutting unit
which never needs oiling.
Do not connect the appliance after it has been opened.
• Do not use abrasives or scourers, or liquids such
as alcohol, petrol or acetone for cleaning.
• Take care when using the hair clipper for the first
few times. Don't hurry. Make smooth and gentle
• Do not allow the hair clipper to become wet.
• Ensure that your clipper is clean and charged.
• Do not leave the appliance in a very warm place or
• Let the person whose hair you are going to cut sit so that
the top of his / her head is on your eye level. Wrap a towel
• Keep the hair clipper out of children's reach.
• Do not use the hair clipper when the skin is
• Before you start cutting, comb the hair well. Ensure that it
is untangled. It is not necessary to wash the hair before
• The built-in rechargeable battery contains
substances which may pollute the environment.
• For good cutting control and a smooth result hold the
When discarding your appliance in due course, please
clipper in a relaxed grip.
ensure that the battery is separated from the normal
• The best results will be achieved if the hair clipper is used
household refuse and that it is disposed of at an
officially assigned place. (Please refer to section "How
• When cutting long or semi-long hair it is advisable to cut
to remove the built-in rechargeable battery ".)
over a styling comb or to grasp the hair between your
fingers as described in section "Cutting over styling comb
• For short hair, a light trimming at the neck and sides may
be all that is needed for a well-groomed haircut.
Comb attachment (adjustable to various hair lengths,
• At regular intervals stop cutting, comb the hair and check
Cutting length control (press and slide)
Hair cutting with comb attachment
(4-17 mm remaining hair length)
- Begin with the setting for maximum hair length (i.e.
position 7). After you have familiarized yourself with the
product and have gained some experience, you may
Socket for appliance plug (low-voltage DC)
select a particular hair length.
Appliance plug (low-voltage DC)
- You can select seven hair length settings (see fig. 6).
Mains plug with built-in transformer
Charging for cordless use
• Charge (and use) the hair clipper at temperatures between
+15 ° C and +35 ° C (+60 ° F and +95 ° F respectively).
- Before cutting, comb the hair so that it falls naturally.
• The battery will be fully charged after approx. 12 hours.
- In general, it is advisable to start from the neck and work
There is no danger if your hair clipper remains connected
towards the top of the head. Next cut the front and the top
to the mains. But in order to guarantee the longest
possible working life of the battery do not charge for more
Hold the clipper so that the flat side of the comb
attachment is directed towards the head. Move it slowly
• It is advisable not to use the appliance on mains power
upwards and then away from the head, cutting only a
when the battery is fully charged.
If you notice a drop in power during cordless use, simply
In the same manner cut the hair at the sides and the back
plug the appliance in and use it directly from the mains.
of the head (fig. 21, 22).
(Also refer to section "Tips".)
- If you want the hair cut on the sides or back of the head
- Switch the hair clipper off (fig. 2).
shorter than on top, change to a lower hair length setting
- Insert the appliance plug into the connector (fig. 3).
and continue to cut against the direction of the hair growth.
- Insert the mains plug into the wall socket (fig. 4).
(Please note: the mains plug and wall socket shown in the
Cutting over styling comb or fingers
illustration are not applicable to the United Kingdom.)
If you want to cut the hair to a length of more than 17 mm,
The pilot light "Charge" will come on to indicate that the
you can use the "over styling comb" method.
battery is being charged.
- Remove the comb attachment (fig. 7).
• A full charge of the battery provides you with an average
- Lift a small section of hair at a time with a styling comb
of 35 minutes of cordless hair clipping.
(fig. 23) or grasp the section of hair between two fingers
• If the appliance has not been used for a considerable time
(a month or more), recharge it completely before use.
Move the comb or fingers through the hair until only the
length sticks out which you want to clip off.
- Trim the hair protruding from the comb or fingers.
How to use when the battery is empty
Continue this procedure working from the front to the back
of the head. As you work to the back, you may gradually
- Connect the hair clipper to a wall socket (fig. 3 and 4).
To check the cutting length, take a cut-off hair section for
- Wait a few seconds. (If the battery is completely empty:
wait for about one minute.)
- Comb frequently to remove cut hair and to check for
- Switch on (fig. 5) and use the hair clipper directly from the
Making the hair clipper ready for use
- Remove the comb attachment (fig. 7).
