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(Hockey) games with the hockey stick

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What makes the hockey game interesting?

The hockey game is usually associated with ice hockey, more for men than women and it is sometimes very rough. But the fact that there is also grass, field hockey or indoor hockey is not so obvious to many. And the cliché that field hockey is only for men and bullies is not the case.

Ball control and skill in field hockey

Rather, hockey is a very fast, very movement-intensive game that places high demands on technique (ball control, pushing, stopping), tactics (attacking, defending, covering man or space, running free) and teamwork.

The educational and psychosocial aspects of playing hockey are concentrated here.

Dexterity, speed, responsiveness, gross and fine motor skills, tactics, teamwork, coordination, cooperation and stamina play a major role. In particular, the interaction that “communicates with one another”, the team spirit and fighting spirit promote social skills and allow people to experience social interaction in a very practical way. Lone fighters and bullies with physical exertion do not get very far in this game. Hence this game too very suitable for co-educational groups. In general, hockey as a team game is downright suitable for experiencing and experiencing community. It is also important for the individual to be able to integrate in the team, to endure criticism (in reflection rounds), but also to contribute with their own suggestions.

Field hockey game in the truest sense of the word

Many of these skills and aspects can of course also be found in other team games, but especially in hockey.

The following games are now less suitable for the development (technical and tactical exercises in sports lessons) to play hockey, but rather a collection of ideas, what can be done with 1-2 sets of hockey sticks. On the one hand, games that can be used very well for play stations (school festival, city festival, game street), on the other hand, games where the hockey game is played with each other and against each other.

More ideas for this new and young player category are of course very welcome.

Relay games, games of skill and competitive games with a hockey stick

  1. Target shooting with a hockey stick and a ball (or puck)

    • into a goal from 10 meters away
    • in a target field
    • Push the ball as close to the boards as possible
  2. Board hockey: like in billiards hitting the puck (ball) over the boards into a goal. The player shoots from a marker about 2 meters away from the board (wall or similar) at the board so that the ball then hits a target. There is one point for each hit. High shot: toss the ball (puck) from the floor into a basket or over a stretched net (e.g. tennis net). There is one point for each hit in the target.

  3. Baseball hockey: a puck is passed to the player who has to continue playing it to the next player without stopping. The next player stands at about 90 degrees to the previous player. How many player stations can the ball cover? Several things are required here. Shoot with feeling, accept skillfully and pass it on at the right angle.

  4. Rifle shooting: use the club to flick the puck so that it hits one on a can pyramid. The pyramid can stand on a base (wooden board, folded beer bench).

  5. Bowling: Use the club to shoot the puck at plastic cones about 5 meters away. There is one point for each fallen cone.

  6. Slalom run: 5-10 slalom poles or cones are set up on the ground. Now the player with the hockey stick has to guide the puck (ball) around the bars. No slalom obstacle may be left out. Who can do this the fastest? Ball control with a hockey stick is particularly in demand here.

  7. Stop ball: Another player plays the puck to his partner with the hockey stick, who tries to stop the puck with his stick.

  8. Relay hockey: As in the relay race, the puck must be played with the stick across the field to the opposing teammate. This stops the ball and starts back on the other side. Which team is the fastest?

  9. Ball free: each team tries to keep its own field free of balls and hits each ball back into the opposing field. Of course, you are not allowed to kick your foot.

  10. Balance: the hockey stick must be balanced on the palm of the hand. Which player can do this the longest?

  11. Hockey stick snake: all players line up one behind the other. With your right hand your own hockey stick is held back between your legs. The hockey stick is held by the person in front with the left hand. The last teammate has no bat. On command, this snake formation has to compete in a race without breaking apart.

Indoor hockey as a team game: attack, defense, man or space covering, ability to react and speed

Hockey - team games:

  1. 1: 1 match: As in housewife hockey, each player tries to push the puck into the opposing goal.

  2. 2: 2 match: Two children are always a team and now try to shoot the puck into the opposing goal. Here the two players have to agree on who will take over the attacking part and who will be the defending part.

  3. 4: 4 match: With a larger playing field, each team can then play with 4 or more players.

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