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"Your package is on the way": Fraud SMS on a large scale

Status: 04/09/2021 11:24 a.m.

The police are warning of a widespread fraud: Countless Schleswig-Holstein residents have received SMS messages on their cell phones in the past few days. The sender: alleged parcel delivery service.

"Your package is on its way, please click on the following link to inquire about the status of your shipment". This or similar is the headline of the so-called phishing SMS that are currently arriving on smartphones at any time of the day or night. But no one should open this link, warns the police in Flensburg. "Otherwise the fraudsters will be able to fish your personal data, passwords or credit card numbers," the police report said.

Malware is being downloaded

The links usually consist of a ten-digit letter code and end with the character string duckdns.org. By clicking on the link, malware is downloaded that allows the fraudsters to remotely access the affected smartphone. According to the police, this can then trigger SMS or calls to expensive hotlines and steal data from the cell phone. The phishing e-mails can also be sent via e-mail, WhatsApp and other messenger providers, letters and telephone calls.

Fooled? Quickly on airplane mode

What to do if you've fallen for the scam First of all, the flight mode of the mobile phone should be switched on to cut all data connections. The consumer advice center Schleswig-Holstein recommends using a virus scanner to detect malware. The problem is that it is often very well hidden. Therefore, the passwords that are saved on the phone should be changed - on the PC and not on the mobile phone. According to the consumer advice center, the phone should then be reset to factory settings.

Police take reports

If you do online banking with your mobile phone, you should inform your bank to be on the safe side so that they can keep an eye on suspicious account movements. Overall, the following applies: ignore and delete SMS. If you want, you can inform the police. Dozens have already done this in Flensburg. The scam does not only occur in Schleswig-Holstein, but in many federal states.

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