- For even hair length at the base of the neck cut the hair as
Depending upon the required application, you can use your
shown in fig. 25, holding the clipper in reversed position
hair clipper with or without the comb attachment.
lightly against the hair. Make overlapping strokes
If mounted, the comb attachment can be set to 7 cutting
downwards to the neck (fig. 26).
- Proceed in the same manner for cutting sideburns (fig. 27).
You can slide the control knob when the release button (on
- For cutting the hair close to the ears put one corner of the
top of the knob) is kept pressed-down. When released, the
cutter on the hair. Ensure that the teeth are at a safe
control knob is locked in the selected position.
distance from the ears (fig. 28).
Slowly and carefully shape the desired outline of the hair
• Clipping with comb attachment
- Set the required cutting length (fig. 6). Keeping the control
knob pressed-down (1), slide (2) it into one of the
7 positions. Then release the knob.
- Comb the hair into its natural direction.
- Select hair length setting 7 (maximum hair length). Cut the
• Clipping without comb attachment
hair from the back side of the neck towards the crown
- Pull the comb attachment from the appliance (fig. 7).
- Cut the sides of the head making overlapping strokes
straight upwards (fig. 32), i.e. parallel to the sides of the
head. Hold the comb attachment flat against the head.
Move the clipper slowly through the hair, leaving the hair
• Ensure that your movements are well-controlled,
on top of the head uncut.
especially when using without comb attachment. Touch
- If you wish you can cut the hair at the neck and sides a
the hair lightly with the hair clipper.
second time, using a lower position (i.e. 3 or 4).
• Regularly shake (fig. 8) and / or blow (fig. 9) off the hairs
- For a flat top look, cut the hair on the top of the head over
from the top of the clipper.
a styling comb or over the fingers (fig. 33, 34) using the
• While clipping with comb attachment: If much hair has
hair clipper without comb attachment.
accumulated in the comb area, pull off the comb
Also refer to section "Cutting over styling comb or fingers".
attachment (fig. 10) and remove the hair by shaking
- Finish the haircut by outlining the neckline and sideburns.
(fig. 11) and / or blowing (fig. 12).
Also refer to section "Outlining".
• If the cutting speed decreases it may be necessary to
remove and clean the cutting unit.
Please refer to the section "Cleaning: after each use".
- Comb the hair into its natural direction.
• Always switch off after use. It is advisable to clean the
- Select the desired hair length for the back and the sides of
cutting unit and start recharging directly after use.
- Cut the back and the sides of the head making
overlapping strokes straight upwards (fig. 35). Hold the
comb attachment flat against the head. Move the clipper
slowly through the hair, leaving the hair on top of the head
- Remove the cutting unit (fig. 13).
- Select the desired hair length for the top of the head.
- Clean the cutting unit and the inside of the appliance using
- Cut the top of the head (fig. 36). Start at the front side and
work towards the crown. Hold the comb attachment flat
- To reassamble, hook the cutting unit on to the housing as
illustrated (fig. 15) and push until you hear a click (fig. 16).
- For outlining use of the hair clipper without comb attachment.
Also refer to section "Outlining".
Use only an original Philips replacement cutting unit to
replace a worn or damaged cutting unit.
Remplacement of the ensemble tete de coupe
Utilisez uniquement un ensemble tête de coupe Philips pour
Remplacer une unité de rasage used ou endommagée.
Protection de l'environnement
• Lisez ces instructions soigneusement en même
temps que les illustrations avant toute utilization
Pour enlever l'accumulateur
when éventuellement vous remplacez your tondeuse à
• Avant de brancher l'appareil, assurez-vous que la
tension indiquée sur la fiche correspond à la
Note: Vous pouvez also déposer l'appareil in the center
tension du secteur de votre logement.
Service Agréé où le meilleure accueil vous sera réservé.
• Avant la première utilization chargez l'appareil
- Avant tout débranchez l'appareil.
• Un nettoyage régulier garantit des performances
- Avant de retirer l'accumulateur assurez-vous qu'il est
optimums et une durée de vie exceptionnelle.
complètement déchargé.
• Votre tondeuse ne nécessite aucun entretien
- Laissez l'appareil en fonctionnement jusqu'à l'arrêt du
• Faites attention to the use of the tondeuse à
- Enlevez l'unité de rasage (fig. 10).
cheveux pour la première fois. Prenez votre
- Enlevez le clip en métal en utilisant un tournevis (fig. 17).
temps. Ayez des mouvements lents et contrôlés.
