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Astrology / Natal horoscope 04/25/1940 (April 25, 1940)

Planets in signs

The bull wants to preserve and increase his property. He remains loyal to the familiar. Practically and persistently, he copes with his tasks. He cannot make friends with surprising innovations. He likes to enjoy the lazy good life with a large portion of eroticism. When angry, he can be gripped by a violent temper.
The Sagittarius moon is very active and lively even in the early days. With a lot of optimism, he is not suspicious and thinks the world is smiling back. He needs admiration and recognition. He is also very generous and has many friends. You can upset him very much with injustices. When looking for a partner, he likes to venture out into the big wide world.
As a child, a person with this Mercury always wants to hear exciting stories full of adventure. When something gets boring, interest and focus immediately decrease. He also learns quickly at school if a varied offer is made. Later, real joy arises in quick-witted verbal battles. There is a tendency to make ill-considered judgments.
Sociable and charming, this Venus cultivates many friendships. Like a butterfly, she can move lightly from flower to flower. There can't be enough flirtations, but when it comes to love affairs, she also turns her mind on and acts carefully. Verbal exchange is just as important to her as kissing, which is why she flirts for hours on the phone.
With this position on Mars, a person is open to everything new. He is actively committed to ensuring that information is passed on. He's not very sensible by nature, but he thinks about his actions before acting too spontaneously. He keeps himself fit in the area of ​​brain teasers. With anger and aggression, he can be very hostile to his fellow human beings with strong and indecent words.
Personal freedom and assertiveness are very important to a person with this Jupiter sign. He can bravely plunge into the fray of everyday life and does not allow himself to be dissuaded from his plan by minor injuries. In the worst case, this can lead to a waste of energy. He fights for helpless and weak people and animals who cannot defend themselves.
With Saturn in Taurus, a person grows up with a lack of self-esteem. As a child he feels that he is not worth the mother or father encouraging him, e. B. with tennis or ballet lessons. The feeling arises, "I can work as hard as I want, it makes no sense". People look for a substitute, eat a lot of sweet things, get the title "lazy and voracious". If he discovers his self-worth, however, he no longer needs substitute gratifications.
With a strong drive for financial independence, a person with Uranus in Taurus is very resourceful and resourceful for making money. He earns his capital in an unusual way and spends it again in an equally unconventional way. His account balances fluctuate a lot, as he sometimes tackles the nest egg in his spontaneity. Contracts are not expressly binding on him.
In the field of healing, a person with this planetary position has great talents. He has a keen sense for other people's physical and psychological problems. He himself has great empathy and is less able to differentiate himself from others. He is often in fragile health and struggles with diseases that cannot be accurately diagnosed.
The passionate talent for play turns a person with Pluto in Leo into a gifted actor. Performances in the spotlight of a stage or of life are the elixir of life for him. You watch him and his metamorphosis with fascination. When he plays, he goes all out and plays for all or nothing. If he loves, then also with skin and hair, which can lead to dangerous entanglements.
A force operating from deep within your spiritual heritage rebels against the validity of dreams. This can cause you to suddenly and radically turn away from something that was previously your professional devotion. However, you do not find any rational explanation for this, but instead completely question the principle of unity per se. Deep down and inexpressible you feel this truth: It doesn't matter whether you dissolve what separates you or not - it has no meaning. With the same intensity, however, you can turn back to what has been rejected - or you develop new fantasies in your work, which will meet the same fate. In today's professional life, however, such behavior is hardly understood. It can happen to you by becoming implausible. Or maybe you hide all these feelings and the confusion goes unnoticed inside you. However, this all announces to you that you need to pay more attention to your feminine strength. This side of you penetrates wholeness and wants to cancel out differences. It denies the justification of truths and sets a secret against it. In order to be able to counter the tendency towards teamwork, collegiality and partnership, which is not only prevalent in the labor market, you have to lose your fear of this secret. For this you should first create a space in your soul for this secret so that these sensitive disturbances do not hit your professional life too hard.
