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Realtime or rendering? I can offer visualizations in 3ds Max, Maya aswell Unreal.
Realtime rendering

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Strong in modeling and a good eye for detail. Whether for architecture, games, film or advertising.


The RTX technology in combination with Unreal brings us new opportunities. Together with my partner, I offer visualization and development for XR devices.


Studied Compositing Artist in Nuke with over 5 years experience in film and advertising.

Matthias Schiemann

"In 2017 I had the chance to work with Hannes at Trixter on the feature film Jim Button and the engine driver, where he did some excellent environment modeling and sculpting work. He has a wide range of know-how across divisions of visualizations, film , and xr technologies. With more than 5 years of experience working professionally in the creative field, Hannes is a proficient CG artist, who always came up with efficient techniques and solutions for anything that came up. I can only highly recommend him as an artist and a great person to work with as well. He is friendly, helpful, proactive and reliable. "

Timor Kardum

"Highly recommended on demanding realtime jobs. Hannes created a photoreal racetrack environment and rendered a beautiful car with raytracing inside Unreal in record time."

David Baker
Technical Director at congaz Visual Media

I've worked with Hannes on a few jobs, and he has been a pleasure to be around. His skills in Nuke were the original reason we asked him to join us, and then we found out he is also a great modeller. Since then he's been one of our go-to people for both!

Michael Dohne
Compositing Supervisor at Trixter

Hannes is nothing if not a dedicated worker and strong creative collaborator. When working with Hannes, you truly get to experience a level of resourcefulness that brings a project to the next level. He is an accomplished visual effects artist, and brings that perspective of making the impossible possible to his creative endeavors. Hannes would be a welcome reinforcement to every team.

Maxim monastery

"I am working as a freelancer for software design and interaction. I am using Unity3D and UnrealEngine4 to create prototypes and proof of concepts. In my free time I do research of how we might play in the future and create based on this new concepts. "- Maxim Monastery

Matthias Schiemann

"In the past 5 years I have been working on numerous projects ranging from blockbuster feature films, documentaries & commercials to games or cg visualizations. Throughout these, my main duties include matchmove, advanced layout & integration strategies in general as well as photogrammetry based workflows or upcoming cg generalist tasks. "- Matthias Schiemann

I am an EU citizen based in Berlin and work as a freelance artist in the film, advertising and mobility industry. In the past I have worked on famous films like "JimButton and Luke the Engine Driver", or "Good Kill", as well as big shows, commercials and interactive real time applications. My specialization is digital visualization and includes modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, lookdev and composition. For my professional workflow I used 3D scanning methods and unreal to plan shots interactively with the client.

Early on I started composing in Photoshop, as well as modeling in 3ds Max. Through a two-year apprenticeship as a media designer at the BBS Neustadt I was able to build up a solid basic knowledge. With a subsequent study in “Digital Film Design” at the MD.H Berlin I got a comprehensive spectrum of knowledge in the fields of modeling, texturing, shading and compositing.

Since 2015 I have been working as a 3D generalist in the industry. I like variety and the opportunity to work through things from start to finish. It is my ambition to follow the complete development process of a pipeline and to get to know new techniques and possibilities.

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