How to use Corsodyl Mint Mouthwash


What is Corsodyl?

The products of Corsodyl disinfect the oral cavity. The active ingredient chlorhexidine destroys the bacteria that are in the mouth and on the teeth. Corsodyl fights and prevents infections and promotes wound healing. This means, among other things, very suitable for preventing tooth decay and mouth infections when you brush your teeth, which is (temporarily) impossible.

Where is the product used?

Corsodyl kills 97% of the bacteria in the oral cavity. Dentists and kaak surgeons often recommend disinfecting the mouth with Corsodyl after a dental treatment (e.g. after a flapoperatie or pulling one). By using this mouthwash, the wound heals faster and prevents infection. In addition, the teeth are protected against the formation of cavities when brushing, is temporarily not recommended. Corsodyl can also be used on canker sores and other oral cavity infections.

How to use and dispense with Corsodyl?

Corsodyl is available in the following variants:

  • Corsodyl mouthwash: for disinfecting the oral cavity. Use the mouthwash after or instead of brushing your teeth. Rinse your mouth twice a day with 10 ml of liquid for 1 minute, or follow the doctor's instructions. Swallow the liquid and rinse your mouth with water. Do not eat or drink anything for 15 minutes after flushing. Do not use this product for more than 3 consecutive weeks without your doctor's advice.
  • Corsodyl breath spray: for treating specific locations in the oral cavity. Spray twice a day after brushing your teeth for up to 12 sprays directly onto the area to be treated.
  • Corsodyl Tandgel: very suitable for treating inflammation. The gel is used like toothpaste, but replaces regular toothpaste. Use the tandgel after brushing your teeth. Wait a while after brushing your teeth at least a quarter of an hour before brushing your teeth with Corsodyl tandgel. Use the tandgel twice a day for 15 days, or follow the doctor's instructions.

Make sure Corsodyl isn't in your eyes. However, rinse your eyes well with clean water. Read the leaflet before use.

Side effects

Corsodyl oral care products can cause brown stains that can appear on your teeth and tongue. Drink colored liquids like red wine, coffee, and tea to reinforce this side effect. The discoloration usually goes away after you stop using Corsodyl.
Other possible temporary side effects include a burning sensation on the tongue, a dry mouth, and a change in taste.

When can I not use this product?

Use the oral care products from Corsodyl if you are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients. The composition of Corsodyl is, read in the leaflet or on the package. Corsodyl is not suitable for young children.

Pregnancy / ability to drive / alcohol

Always use Corsodyl, consulting your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. No driving or alcohol warnings are to be used.