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Nokia 6: Camera Tips for Better Photos

07/06/17 from

Christoph L├╝bben

The Nokia 6 is equipped with a main camera with a resolution of 16 MP. Thus, the smartphone offers a good basis for great photos. We'll tell you a few tricks with which you can take even more beautiful pictures.

Activate professional mode and set exposure

The Nokia 6 has a professional mode that gives you more control when taking photos. To activate this, you first have to open the smartphone's camera app. Then tap on the icon with the three horizontal lines and then on "Recording settings". Select "Manual" in the next menu.

The extended camera functions include manual adjustment of the exposure. Tap on the square icon with the plus and minus signs to make changes. The function is useful, for example, if you want to photograph a person or object in the shade in sunshine, but the automatic system keeps darkening the shaded area.

Take photos with a blur effect

You can also take photos with the so-called bokeh effect with the Nokia 6. It is a digital blurring effect that you can subsequently overlay images. To activate the corresponding mode, tap the "Live Bokeh" icon in the camera app. Now take a photo that you want to add a blur effect to. Then tap the recording at the bottom right and select the "Bokeh Editor". Now you can add the blur and adjust it as you like.

Recordings at night

Although the camera lens of the Nokia 6 is relatively bright with an aperture of f / 2.0, the sensor still reaches its limits in the dark. If you still want to take good photos at night, you should keep an eye on light sources such as street lamps. Among these, you can take portraits, for example, without sacrificing too much quality. Ideally, always look for some light: the darker it gets, the more the Nokia 6's sensor automatically compensates for it. The digital residual light amplification then reduces the image quality.

If you want to use the LED flash in the dark, you should keep in mind that only a small area is brightened. More distant details in the picture are probably no longer recognizable in the photo. With portraits, in the worst case, you have the people in the foreground, but no background at all.


  • For more control over the camera properties of the Nokia 6, open the camera app, tap on the symbol with the three horizontal lines and select the item "Manual" under "Recording settings"
  • In the camera interface, tap on the square symbol with the plus and minus signs to regulate the exposure by hand
  • You can give pictures a bokeh. Before taking a photo, tap the "Live Bokeh" icon in the camera app. Then snap the photo and then open it. Select the "Bokeh Editor" and add the blur effect
  • If you want to take photos in the dark, you should use light sources such as street lamps for good quality
  • Use the flash carefully: objects at a great distance may no longer be visible in the photo at night
  • The darker it is, the more the Nokia 6's camera sensor tries to compensate for this by increasing digital residual light. This means that you lose image quality