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Vigilant yaksha


Nuo Dancer of Evil Conquering
Alatus, the Golden-Winged King

Chinese name

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  • 音 讀 (음독, eumdok)
  • → 魈 (소, so)
Xiao (Chinese: 魈Xiāo, "Demon"), Yaksha name Alatus, is a playable Anemo character in Genshin Impact. He is an adeptus and the only remaining member of the Five Yakshas dispatched by Morax to subdue the demonic spirits that plagued Liyue. He currently resides in Wangshu Inn, where he secludes himself from crowds and human interactions.

Xiao was available as a playable character during the 2nd Closed Beta Test and was released on the Invitation to Mundane Life event wish on February 3rd, 2021.



One of the mighty and illuminated adepti guarding Liyue, also heralded as the "Vigilant Yaksha."
Despite his youthful appearance, tales of his exploits have been documented for millennia.
He is especially fond of Wangshu Inn's Almond Tofu.
This is because it tastes just like the sweet dreams he used to devour.


A yaksha adeptus who defends Liyue. Also heralded as the "Conqueror of Demons" and "Vigilant Yaksha."

In-game character attributes text

Xiao is reserved, logical and determined, albeit curt and straight to the point. He is rarely in a good mood and prefers being alone. He shows almost no interest in humans and their culture, some of which he finds strange or pointless. However, there are a few who he finds notable, such as Hu Tao for her "interesting" (yet "irritating") humor and Beidou for defeating a leviathan by herself.

Xiao is also revealed to be a strict yet effective teacher, especially as he is a mentor figure for Ganyu. While Ganyu finds Xiao to be a loner and somewhat unapproachable at first, she does admit that Xiao is an important part for her to reach her full potential as an adeptus.[6] Others like Chongyun hold deep admiration for him and his demon-conquering abilities, yet at the same time notes his disparaging remarks at the methods of exorcists.[7][8] At the same time, Xiao says not to judge adepti by mortal values.

As a Yaksha, Xiao is constantly afflicted by his negative karmic burdens that he accumulates from committing endless slaughter against monsters that threaten Liyue. Others have taken note of the pain he constantly suffers and take pity on him, being the only remaining Yaksha who is active in protecting Liyue where as his fellow Yaksha have died or disappeared, stating that he does not sleep[9] and neither do the demons, indicating his absolute focus in protecting the land from evil spirits. In one particular instance, he was nearly consumed by his own karma, only to be saved by a person playing a flute. This incident left him touched and he hopes for the day that he can dance to the tune of the flute amidst a sea of ​​flowers.[10]

This negative karma is also the reason he prefers being alone, as he does not wish to burden others with his own problems, nor cause problems for others in the area. While it is implied that he has killed humans in the line of duty,[11] this is often as a result of them straying too close to him as he fights; he states that he does not intentionally kill them.[12] Despite this, Xiao remains dedicated to fulfilling his contract with Morax, expressing eternal gratitude and loyalty to the god for saving him from his former master, who treated him like a bloodhound.[13]

Xiao is appreciated by the humans and adepti of Liyue alike. Zhongli still deeply cares for Xiao and offers to deliver some special painkillers to him to help relieve his pain. Verr Goldet and Huai'an have also provided Xiao a headquarters in Wangshu Inn, so that he can carry out his missions to purge the evil spirits of Liyue. Although they are not particularly close with Xiao, they do value his heroic deeds. Verr Goldet even asks the Traveler to take Xiao to enjoy the Lantern Rite festival and engage in some festivities of the mortal world, which Xiao does not usually concern himself with.

He prefers Almond Tofu because it reminds him of the dreams he consumed. He dislikes other foods and cannot stomach them.


Xiao has dark medium-length hair with teal undertones, pale skin, and golden cat slit eyes. On his forehead is a small purple diamond, and his eyes have red makeup similar to Zhongli and Cloud Retainer. Xiao also has a green tattoo around his right arm.

Xiao wears a white sleeveless shirt with a black collar, dark purple pants, and dark purple boots. He wears black and dark turquoise gloves with gold decals and a necklace. Around his left arm, Xiao wears a white and gold sleeve with a red lining. He notably carries an Anemo vision on his left glove and is usually seen carrying his Yaksha mask on the back of his right hip.

Xiao's original Illuminated Beast form may be related to the Vedic deity Garuda, one of Xiao's character inspirations. Xiao is also known as the golden-winged king, though this form has yet to be seen in-game.[14]

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