What is Rangkat Powder

What is Five Spice Powder?

What is Five Spice Powder?

The taste of an entire country captured with five spices: The five-spice powder is a traditional spice from Chinese cuisine that exudes this typical aroma that we associate with dishes such as duck with sweet and sour sauce. As the name suggests, the mixture traditionally consists of five spices that provide this unmistakable, spicy-hot and at the same time slightly flowery-sweet taste. Nevertheless, the five-spice powder has room for individual taste preferences. As with curry mixes, every region or family has its own recipe.

Which spices are contained in the Chinese five-spice mixture

The five-spice powder consists of these five spices: Szechuan pepper, Pedang cinnamon, cloves, fennel and star anise. Some variations of the spice contain other spices such as cardamom or ginger. The five-spice powder from China should not be confused with the Bengali five-spice mixture, the Panch Phoron, which is made from five other spices and is used in Bengali, Assamese and Orissan cuisine.

What does five-spice powder taste like?

The Chinese spice mixture tastes wonderfully spicy and hot with a fine sweetness. Szechuan pepper and cloves provide the spicy heat, cinnamon, star anise and fennel for a fine, sweet note.

Is there a five-spice powder substitute?

This spice mixture is popular because of its typical, exotic taste, so that there is no alternative to five-spice powder for real fans. However, you can make the mixture yourself at home and thereby replace some of the ingredients in the five-spice powder to adapt the mixture to your taste. For example, you can determine the flavor by taking more or less of a spice. If you don't think it's too tight with the five spices, you can add garlic and ginger to your own mix.

How do you use five spice powder?

The sweetish-hot aroma of the five-spice powder is particularly suitable for seasoning poultry, meat, fish and vegetable dishes. But marinades and rubs can also be prepared with it. The spice should be used sparingly. It is very intense in taste and therefore you only need a little of it.

Make five spice powder yourself

We'll tell you how you can make the classic five-spice powder yourself - in no time at all.

Five-spice powder recipe

2 tbsp Szechuan pepper

2 tbsp cinnamon or alternatively 1 cinnamon stick

2 star anise

2 tbsp fennel

1 teaspoon cloves


Put the fennel seeds, Szechuan pepper and star anise in a pan and roast without oil over medium heat for about 3 minutes.

Let the spices cool down and put them in a mortar or spice grinder along with the cinnamon and cloves and grind to a powder. If you like it a little finer, you can chop the spices in a high-performance mixer.

If you keep the mixture in an airtight container, it will last up to six months.

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