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Let me be brave

I decided it was time to share some of my favorite Whouffle stories and authors with you that you absolutely MUST read.

Everest, Of Adoration And Chaos and Nuclear Seasons all by frombluetored(All of these fics are absolutely amazing. Everest is just so heartbreaking and beautiful. CEO and COO AU, based on twelve and Clara. Nuclear Seasons, wonderful AU! John Smith had just about lost everything when nurse, Clara Oswald brings him back. Of Adoration and Chaos is probably the best story (including books) I've ever read. About The Doctor and Clara's lives and just the general reality of life. There's something about this story which will leave you feel like you've read something life -changing. If you haven't read these then you have no idea what you're missing out on).

A Life Without You and it's sequel A Home Here With You by C1araOswa1d(These stories are so good, as is all of this author’s work and her one-shots are well worth the reads! The Doctor leaves Clara and comes back years later, to find she has two children and has moved on with her life.)So The Stolen Time.(I have no words for this story. It's something so unique and completely devastating, but I would definitely read this! The Doctor and Clara become experiments * in a way, bad description *)

If Time Could Heal by Kosovaheartland(This is actually a Menna story but it's so good. It had twists and turns at every corner and with the most amazing storyline- God knows how anyone thought up such an amazing story. I'd be shocked if you haven't read ITCH yet, but this is a just in case.

The Other Has My Heart and the sequel, More Than You Know by D Veleniet(These stories are amazing and, like the others, are a MUST-read. Amazing author and brilliant fics! R the Doctor becomes human, Clara has to cope with the man that's been left behind.)

The IT Guy and the sequel Postcards From New York by Azkabella (This is an amazing AU based in an office. Great read. Won’t leave you disappointed!So souvenirwhich is making me emotional at all of it's updates recently! The Doctor survives Trenzalore and comes back years later to find Clara alone, with his son)

Damaged and the sequel Healing by ThePotterDoctor (This story is great if you need your fix of extreme heartbreak. University AU)

Violet Court by SteamPunkMagic(This mystical Whouffle AU is beyond words.It’s a dark and dangerous fairytale with a story that is a great read! If you’ve read anything like Stardust by Neil Gaiman, then this is definitely the fic for you!)

So Close To Me by TheSmexyDoctor(If you like Teacher-Student AUs, then this is perfect for you. Good bit of smut in there and a great story. Perfect guilty pleasure)

With Fragile Promises by CountingAllTheStars(After Trenzalore- the first time- fic. Just so beautiful and romantic and everything you will ever need in a Whouffle fic. Jyst read it because it's great.)

I've used the Author’s ff.net names because, although I’m aware that basically all of these people have tumblr, it was quicker for me to get their fanfiction names and I am really lazy today. : p

Hope this list is good- just read them because gah