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How do I create my timetable?

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The first point of reference for creating your own timetable is the study and examination regulations for your own subject or subjects. In this you will find an exemplary study plan that shows you a (non-mandatory) study plan. There you will also find descriptions of the individual modules that you have to complete in the course of your studies. Not sure what is behind modules? Find out more on the OSA page "Modules and credit points".

After you have found out which modules or which components of individual modules you would like to take in a semester, you can take a look at the course catalog. There you will find all courses that are offered in a semester and find out what content is covered, who is teaching the course, where and when it takes place. In some cases you have the option of choosing between different courses. The information shown in the course catalog forms the basis for this.

The courses are ultimately booked via Campus Management. On the OSA page "How do I register for courses?" you will find everything you need to know about campus management.