- Enlevez la partie inférieure du support et ouvrez le support
• Ne laissez pas la tondeuse à cheveux dans un lieu
- Enlevez l'accumulateur (fig. 19). L'accumulateur peut être
• Ne laissez pas l'appareil exposé à de trop fortes
chaleurs ou aux rayons directs du soleil.
Ne rebranchez jamais l'appareil après overture.
• Maintenez la tondeuse à cheveux hors de portée
• N'utilisez pas la tondeuse quand vous avez une
• L 'accumulateur rechargeable contient des
substances qui peuvent polluer l'environment.
• Assurez-vous que votre tondeuse est nettoyée et chargée.
Quand vous remplacerez your appareil en temps
• Laissez la personne à qui vous aller couper les cheveux
utile, assurez-vous que l'accumulateur est bien
s'asseoir de façon à avoir le sommet de sa tête à hauteur
séparé des ordures ménagères et qu'il est déposé à
de vos yeux. Enveloppez le cou à l'aide d'une serviette.
Un endroit désigné à cet effet par les pouvoirs publics.
• Avant de commencer la coupe, coiffez les cheveux.
(Référez vous au paragraphe "Comment retirer
Assurez-vous qu'ils sont bien démêlés. Il n'est pas
l'accumulateur incorporé ".)
Additional equipment de faire and shampooing avant de les couper.
• Pour un bon contrôle de la coupe et un result
satisfaisant tenez la tondeuse correctement.
Description générale
• Les meilleurs résultats seront obtenus si vous utilisez la
tondeuse à cheveux sur cheveux secs.
Guide de coupe (adjustable, détachable)
• Lors de la coupe de cheveux mi-longs il est souhaitable de
Unité de rasage (detachable)
couper sur un peigne ou de pincer les cheveux entre vos
Réglage de longueur de coupe (pressez et faites
doigts comme décrit dans le paragraphe "Coupe au
peigne ou avec les doigts ".
Interrupteur Marche / Arrêt
• Pour cheveux courts, a coupe légère sur le cou et sur
les côtés est généralement suffisante.
• A range of regulations arrêtez la coupe, coiffez les cheveux
Témoin lumineux "Charge"
et vérifiez le résultat obtenu.
Prize pour connecteur (lower tension)
Connecteur (basse tension)
Coupe de cheveux with guide de coupe
Fiche avec transformer incorporé
(4-17 mm de longueur de cheveux)
- Commencez avec la position maximum (hauteur de coupe
position 7). Après vous être familiarisé avec le produit et
avec un peu d'expérience, vous pouvez sélectionner la
hauteur de coupe définitive.
- Vous pouvez choisir 7 positions de hauteur de coupe (voir
Recharge for one use without cordon
• Chargez (et utilisez) la tondeuse à cheveux à une
temperature comprise between + 15 ° C and + 35 ° C.
• La pile / accumulateur sera complètement chargée après
around 12 hours de charge.
Il n'y aucun danger si votre tondeuse à cheveux reste
branchée sur le secteur. Corn afin de garantir la longévité
de la pile / accumulateur ne chargez pas plus de 24 hours.
• The souhaitable de ne pas utiliser l'appareil sur secteur
quand la pile / accumulateur est complètement chargée.
- Avant de couper, coiffez les cheveux de façon à ce qu'ils
Si vous constatez une baisse de régime pendant
l'utilisation sans fil, branchez-le simplement et utilisez-le
- En général, il est préférable de commencer par le cou et
directement sur le secteur. (Référez-vous également au
d'aller vers le haut de la tete. Ensuite coupez les cheveux
de devant et sur le sommet de la tête (fig. 20).
- Arrêtez l'appareil (fig. 2).
Tenez le côté plat du guide de coupe dirigé vers la tête.
- Insérez le connecteur (fig. 3).
Déplacez-le lentement vers le haut, coupez une petite
- Insérez la fiche dans la prize de courant (fig. 4).
quantity of cheveux à la fois.
Le témoin lumineux "Charge" s'allume. Il indique que la
Procédez la même manière sur les côtés et à l'arrière de
pile / accumulateur est en train d'être rechargée.
la tête (fig. 21, 22).
