How to make Gua Bao buns

Steamed Buns: Fluffy temptation: Bao Buns - Asian-style burgers

Pale face, airy consistency and a hearty taste - Bao Buns are the Asian version of a burger. This is how it works with the steamed buns.

© Getty Images / VankaD They are similar to steamed noodles, but are made hearty: Bao buns.

They have long been a force in the street food scene: Bao buns. The yeast particles look pale, but they are exceptionally fluffy because they are steamed rather than baked. If you take it seriously, they are not dissimilar to steamed noodles, but they are heartily prepared.

The best-known variant is "Gua Bao", which translates as pork belly rolls. The meat is placed in the bun along with spices and other ingredients such as kimchi and marinated vegetables. But that's just one of countless Asian-style burger variants.