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caught, tortured and fried

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These have tried to mutiny against their leader Sonja and are punished with slow death
The next girl, a brunette with long, slightly wavy hair, was placed on a pile of dry and not-completely-dry wood. Her hands were tied behind her back and were now lashed to a stake in the middle of the pile of wood. Now her legs were spread wide and tied to two stakes in the ground. A guard took a torch and lit the wood between the girl's legs. The girl gave Sonja a hateful look but didn’t let a sound over her lips eat spaghetti? When the first flames licked her cunt. Since the wood between the girl's legs was drier, the fire initially only burned directly under the cunt. The pubic hair burned with a short flame and now gave an unobstructed view of the plump cunt with the spread labia. She felt the flames licking her labia and the exposed clit. Her juicy, plump cunt was roasted more and more. The flames tirelessly consumed the fat cunt, bubbles and liquid dripped hissing from the vagina into the fire, which now apparently began to boil. The girl didn't utter a sound, only her face, cramped with pain and tears running down, betrayed the infinite pain she suffered. Slowly the flames got bigger and now also roasted the firm tits. The tits, which were covered with more and more bubbles, slowly began to inflate, until a small crack appeared at the bottom and boiling fat ran out, which immediately caught fire and wrapped the tits in a ball of fire. Only then did the girl let out a terrible scream and passed out. The fire now completely enveloped the upper body.

The other three women stood there completely frightened, one of them had meanwhile pissed into her tight jeans. Now Sonja turned to her and said: "I know from you that you are not contaminated with chemicals or diseases, so you will help us to make up for our lack of meat!"
The horror was written on the women’s faces and the other two pissed in their tight jeans.
"The fact that you piss in is no longer of any use to you either, I think I'll like your pussies even better!" Sonja laughed scornfully.
In response to a hand gesture, the girls were now tied to three X-shaped crosses standing in a row in such a way that they could no longer move.
Now Sonja went up to them and grabbed one after the other between the legs. The first girl was Asian, the second was black, and the third was Latin.
"Yes, just as I thought, the Asian's cunt is the biggest," smiled Sonja, satisfied, "so I'll start with her."

She grabbed the Asian between the legs again and pressed harder and harder until tears ran from the girl's eyes. Now she took a knife and cut down the jeans, followed by the slip. Meanwhile a guard had brought a pot of boiling oil. Next to the pot was an oval ladle that was so big that it could easily grab a cunt. With a devilish grin, Sonja dipped the ladle into the boiling oil and approached the Asian girl's almost hairless cunt with the hot liquid. This uttered a suffocating plea for mercy, but Sonja ignored it and dipped her fat cunt in the hot oil. The typical sound that occurs during deep frying could be heard until the girl began to scream loudly in pain. She felt the hot oil in her splayed crevice, how it roasted her clitoris, how it penetrated her vagina, how it roasted her delicate inner labia and how her fleshy outer labia began to boil. Whenever the oil had cooled down, Sonja poured it back into the pot, refilled the ladle and continued. After about twenty minutes, she grabbed two fingers between the Asian woman's spread cunt and tore out one of the now crispy inner labia and ate it with relish.
"That piss in was really nice of you, it gives your cunt a good flavor." She laughed and tore out the other inner labia as well. Now she took the clitoris and slowly tore it out. The girl still had some feeling in her love pearl and screamed terribly as her clit was so slowly torn out.
“Very tasty!” Sonja grinned slowly, chewing, took a knife and inserted it into the girl's sheath. Now she slowly pulled it forward along the column to the beginning of the column, now bent to the side and led it backwards again on the outer edge of the left labia. The cut ended up in the vagina again and Sonja now completely loosened the left labia. Now she cut out the other labia as well.
“Those are the fillet pieces, I was especially looking forward to them!” She said with satisfaction.
The girl barely had the strength to scream and was now whimpering all the time. Sonja picked up the knife again and began to cut out the sheath. It took a while because she apparently had problems with the not too long knife to get the vagina off the uterus, but after a few minutes that was done and the Asian woman passed out.

