Pattex Stabilit Express binding instructions

Good Morning,
Your bad experiences with Uhu Plast are astonishing to me now. Are you sure that you had ABS to grasp and not possibly polystyrene? With Allplast you can do both quite well, but plastic is
downright made for ABS.

With the self-made ABS spatula, I also glue in entire wave systems. You should only make sure that the shaft system is supported as flat as possible at the hull opening.

As far as the use of epoxy resin is concerned ... of course, this is also my material of choice because, in conjunction with the corresponding fiber materials, it has so far provided unbeatable strengths. Indeed
it is a pure compromise in connection with ABS, because the two materials do not combine. For the same strength values, a pure ABS bond must be loosened when in use
a much larger adhesive surface can be achieved by epoxy and this is again at the expense of the weight. But especially with prototypical models, I also very often glue with epoxy because it is age-resistant
Epoxy is much better than ABS. The result is usually that at some point after twenty years only the epoxy bonds are left, while the ABS hull around it slowly crumbles away.

But I think that one should not forget that Kersten's original question also mentioned a small son and I would avoid epoxy as far as possible. That stays
namely still dangerous to health without the risk being directly perceptible. And how quickly unnoticed glue residues can be licked off your finger. You can't taste it, you can't smell it
and in the worst case it kills you anyway, because the stuff even hardens in stomach acid. I once experienced that one of the boys from my youth group slipped a piece of glue unnoticed into it
Wiped his eye. After three hours the eye watered only after about 12 hours the boy could no longer see clearly in the eye. The ophthalmologist managed to fix it, but it would
I don't necessarily speculate. The boy was 13 and had even been instructed in handling epoxy resin.
So I generally advocate: Epoxy resin systems do not belong in the hands of children!

Acetone is of course not exactly healthy either, but you can smell it very clearly and it drives every taste bud crazy, so that unnoticed ingestion is hardly possible.

I don't use superglue at all on ship models, because cyanoacrylate is highly hygroscopic, which means that it binds water and softens in it.