They don't like to be alone and can easily feel lonely. Your sore point is touched when you feel that people who have become dear to you are no longer taking care of you as intensely as before. You are very sensitive to the suffering of others because they touch a deeply hidden sadness in you. You may be overriding the emotional needs of others, but you will get sick yourself at times when you feel neglected and pampered. Changeable and changed living situations and family-related discontinuities trigger an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. Stomach problems, nutritional problems and also disturbances of the fluid balance or eye diseases could indicate that you are suffering from the coldness of a personal relationship. People like to lean on you because they find protection and security, comfort and good advice in you. You have a lot of understanding for other people because you can empathize with their problems. However, you yourself seldom have the feeling that you can handle your own needs in such comfort and patience. But you instinctively know what others need and how to get it. Through the suffering of others, you get closer and closer to your need for physical closeness.
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Conjunction Sun - Saturn
In this aspect, joie de vivre and seriousness meet. In the first half of our life we ​​experience the Saturnian forces mostly as an inhibition; one feels blocked in one's self-confidence. This not infrequently leads to the fact that one finally works hard on one's personality development and thus, with increasing age, finally matures into a mindful authority. People with a Sun-Saturn conjunction often experience their wealth of creation as an obligation. Behind this is a great sense of responsibility for one's own spiritual growth. After all, you can only present yourself when you really have something to offer - that's your own opinion. This is expressed by the internalized motto “work first, then enjoyment”. Inwardly, people with this aspect know that they can (or could) use Saturn as an advisory body for their own goals in life. You know “the old wise man” or “the old wise woman” who makes recommendations beyond the mainstream and rejects the superficial culture of fun. Fortunately, most people with a Sun-Saturn conjunction also feel good about this figure of the old wise man (s). It turns out that they take responsibility for their fate especially when they allow this voice. It is less about practicing concentration on the essentials. Because actually you have already mastered this skill perfectly. Rather, not preventing this quality is in the foreground. In short: to develop awareness (sun) for one's own natural authority (Saturn) and thus illuminate the - apparent - compulsions (Saturn) with one's own sun. Saturn needs resistance. Those who know how to master this creatively can work their way from the experience of renunciation of the ego to strength of the ego with a Saturn-Sun conjunction. Continuously and with a clear goal in mind. Here we go!
In fact, it is believed that self-esteem and the satisfaction of individual needs go hand in hand. However, this is not necessarily the case with a Venus-Moon opposition. On the contrary: people with this aspect often feel a contradiction between their desire for security and their self-love. Although the opposition is a so-called "hard" aspect, this contradiction is not brutal. Because the two female planets of our personality are connected to one another. Both have a basic need for peace and a striving for harmony. Rather, it is to be expected that emotional needs for security, cuddling, cared for and nourished look for satisfaction in a roundabout way - for example through increased consumption of sweets or excessive conventional politeness (sometimes even with a moral component). Other people may describe you as moody or unbalanced. The more you connect your sense of beauty with your emotional concern, the less you will receive such feedback. If you are interested in the interplay of feeling and form (e.g. color psychology), you already have a good basis for combining all the positive forces of this Venus-Moon opposition. This aspect is based on the ability to be warm-hearted in contact with oneself. You are, so to speak, able to empathize with yourself in order to then deduce what gives you pleasure and pleasure.
Congratulations! They are full of ideals and optimism (at least unless other parts of the horoscope strongly oppose it). You can get other people carried away and win them over. It is not surprising that many popular and famous people have a Jupiter-Moon trine in their natal charts, including Geraldine Chaplin, Marlon Brando, Prince Charles, Benjamin Britten, Dustin Hoffmann, Jack Nicholson, Richard Burton, Sophia Loren, James Dean, Christopher Lee, Agatha Christie, Karl May, Umberto Eco, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Oskar Adler, Anne Bancroft, Francis Coppola, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, John F. Kennedy, Giscard D'Estaing, Joseph Campbell, Claire Bretecher, George Gershwin, Modest Moussorgsky, Hans Joachim Kulenkampff, Neil Young, Paula Modersohn-Becker and Peter Paul Rubens. You are endowed with an inner faith that will help you to get through the troughs. They are expectant, generous and dreamy without appearing distant from life. You can use your fertile imagination in many areas; but above all where higher values ​​and noble goals are at stake. In this way you set positive accents for the common good, even if you then like to leave the design of the details to others.