"So, let's see who would like to be next? I promise you that I will prepare each cunt differently. Doesn't mean that I'm unimaginative! ”Sonja asked the other two terrified girls, still holding the vaginal canal in their blood-smeared hand.
The black woman began to piss in her jeans again in fear.
"Oh, I think it's great that you volunteer as the next one." Said Sonja with a demonic smile and looked at the wet, shiny fabric that covered the plump cunt of the black woman.
"Oh God no, please Sonja, please kill me first, please kill me first!" She pleaded with tears in her eyes.
"Oh, suddenly you're not that tough anymore, are you? Well, that's why I am the ruler here and not just anyone else. I stand by what I say and MY word IS law! So you should have thought about it beforehand, whether a mutiny against me might not be something stupid after all. I can't kill you beforehand, that wouldn't be a punishment. ”Sonja glared at the black woman and said with a relaxed tone:“ So let's get started. ”
She put the Asian girl's fuck tube on the pedestal next to the pot with the oil and washed her fingers in a bucket of water that a guard had brought her. Now she cut off the black's pants and panties too. A cleanly shaved cunt came out.
"Well, that's a plump cunt, shaved nice and smooth!" Soja said with satisfaction and ran her tongue between the spreading labia, played with the tip of the tongue briefly on the clitoris and said with a nasty grin: "It will be delicious!"
Sonja was brought something that at first looked like an iron cunt protector, only it had a dildo-like stick that looked inside. The stick was attached in such a way that it penetrated the vagina and fixed the steel cap in the shape of a cunt so that the girl's cunt was covered with it.
“Feel honored, you are worthwhile to me to use electrical equipment. A friend of mine developed this cunt roaster. ”Sonja remarked while she inserted the metal rod into the black woman's vagina.
"One of the crimes I'm here for now," she mumbled casually.
It actually looked as if the black woman was wearing a steel thong. Sonja connected the two thin cables that were hanging out of the cunt roaster to a regulator and grinned while she slowly opened it.
The black woman noticed how the initially cold metal slowly warmed up and got hotter and hotter. The dildo in her vagina began to vibrate, but at the same time it was getting warmer. Gradually the heat became more and more unbearable but the dildo still gave her sensual feelings so she began to moan and whimper. After a minute, in addition to the girl's whimpering, a faint hissing roast meat could be heard and light steam rose between the girl's legs. The cunt slime that ran out of her vagina into the roaster ensured that her cunt was cooked by its own juices.
"Well, that takes a while, I want your cunt cooked really well." With these words, Sonja turned to the Latin beauty.

"What is that?" Sonja was amused when she grabbed the Latino beauty between the legs. "You got horny? Do you like what you see?"
The girl's tanned face darkened a touch.
“You don't need to be ashamed, I think it's awesome too.” Sonja grinned and massaged the girl's cunt.
"But now enough of the pleasure." With the remark, she took her hand from the girl's cunt again and wiped the cunt slime on her hand that had oozed through the Latino beauty's jeans on a dry part of the girl's jeans.
Against she cut the jeans and the panties down with the knife. The thick, fleshy cunt, dripping with slime, glistened in the evening sun and the narrow strips of black pubic hair glistened.
Sonja ran her finger along the girl's wide crack and then licked the cunt slime from her fingertip.
“You are delicious!” Sonja exclaimed delightedly.
The girl smiled uncertainly and Sonja made an authoritative gesture. A guard brought a narrow, elongated cast-iron container with glowing coals in which was what at first glance looked like a poker rake that was a little too thick. Sonja took the glowing metal rod out of the coals and now you could see that the glowing part looked more like a male member.
"You know, I call it traditional grilling," she remarked and put the glowing steel tail back into the coals.
She now pushed the coals under the girl's cunt. The heat spread suddenly between the widely spread labia and the girl gave a startled squeak. The shimmering heat created small bubbles on the delicate skin of the labia and the cunt slime hissed and evaporated when it dripped into the embers. Whimpering softly, she felt her cunt being grilled.
After a quarter of an hour Sonja took the grill out from between the girl's legs, grabbed the glowing steel tail and slowly pushed it into the girl's vagina. The red-hot iron hissed into the scabbard and steam rose between the legs. The hissing was temporarily drowned out by the girl's scream. Sonja began to move the iron up and down slightly so that it would not stick to the scabbard. The glowing fuck almost made the girl lose her senses, but this grace was not granted to her. A guard splashed cold water on her face. After half a minute, Soy pulled the iron out of its sheath and put it back in the coals, which she immediately pushed back under the girl's cunt. This procedure was repeated ten times.

In between, Sonja had taken a look at Black's cunt and readjusted the temperature. After all, both women's cunts were done at the same time. Sonja took the cunt roast from the black and smelled the roasted cunt.
"Mmmmh, very tasty."
She picked up her knife again, set it above the mound and drove the blade into the partially half-cooked meat. Targeted and skillful, she began to separate the cunt out. The precise approach suggested that this was not the first time she had done this. It didn't take too long before she held the roasted, still slightly steaming cunt of the black woman in her hand and placed it on a tray that was handed to her.
Now she turned to the other girl. In the same precise way she separated the crispy grilled cunt of the Latin beauty and placed it next to the black cunt on the tray.
The two girls were still whimpering, but it was clear to see that they wouldn't hold out much longer.

“So my dear subjects, each of you may now cut out a piece of one of the three here. Who would like to start? "
Jennifer took the opportunity and answered immediately. Sonja handed her the knife and she went to the black woman. Checking she pressed the tight tits, then went to the Latina and also pressed her tight tits. Jennifer chose one of the blacks' tits, took the knife and slowly cut around the right breast. The girl whimpered again when Jennifer tore her chest down.
"Very impressive." Said Sonja appreciatively. "Anyone else?"
Little by little, one woman after the other took the knife up and cut a part out of one of the three girls' bodies. First it was the tits, then it went to the buttocks and thighs, finally their bellies were cut open. The black woman only died when her stomach was ripped open, while the Latina lost consciousness after removing her two tits.
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