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How to Recover Pirated Instagram Account

How to Recover an Account from Instagram Hacked

After reading my guide on the matter, you have come to the conclusion that your account Instagram was hacked. You can't even log in anymore because the cyber criminal who probably hacked the profile changed your password. And now? What should I do? First, try to keep calm: Unfortunately, these things can happen, but there is a cure for anything, and today I am here to explain how to solve this particular problem.

In fact, in today's tutorial, I will explain How to Recover Hacked Instagram Account Follow the standard procedure provided in such situations. In fact, the team at the famous photographic social network has put in place a procedure that can be used in situations like the one you are in to allow legitimate users to regain possession of their hacked account.

In the last part of the guide you will not only find explanations on how to carry out the relevant procedure, but also useful information on how to protect your account and avoid repeated violations. So what do you think Are you ready to start Yes? Well, make yourself comfortable, take the time it takes to focus on reading the following paragraphs, and most importantly, try to put into practice the "tips" I am about to give you. I have nothing more to do than wish you a good read and good luck with everything

  • Recover a hacked Instagram account
  • Here's how to prevent your Instagram account from being hacked

Recover a hacked Instagram account

Unfortunately, if you have suffered the theft of your Instagram account as a result of a cyberattack, you know that to get possession back, you must contact Instagram via the procedure provided in these cases. The procedure can currently only be implemented by a cell phone. So let me explain How to Recover Hacked Instagram Account put it into action.

First, start the Instagram application on your device Android o iOS, tap on the link Login assistance / forgot password? Immediately after completing the registration form, tap the link Do you need more help? This is downstairs.

On the screen Ask for assistance, give the Email you registered with or Contact email (if different) in the text fields above. Next, select the type of account you need help with by choosing one of the options listed in the first block (ex. Company or brand account, Personal account with photos in which I am present O Personal account without photos in which I am present ), touch the item My account was hacked is in the last block and sends the signal by pressing the button Ask for assistance.

The Instagram team will process your support request and contact you as soon as possible at the email address you provided. I assume it can take a few days for Instagram to reach you. However, if your request is met, you shouldn't have a problem getting repossession of your account through a simple process of identity verification.

Here's how to prevent your Instagram account from being hacked

Now that you finally managed to get your hacked Instagram account back, I want to share with you some tips on how to prevent this from happening in the future.

Use a strong password

Use a strong password It is extremely important to prevent anyone from breaking into your account. To be considered secure, a password must consist of at least 16 alphanumeric characters This includes lower and upper case letters, numbers and symbols (e.g. ?, !, % ). Then remember not to just use a strong password change it oftenAt least once a month.

If you think that the password currently set on your Instagram account does not meet the above requirements, or you have not changed it in a long time, change it immediately. The process is very simple.

  • From the smartphone - Log into your account in the Instagram app and press the icon little man Tap the button in the lower right corner (≡)press the voice Configurations In the menu that appears, touch the item password, fill in the text fields current password, New Password, Repeat the new password and click on the article to save.
  • From the PC - Log into your account on Instagram website and click little man Press the button in the upper right corner Edit your profileClick on the article change your password Fill in the text fields in the menu on the left Previous password, New Password, Confirm the new password and press the blue button change your password.

For more advice on creating strong passwords, check out the guide I linked with you where I went into the topic in depth.

Activate two-factor authentication

The Activate two-factor authentication is another important precaution to protect your Instagram account from unauthorized interference. If you configure two-factor authentication in your account to access it, in addition to the classic password you must enter a second key that is sent via email or SMS so that an attacker cannot access it (via) it because, you have physical access to one of your devices. Here's how to set it up.

  • From the smartphone - In the Instagram app, log into your account and press the button little man Touch the button in the lower right corner (≡), touch the item Configurationspress the voice Two-factor authentication and press the button Begins. Then go up EN the switch next to the wording SMS O Authentication application and follow the on-screen instructions to save your settings.
  • From the PC - Log into your account on Instagram website and click little man, Press the key Edit your profileClick on the article Privacy and security, select the article to edit for two-factor authentication settings and enable the option SMS. Then press the button Activate, write yours Phone number Press the key in the corresponding text field Venga and after reporting the code Click the button in the corresponding text field final.

For more information on the process just described, see the guide where I explain in more detail how to enable two-factor authentication on Instagram.

Revoke access to suspicious applications

If you want to sleep pretty well, I also recommend Access to revoked applications suspicious who have access to your Instagram account. Sometimes just by accessing some of these applications (e.g. the ones that promise to know who is looking at their Instagram profile), the bad guys manage to break into the victims' accounts.

To revoke access to suspicious apps, log into your account on the web version of Instagram and click little manThen press the button Edit your profile and click on the entry Authorized Applications is on the left. So identify the app you want to revoke access to and hit the blue button Revoke access rights. Finally answer Sip Notice Are you confirming that you want to revoke access to this application? And that's it.

If you want more information on how to avoid getting hacked on Instagram, check out the in-depth article I linked with you. I am sure that you will find this reading helpful too.