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Good toys and healthy baby clothing are important, but what does it matter and what can it cost?


These are the central questions not only for parents but also at greenstories when it comes to our manufacturers. No question, but a non-negotiable quality requirement for all our baby items such as toys and thus manufacturers that find their place at, they must be absolutely free of harmful substances.


Toy manufacturers selected by us pay attention to educational play value and fair working conditions.

In addition, e.g. the Toys whether made of wood or other materials educational added value exhibit. These are already many demands we place on toys, but there are more. That's how we look at them too durability and the Play value.. not an easy task! But we take them very seriously at greenstories and we face exactly the same challenges in the area of ​​our toys as we do with all of our product groups, for example in the area of Organic baby fashion and organic fashion for toddlers. One way to achieve this goal is ours carefulselectionreliable manufacturer. We do not rely on big brands per se, but prefer companies and manufacturers that use them on their own fair working conditions, on the avoidance of pollutant-containing additives and on high quality standards attach great importance to.


The manufacturers at greenstories forpollution-free children's toys, Baby equipment as Plush toys and all other products in the shop must also provide evidence of the quality requirements and declarations of no objection. For all parents, it is a comforting feeling to know if their own baby or toddler is whether or not their toy Grabbing toys or Wooden blocks, in the mouthto take can, without that you can take care of your health immediately thoughts have to do. Again and again in tests like from ECO TEST or Stiftung Warentest, unsettling finds such as “formaldehyde”, “polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)” or flame retardants were found. Wooden toys are no exception! Unfortunately, the indication is also "Made in Germany" no guarantee for pollution-free toys.



That's why the strict selection the manufacturer at greenstories already provides reliable protection for you and your child (ren). Small and medium-sized manufacturers such as the German manufacturer "nic" already represents the pursued philosophy with its own slogan "play naturally", high quality wooden toys "Made in Germany" to manufacture. It is not without reason that “nic” ​​consciously pursues the preservation of the Relation to nature in his toys and refrains from excessive color design. Not only that the value of the raw material wood is preserved, but that Reduction of paints and varnishes is the best protection of substances that are im Suspicion stand the health or that Damage genetic material. It is even better to do without it completely, but the demand for a child-friendly color design should not be lost. For this reason, we have found a partner in the manufacturer "nic", who is our area of Organic wooden toys fills out. The Bio-Line May the designation due to the pure vegetable coloring right to wear. As a solvent is instead of chemicals e.g. the Acid from lemons used. The colors created in this way are particularly natural and not too squeaky colorful. Bio-Line fans appreciate this added value and know that the naturally colored wooden elements By dispensing with protective varnishes, they gradually give off color on contact with moisture. Unlike in the conventional toy sector, this is not a defect, as parents do not have to fear that, especially with the Bio-Line chemical paints and solvents dissolve through the saliva. The interview gives further information and an exciting insight into the background of the company "nic". which can be read here.



Smaller wooden toy manufacturers still build ecological wooden toys of today according to old traditions

But not only “nic”, but also the family company "Wooden Story", based in Poland, sees in the naturalness of Wooden toys real added value. Naturalness is used when the finished toy draws conclusions about the Wood as a raw material with his individual Grain and the color nuances and Not has been completely changed by applying paint and varnish. As a rather smaller producer, the bond with the raw material wood has been firmly anchored for three generations. Be it that fresh scent of nature, healthy forests or the mythology of the "Borowy" a forest spirit who protects the animals and the forest, wood is an unmistakable raw material for "Wooden Story". But with this manufacturer, this love is not only in the product, but runs through to the last thread, because that too packaging is ecologically and laborious designed. The Grasping toys and teething rings from "Wooden Story" are uncolored and come in one Cotton sack and a box made of ecological cardboard and a bow. These special features make up the selected range of toys at greenstories.


Unpainted wooden toys has a particularly high priority at greenstories, which is why the goki "nature" Series was an integral part from the start. It doesn't always have to be paints and varnishes that make wooden toys interesting. Special drying processes selected woods sometimes even achieve the more interesting result, because this is where the naturalness to 100% preserved and also the grain. But there is also an appealing play of contrasts.


Ecological toys is essentially made of wood. Small manufactories and manufacturers bring with their own high standards as well as the mostly existing personal reference, often generations, that certain extra in toys, something that big brands and purely industrial production often lack. But also in terms of things Pollutants There is even more sensitivity due to the family relationship to the product and mostly also own children. Furthermore, our manufacturers, such as"PLANTOYS", Companies with a permanent place for social commitment and active environmental Protection. At “PLANTOYS” in particular, efforts to ensure that wooden toys are free of harmful substances go beyond careful handling Water-based paints out. With the Soy-colored colored toys Catched shavings from rubber trees are used instead of 100% "fresh wood". Regardless of this, this Thai manufacturer makes sure that only trees are used for processing that are no longer useful, e.g. for the production of latex. The company ensures this by managing its own plantations, among other things. The employees also have every reason to laugh, because the social standard and the Occupational safety are well above the standard of the country, which is why "PLANTOYS“There to the most popular employers belongs. These efforts are also in one fair-produced toys.



That is why we believe that green stories are also told in the children's room and that they are mostly the ones that you remember with pleasure and with a clear conscience.


Thanks to innovative manufacturers, organic products are also possible in the field of baby equipment and sand toys

But also Innovations contribute to quality with new approaches high quality toys without harmful substances to be able to offer for every age group. Manufacturer like "Stable" or "rotho baby design"Are, for example, those who have earned high recognition for their commitment. If Sand toys or Baby potty, they are also available in Bio. Made of renewable raw materials like corn or cane sugar, they are based almost exclusively on vegetable raw materials, while conventionally manufactured sand toys and baby equipment, such as bathtubs and potties, are made from plastic containing petroleum.



Manufacturers who suit us have something to tell. The same goes for the team at "BecoThings". They see their contribution to a better environment in their ecological products and have managed to Drinking cup,