How long the white coat lasts on the roof

Chapter 25

I feel like I'm bursting with happiness and roll back and forth on the sofa. Finally I lie there with a quiet sigh and stare at the ceiling.

Suddenly Mate comes into the living room and stops next to me. “Nico is doing a lot better, but he should still rest. Everything OK with you?"

I nod and suppress a grin. "All the best."

Mate grins. "Super. Do you want to lie on the couch all afternoon? "

I shake my head and sit down.

At that moment the phone rings. Mate walks into the hallway and picks up the phone while I lie down again and stare happily at the ceiling.

"What?" Mate sounds horrified and I turn my head in his direction.

"Ok, okay!" He slams the phone back on and pulls me off the sofa. “You are being followed. We have to help them! ”Without explaining anything to me, he sprints out of the apartment, I quickly slip into my shoes and dive after them.

"What happened?" I ask, breathing heavily, as we sit in the black bus and Mate turns too quickly onto a bigger road.

“The group is being followed by the police. We have to help them, they have a pretty important job, ”Mate informs me briefly, while after a quick look in the rear-view mirror, he speeds up and overtakes. I think I can see the middle finger of the Mercedes driver, but Mate just ignores it.

“And how should we help them? Throw us in front of the police car? ”I struggle with the city map. "The next one on the left."

"Up there?"

"No Here!"

I feel the van slide and then lurch down the exit.

"We're almost there," I take from the card and fold it up again. "Is that so important."

"Yes. If we can't do that, we'll fly up. The group stole data from us from the police, ”says Mate through clenched teeth and rages over a traffic light when it is bright red. I've never seen him so tense. "If they don't do the job, you have to go back to the home!"

I look at him startled. My throat is getting dry. Nico would have to go to jail. Mate too. And me? I would come back to the home? It's out of the question!

"No!" I think and suddenly see the blue light. At that moment, Mate stops in a parking space that I haven't even seen and jumps out of the car.

“Mate wait!” I panic, I hastily fumbled open the seat belt and jumped after him.

A silver BMW rushes past us, then the police cars arrive some distance away.

I see Mate running out into the street, he has a frown on his forehead.

"Mate!" My legs run off by themselves, I get hold of his sleeve and he turns to me. His eyes widen when he registers that I am standing next to him.

"Liz, get off the street ..." I hear the shrill squeaking of the brakes, then Mate is hit by the first police car. I'm torn to the ground by the force. The impact robs me of my senses.

When I wake up, I just lie there for a moment with my eyes closed. I feel like I've dreamed something about cars, but I can't remember. I slowly open my eyes and see a white blanket. A white room. Confused, I straighten up and flinch slightly. My elbow is bandaged and so is my left hand.

Why am I in the hospital? At that moment I discover a young woman in a white coat who is standing next to me.

"You're awake. That's nice. What's your name?"

Something dawns on me. "Why am I here?" I avoid the question.

"You were in a car accident."

I rub my forehead. "How long have I been here?"

“About ten minutes. Luckily you got next to nothing, the man who was with you… ”She breaks off.

Mate! "What about him?" I look at her in horror. I remember again. To the chase. Mate ... when he ...

“He's going to be operated on at any moment,” the nurse explains sympathetically. She opens her mouth to say something else, but closes it again.

But I don't care. I jump up and slip under her when she tries to hold me.

“Wait, stop!” But I don't listen to her. I've probably never walked stairs so fast. My legs are starting to hurt, it's probably not just my elbow that has been damaged, but I jump down whole steps, follow the description and pull open the door to the operating room.

There! I see him lying on a lounger, motionless. He is being pushed towards the operating room.

Immediately I am with him and bend over him. He looks so fragile with the ventilation mask on.

"Mate, Mate, can you hear me?" My voice almost fails me.

"Hey, get away from there! This is an emergency! ”The doctors try to push me away, but I cling to the bed.

"Mate!" I feel the tears welling up in my eyes. I've never seen him so limp and pale. All life seems to have left him.

Finally the men manage to get me away from him, even though I scream and fight like crazy. I want him to open his eyes and look at me. Says everything is fine. That nothing happened to him.

At that moment the nurse appears and holds me while the couch and mate disappear into the room.

“Come on, we're going back. Everything will be fine, ”she tries to calm me down. But I don't listen to them, I run up and down.

“We can wait in your room. The doctors will let you know as soon as he wakes up. ”At a loss, she tries to pull me away again, but I avoid her.

Simply ignoring them, I pace back and forth in front of the operating room and don't even sit down. It feels like forever and I have to hold back my tears all the time.

Then the light jumps to green and a short moment later the door opens.