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Songfic General / P16 / Gen
Naruto UzumakiSasuke Uchiha
It's about Sasuke and Naruto! Shonen ai! and includes the song here in your arms
HistoryMystery / P12 / Gen
What actually happens when you change the timeline? Naruto has to save the world again and travels through time and drips all sorts of things, he doesn't have much time to save the world ... (It would be better to read the other Naruto stories from me to understand some things better)
HistoryDrama / P12 / MaleSlash
Anko MitarashiHinata HyugaKakashi HatakeNaruto UzumakiSakura HarunoSasuke Uchiha
Continuation of Bloddy Valentine's Day (SasuSaku)
HistoryGeneral / P18 / MaleSlash
Anko MitarashiDeidaraHidanItachi UchihaKonanMadara Uchiha
Itachi, Hidan, Deidara, Madara, Konan, Pain and Anko live in a shared flat in Tokyo. Actually no problem, if it weren't for the sexual urges and complicated feelings that cause so many stresses ... While one is bursting with jealousy, the other just follows his inclination for fun and continues to lead a seemingly carefree single life . No wonder, then, that everything does not go smoothly ... especially when there are also private problems that would have been better left under the surface ... Ultimately, all people are the same ... even those who want to escape reality and therefore give in to the appearance that everything is okay ...
HistoryAdventure / P16 / MaleSlash
Naruto UzumakiNeji HyugaSasuke UchihaShikamaru Nara
Naruto entered a strange world that makes even less sense than the old one. what kind of adventures does he experience and which fairy tales is he confronted with? Pairings: Naru + Hina, Sasu + Saku, Shika + Tema, Neji + Teni
HistoryDrama / P6 / Gen
Naruto UzumakiSakura HarunoSasuke Uchiha
Too short to say much. Warning: Chara Death!
HistoryGeneral / P12 / Gen
Shikamaru has a headache and turns blue. What is Temari doing now? TemaXShika
StoryLove Story / P16 / Gen
Hinata HyugaNaruto UzumakiSakura HarunoSasuke UchihaShikamaru NaraTemari
so I changed my description ^^ .. What if your father sends you, together with your 2 little brothers, to a foreign city and you have to start from scratch? Temari has this problem and she is said to be the new one at the school in Konoha. But that's not enough, she falls in love with the friend of the school's top bitch .... how it is and what happens ... read for yourself ^^
StoryLove Story / P12 / Gen
Well what happens when Shikamaru is on the line and Temari is supposed to be quiet for 5 minutes ??? One-Shot TemaxShika for my friend Flamaragirl
HistoryGeneral / P16 / Gen
It's about a girl people call different. One day her father dies and she has to move in with her mother, whom she has never met. And as luck would have it, she is an Uchiha. You can read about everything else Ayumi (that's the name of the girl) xD And a pair will also emerge
StoryLove Story / P12 / Gen
OrochimaruSakura HarunoSasuke Uchiha
What happens when Sasuke comes back to Konoha after three years, in the hope that Sakura still loves him. But she doesn't want to know anything more about him, but the two of them are still sent on a mission together?
StoryLove Story / P6 / Gen
Hinata HyugaNaruto UzumakiSakura HarunoSasuke Uchiha
Sasuke, Sakura, Hinata and Naruto story Take a look, please * grin *
HistoryHumor / P6 / Gen
Akasuna no SasoriHidanItachi UchihaTobi
As the title suggests, it's about Tobi, who heads a mission in space. He and his crew (consisting of Sasori, Hidan and Itachi) are supposed to fly to a new planet. However, there are a few problems.
StoryLove Story / P12 / Gen
Ino Yamanaka Shikamaru NaraTemari
Shikamaru can hardly believe it. Temari lost a fight and was seriously injured in the process? And she's in a coma? He just can't believe that! That's not possible! | Continuation of Pain & Love; Main pairing: ShikaX ?, secondary pairings: GaaraXSaku, HinaXNaru, TentenXNeji
StoryLove Story / P18 / MaleSlash
DeidaraItachi UchihaSasuke UchihaYahiko / Pain
HidanXDei from the original romance will be a drama Unfortunately only read from chapter 3 beta ^^ °°
Songfic General / P16 / Gen
Naruto UzumakiSasuke Uchiha
It's about Sasus and Narus feelings Shonen ai * with de song don't speak of no doubt *
HistoryAdventure / P12 / Gen
So Kakashi is a date manager !!! his life goes like clockwork, a laborghini, expensive suits everything goes smoothly, if it weren't for the supposedly bad uncle! Who reads him unceremoniously into a secret agent now Kakashi is supposed to shadow and meet a dangerous killer while on his dark past ... PAUSED
StoryLove Story / P12 / Gen
Kakashi HatakeSakura HarunoSasuke Uchiha
It's about Sakura who has lost her father and is confined to a wheelchair in an accident. Her father wrote her a letter when he was still alive, which she is now receiving from her uncle.
HistoryAdventure, Friendship / P12 / Gen
Naruto's most mysterious adventure so far: He has a brother. Not only is he a lot more experienced and stronger than Naruto, but he is also characterized in a different way. But the longer Naruto's brother is there, the more questions arise about who his brother really is ... ... ... Questions about questions that even Jiraiya and Tsunade cannot answer in their conversations .. . ... ... But the truth is a lot more incomprehensible than initially assumed ...
StoryLove Story / P18 / MaleSlash
Naruto UzumakiSasuke Uchiha
Naruto loses control of Kyuubi and is imprisoned by his friends. Now Sasuke should bring him back to his senses.
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