• Une charge complète de la pile / accumulateur vous assure
- Si vous désirez couper les cheveux des cotés ou de
une moyenne de 35 minutes d'utilisation sans fil.
derrière, plus courts que ceux du dessus, changez la
• Si l'appareil n'a pas été utilisé depuis très longtemps (un
mois ou plus), rechargez-le complètement avant de
Coupe au peigne or avec doigts
Si vous voulez couper les cheveux à une longueur
supérieure à 17 mm, vous pouvez utiliser la "coupe au
Comment utiliser l'appareil quand la pile / accumulateur
- Enlevez le guide de coupe (fig. 7).
- Prenez une petite mèche de cheveux à la fois avec un
- Arrêtez l'appareil (fig. 2).
peigne (fig. 23) or pincez-la avec vos doigts (fig. 24).
- Branchez la tondeuse à cheveux sur une prize de courant
Déplacez le peigne ou les doigts le long de la mèche
jusqu'à la longueur souhaitée.
- Attendez quelques secondes. (Si la pile / accumulateur est
- Coupez les cheveux à partir du peigne ou des doigts.
complètement vide: attendez pendant environ une
Continuez de cette façon en partant du devant jusqu'à
l'arrière de la tete. Vous pouvez ainsi progressivement
- Mettez en marche (fig. 5) et utilisez la tondeuse
couper les cheveux de plus en plus court. Verifiez la
directement sur le secteur.
longueur de coupe régulièrement.
- Coiffez fréquemment pour enlever cheveux coupés et
vérifiez d'éventuelles inégalités.
Preparation de la tondeuse à cheveux à l'emploi
En fonction de l'application désirée, vous pouvez utiliser la
tondeuse à cheveux avec ou sans le guide de coupe.
- Enlevez le guide de coupe (fig. 7).
Si vous utilisez le guide de coupe vous pouvez sélectionner
- Pour égaliser la base du cou coupez les cheveux comme
indiqué dans le fig. 25, en maintenant la tondeuse dans la
Faites glisser le bouton de contrôle en appuyant sur le
position inverse et légèrement contre le poil (fig. 26).
bouton de déverrouillage (sur sommet). Lorsqu'il est libéré,
- Procédez de la même manière pour tailler les favoris
the bouton de control is verrouillé in the position
- Pour couper le poil près des oreilles placez un coin
seulement de la tete de coupe sur le poil. Assurez-vous
Waist with guide de coupe
que les dents de la tondeuse sont à bonne distance des
- Sélectionnez la longueur de coupe désirée (fig. 6).
Pressez (1) et faites glisser le bouton de contrôle (2) sur
Lentement et soigneusement formez le contour désiré
une des 7 positions. Relâchez le bouton.
Waist sans guide de coupe
Coupe en brosse (fig. 30)
- Retirez le guide de coupe de l'appareil (fig. 7).
- Choisissez la hauteur de coupe 7 (maximum). Coupez les
cheveux en partant de l'arrière du cou (fig. 31).
- Taillez les côtés, faites des coupes en partant du bord
vers le center (fig. 32), par exemple, parallèles aux côtés
• Quand vous utilisez la tondeuse sans guide de coupe:
de la tete. Maintenez la tete de rasage tout contre la tete.
Assurez-vous que vos mouvements sont contrôlés. Ayez
Bougez la tondeuse lentement sur les cheveux.
- Si vous le désirez vous pouvez couper les cheveux sur le
• Secouez régulièrement (fig. 8) et / ou soufflez (fig. 9) les
cou et les côtés une seconde fois, en utilisant une position
cheveux du sommet de la tete.
• Pendant la taille avec guide de coupe: Si des cheveux se
- Pour une coupe à ras, coupez les cheveux sur le sommet
sont accumulés dans le peigne, retirez le guide de coupe
de la tête à l'aide d'un peigne ou des doigts (fig. 33, 34) et
(fig. 10) et enlevez les cheveux en secouant (fig. 11) et / ou
en utilisant la tondeuse à cheveux sans le guide de coupe.
Référez-vous également au paragraphe "Coupe au peigne
• Si la vitesse de coupe diminue il peut être nécessaire de
nettoyer l'unité de rasage.
