133 149 iq means what

What does an IQ of 133 points mean for me?

You can take a group IQ test at the cafeteria for € 50. Advantage: It will be relatively serious. Disadvantage: You really only get the IQ, i.e. a number, and you do not receive any further information, e.g. where the focus of talent lies.


IQ tests with psychologists, which are accompanied by a more detailed result including an interpretation of the values, cost, as far as I know, between 200 and 300 €. You should only do something like this if you are very interested and have enough money. Always remember: the result could be different than what you wanted. What do you do then? Could you deal with not being gifted or even having deficits in one area?

On the other hand, you could use your result positively: Assume that you are gifted!

So you can learn math and physics etc.! Make an effort, do everything to meet your potential! Even if you weren't really gifted, the result would still have something good: It would have boosted your self-confidence and motivation and you might improve your grades.

Also remember that grades are not only achieved through intelligence, but also through discipline, successful learning strategies, active participation in teaching and learning (asking questions, thinking for yourself, etc.).

A good book by Martin Krengel is "top grade". Successful learning strategies and time management strategies are taught there.