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Ringing in the earCrackling in the ear: that's where it comes from, and here's what you can do about it

Scratching, cracking, or crackling in the ear can be really uncomfortable. Anyone who has heard this noise in their ears knows that. Fortunately, a crackling ear does not always mean an illness. Often there can be a completely harmless reason behind the cracking ear.

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Foreign objects can be a reason for crackling in the ear

Most of the time, the reason you hear a noise in your ear is because there is tension in the eardrum. This can be liquid or a hair. If that is the cause of a crackling ear, the ENT doctor can easily find out.


The jaw causes crackling in the ear

The jaw can also play a role if the ear crackles. Misalignment can be responsible for the noise. If no pollution or any other foreign object an oral surgeon may be able to help.

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Ear wax makes your ears crackle

But ear wax can also be a cause of crackling. Does it crackle when you swallow? Then ear wax is likely the culprit. Swallowing always means a change in pressure. This is blocked by the wax in the ears and so it comes to cracking in the ear.

In this case you can try to loosen the wax from the ear with the help of a special spray. The spray is available in the drugstore or pharmacy. Under no circumstances should you pick something in your ear. This causes the wax to clog the ear even more.

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Allergies trigger crackling in the ear

Lots of people react on taking medication with an allergy. For example, antibiotics can cause an allergic reaction in the external ear canal that triggers the crackling sound in the ear.


Crackling in the ear caused by a sore throat

The ear is anatomically connected to the throat. When the throat is sore and sore, the ear can often be affected. This inflammation can also cause crackling in the ear.


Self-test for crackling in the ear

If you are not sure whether it is just liquid or a foreign object like a hair in your ear, you can use a very simple self-test. Tilt your head to the side where the sound can be heard. Then rotate your head a little. If the crackling becomes a noise, then it is liquid. If you hold your head in this position for a longer period of time, the liquid will usually flow off by itself and the cracking in the ear will stop.

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Suspected tinnitus with chronic crackling in the ear

In the case of a chronic crackling in the ear for which other causes are excluded, the hardens Suspected tinnitus. But even that is no reason to despair. Because there are now numerous therapeutic approaches for tinnitus. Relaxation therapies or attempts with other sounds - superimposed on the tinnitus - show success for many sufferers. More information about tinnitus can be found here.

In order to clarify the chronic ringing in the ear, a visit to the ENT doctor is absolutely necessary.

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