- Deadlines for the coupe en rectifiant les bords du cou et des
• Référez-vous au paragraphe "Netoyage: après chaque
favorite. Référez-vous également au paragraphe
• Il est souhaitable de nettoyer l'unité de rasage et de
recharger l'appareil après chaque utilization.
- Coiffez les cheveux dans le sens de la pousse des
Netoyage: après chaque utilization
- Choisissez la longueur de cheveux désirée pour l'arrière et
- Taillez ensuite en faisant des coupes du bord vers le
- Enlevez l'unité de rasage (fig. 13).
center (fig. 35). Maintenez la tete de rasage tout contre la
- Nettoyez l'unité de rasage et l'intérieur en utilisant la
tête. Bougez la tondeuse lentement sur les cheveux.
- Choisissez the longueur de cheveux désirée pour le haut de
- Pour remonter, fixez l'unité de rasage sur le support
la tête (fig. 36). Taillez en procédant de la même façon.
comme illustré (fig. 15) et poussez jusqu'à ce que vous
- Pour les contours utilisez la tondeuse sans guide de
entendiez un clic (fig. 16).
Référez-vous également au paragraphe "Contours".
• Read these instructions for use carefully
before using the device for the first time
• Before commissioning, check whether the
Voltage indication on the power plug with the
local mains voltage.
• Charge the battery fully before using it for the first time
• Regular cleaning guarantees you good ones
Performance and a long service life of the
• The device is equipped with a maintenance-free cutting
Unit provided that do not have to be oiled
• Go, especially when using for the first time,
very carefully and with calm movements.
• Make sure that the device does not come with water
• Keep the device away from children.
• Do not place the device near
Heat sources or in direct sunlight.
• Do not use the device if it is ignited
• Never try to use the device
Abrasives or solvents such as
To clean gasoline, alcohol or acetone.
• Do not use the device to shear
• Your shaver is powered by a nickel-cadmium battery
equipped. It contains substances that the
Can endanger the environment. Please make sure
that this battery does not end up in the household waste.
Please give it when you save the device
Take it into operation at an official collection point.
See the section "Environmental Protection".
• Important note to protect the environment:
Batteries and rechargeable batteries do not belong in household waste!
As a consumer, you are legally bound to do so
committed to used batteries and accumulators
to recycle the devices.
Hand them in at the public collection points
Your community or at points of sale for
corresponding devices or for batteries and
You can also contact Philips Service
Center. We'll be happy to take care of it
proper disposal. See also
the enclosed "Worldwide Guarantee".
Comb attachment, removable. Different hair lengths
Cutting unit, removable.
Cutting length control, press and slide.
Connection for device plug, low voltage direct current.
Device plug, low voltage direct current.
Charging for cordless use
• Charge and use the device at
Ambient temperatures between +15 and 35 ° C.
• The battery is fully charged after approx. 12 hours.
It does not harm the device if it is connected to the network for a long time
remains; however, the service life of the battery may be shortened
if you use the device for more than 24 hours
• It is not advisable to operate the device on the mains if
the battery is fully charged.
Leaves performance in the course of cordless use
after, just use it on the network. - See the
- Switch off the device (Fig. 2).
- Insert the device plug into the connection (G)
- Plug the power pack into the socket (Fig. 4).
The charge indicator lamp lights up to indicate that the
• A full battery charge lasts for approx. 50 minutes
cordless haircutting.
• When the device has not been used for a month or more
charge the battery before use.
Use when the battery is empty
- Switch off the device (Fig. 2),
- Insert the device plug into the connection (G)
(Fig. 3) and the power pack into the socket (Fig. 4).
- Wait a few seconds with the battery completely flat
- Switch on the device (Fig. 5) and use it
Preparation for use
Depending on the haircut you want, you can
Use the device with or without a comb attachment.
The comb attachment can be used in seven different ways
Haircut lengths can be adjusted.
You can adjust the cutting length by turning the
Move the control (C) while you open the lock
hold down the controller. The cutting length is set,
as soon as you let go of the lock.
• Cutting with a comb attachment
- Set the desired cutting length (Fig. 6).
Hold down the latch (1), slide (2)
the controller to one of the 7 positions. Let them
• Cutting without a comb attachment
- Pull the comb attachment off the device (Fig. 7).
