Who was the most generous undercover boss?

"Undercover Boss": Employees make their boss round

On Monday evening, Lars Horstmann (44), CEO of EasyApotheken Holding AG, disguised as an intern Sven Voigt, faced the challenge of “Undercover Boss” on RTL.

There are 100 EasyApotheke locations in Germany, which together have an annual turnover of 220 million euros - but is the manager suitable for normal day-to-day business?

“Intern” Sven had to go to two branches, the dispatch center and the cosmetics department for the shipment.

But already in the first branch he can expect hard school from his employee Funda Walderich (48) when, in her opinion, he fails even in the simplest of activities.

At the beginning, “Prakti” Sven is supposed to fold bags and enclose flyers. The saleswoman: "It's a pretty easy task - actually no task at all!"

Horstmann's sweat flows down his face in torrents under his wig. This is also noticed by his superiors, who promptly asked their intern: “You are completely wet back there! We have a bathroom downstairs where you can wash yourself. "

Not a pleasant hint for those who suffer - if Ms. Walderich already knew that she was sitting across from her own boss ...

★ Who is actually the boss here? ★

While he was washing himself, Walderich took time to evaluate his performance. Your conclusion: Destructive! “Oh dear, failed!” - because he put the flyer upside down in the bags. When the freshly washed “intern” comes back, the second cold shower awaits him!

“As soon as the break is over, I already have a chicken to pluck with you,” the cashier says to the alleged young professional. "Out of ten points, you get ZERO from me!"

A huge blow for the CEO, who is then allowed to unpack and repack every single bag.

What happened in the Undercover Boss after this humiliation? - BILD asked.

Horstmann to BILD: “At first I had to swallow hard. The tone towards an intern on his first day was just not right. But I immediately noticed that Funda is fully committed and passionate about the job. I just got the fire because I didn't do the work the way it said it was. But it can also be done more diplomatically, and she will certainly work on that. "

Then the meeting of “Prakti” and saleswoman. When Horstmann reveals himself, Walderich is apparently aware of her missteps and accordingly embarrassed.

BILD revealed the "Undercover Boss": "In this situation I was looking forward to switching from the role of the unemployed gardener to that of the strict CEO!"

While Ms. Walderich sinks bright red in her chair, her boss gets serious and emphasizes: "Unfortunately, I didn't feel comfortable with you!" belong the bag - their hard-working instructions were also wrong.

Horstmann to BILD: "This time SHE had to swallow properly!"

Is she out of her job now? No, but Horstmann wants to steer her high level of motivation on the right track.

“We discussed the topic and gave her a seminar on leadership. She was really happy, because in the end she puts all her heart and soul into serving her customers - and I really appreciate that. We are still with you today and are in regular contact. "

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The next intern in the EasyApotheke will surely be spared a lot through this experience!