• Make sure that you are calm and steady
Movements go ahead, especially if you are without
Working comb attachment. Only touch the hair lightly
• Shake (Fig. 8) and / or blow (Fig. 9)
the cut hair from the device regularly.
• Have a lot of people working with the comb attachment
Hair accumulated, so take the comb attachment
(Fig. 10) to shake it (Fig. 11) and / or
• If you notice the performance of the device
subsides, remove the comb attachment and
See the "Cleaning" section.
• Switch off the device immediately after use. It is
advisable to then also clean the cutting unit and
Clean: after each use
- Switch off the device (Fig. 2).
- Pull the cutting unit off the device (Fig. 13).
- Brush out the hair (Fig. 14) that is in the
Cutting unit and have accumulated in the device.
- Put the cutting unit back on the device
(Fig. 15) so that it audibly clicks into place ("click", Fig. 16).
Replacement of the cutting unit
Replace a used or damaged cutter
Unit only through an original Philips spare part.
Contact your Philips dealer or Philips
Service center in your country.
Remove the battery when you save the device
Put into operation. You can also use the device at a
to our customer service points. We take care
then a proper disposal.
- First disconnect the device from the mains.
- The battery must be completely empty.
- Let the engine run until it stops by itself.
- Remove the cutting unit (Fig. 13).
- Remove the metal bracket with a
Screwdriver (Fig. 17).
- Take off the case back and open it
- Remove the battery (Fig. 19). He's with that
Do not reconnect the opened device
The use of the device
• Make sure that the device and the battery are clean
• The person whose hair is to be cut must
Sit still with your head level with your eyes. Put her in
• Comb the hair thoroughly before cutting,
so that it lies flat. There is no need to do the hair in front of the
• Hold the device firmly, but not cramped.
• You will get the best result on dry hair.
• Long and medium-length hair is best left on
cut a styling comb. You can do the hair too
take between your fingers. See the section
• Cutting with a styling comb or with your fingers ".
• For a short haircut, it may be enough
Trim the side edges and the neck.
• Interrupt your work from time to time to get the
review past success.
Cut hair with the comb attachment
for haircuts from 4 to 17 mm.
- Start with setting 7 for maximum length. are
You can then become familiar with the handling of the device
You choose a lower setting for shorter hair.
- You can choose between seven cutting lengths (Fig. 6):
- Before cutting, comb out the hair to keep it
falls naturally.
- Comb the hair in the direction of hair growth.
- As a rule, you start at the neck and work towards the middle
- Set the cutting length for the sides and the neck
of the head. After that, cut the hair on the
Forehead and in the middle (Fig. 20).
- Cut side and neck hair in overlapping
Hold the device so that the flat side of the comb
Pulls down to the neck (Fig. 35). Hold the comb
Point towards the head and only cut small ones
Attachment flat against the head. Perform the cutting
Unit slowly through the hair on the sides, but without
In the same way, cut the hair on the side and
to cut the hair on the head.
in the neck (Figs. 21 and 22).
- Set the cut length for the top hair.
- Should the hair on the side and on the nape of the neck be shorter
- Cut the hair on the center of the head
will be cut than the other hair, so imagine
(Fig. 36). Start at the forehead and cut
cut a shorter length of cut and counter-cut
the hair towards the middle of the head. Hold the comb
Attachment flat against the head.
- For contouring without a comb attachment, proceed as
Cut with a styling comb or with your fingers
described in the section "Cutting contours".
If the hair is to be cut longer than 17 mm, so
you can cut "over the comb" with your device.
- Remove the comb attachment (Fig. 7).
- Use a hairdressing comb to lift one strand at a time
Hair up (Fig. 23), or take the strand
between your fingers (Fig. 24).
- Pull the hair through the comb or your fingers until
as much hair is sticking out as you want to cut off.
- Cut this length with the device.
Work from forehead to neck in this way,
where you can gradually get the hair shorter.
Check the cutting length by doing one already
Lift the cut strand and use it as a measure.
- Comb the hair frequently in between
Comb out cut hair and uneven areas
- Comb your hair.
- Remove the comb attachment (Fig. 7).
- Cut the contours on the sides, on the neck and
on the neck with the cutting unit held upside down
(Fig. 25) under slight pressure. Drag the device into
overlapping lines down to the neck (Fig. 26).
- Do the same for the sideburns