You may not always have a clear understanding of what to rely on. Emotional fickleness is the order of the day. It is not uncommon for this to be related to a child's experience in which your mother was unable to provide you with any real support. Perhaps your mother was absent or herself unstable and lacking clarity and assertiveness. Sometimes a mother will cling to the little child, oversupplying them, and seeming to drown them in love. The subliminal message is then: "Do not leave me". The natural process of cutting the umbilical cord is made more difficult by such holding on and is usually associated with feelings of guilt in the child / adolescent. It often takes us some time to understand that our own adult, fulfilling lives come with breakups. As much as we want paradise on earth and longing for a merging with other people, we know that we can only overcome the limits of ourselves if we know these limits. The development of a mental peculiarity is sometimes perceived as stressful with a Neptune-Moon-Square. Fear of failure or of losing touch with yourself can also play a role. However, excuses that promise relief do not bring real salvation. Rather, it is important to be gentle and sensitive with yourself and slowly develop an ear for your inner needs. Dreams are a good indicator of what is going on in your soul and psyche. They indicate what you really need. Sometimes a preoccupation with the body is also advisable; be it a quiet sport (e.g. swimming), pleasant touch (e.g. massage) or therapeutic tension relief (e.g. rebalancing). In this way, in contact with yourself, you have a wealth of experience, knowledge and emotions at your disposal that will be helpful to you in all situations. Where metaphysical and everyday things previously got in each other's way, you now combine the extraordinary with everyday life and recognize big connections in small details.
You can convince other people - and consequently also rubbish them. Be careful with this natural talent and be fair. Mars is definitely an honest fighter, but Mercury also allows itself to bend the truth in its favor now and then. As Richard Nixon said in connection with the Watergate spying affair: “I didn't lie. I only said things that later turned out to be untrue ”. You can show off your talent for persuasion, for example, in trade and sales. But also wherever contacts are made and there is a lot of movement involved. A sextile between Mars and Mercury also indicates entrepreneurship. You implement your ideas and deal with problems as quickly and directly as possible. Your ability to analyze quickly and observe closely will support you in this.
Venus symbolizes (not only) the feminine side in us in astrology, Mars the masculine. When the two planets are conjunct, as is the case in your natal chart, these polarities complement each other; or get in each other's way. In this case, for example, you can have the feeling that you do not need an addition, since both sides have already entered into a connection within yourself. The activity is then somewhat reduced to the detriment of the need to experience sensual encounters. On the other hand, this ambivalence could lead to love adventures that are characterized by a special mixture of opposites. Relationships characterized by feelings of love-hatefulness are common. You may also ask yourself to what extent you appear masculine or feminine, regardless of your gender. Most of the time, you don't feel like you belong to your own gender, because you also know and appreciate the other qualities in yourself. Both planets embody I-strong principles, and so it is often noticeable that clear impulses emanate from people with this conjunction in the natal chart. You can commit yourself and your self-worth, get down to business quickly without being too brutal and assert yourself diplomatically without losing face. It is often noticeable that they can assert themselves - it is only at second glance that an outsider perceives the ability to devote himself and passivity. Aesthetics also play an important role in this context. You are, so to speak, a master of the “beautiful fight”. Alone is not good for you. You need contacts to make yourself feel alive. You may also enjoy measuring yourself against other people. You try to satisfy your desires spontaneously and are ready to invest a lot of energy in them.Depending on the sign of the zodiac in which this combination of planets is to be found, one or the other planet could be strengthened, which shifts the balance of forces; the same applies if one of the two planets is retrograde. I will be happy to answer detailed questions of this kind in a personal conversation. Just contact me by email or phone.
You have high demands on love. It is almost sacred to them - you want to have many of your longings in relationships and partnerships fulfilled. This could result in a tendency to want to sacrifice oneself in love affairs or to go blindly into a relationship in which one is then disappointed. Your own romantic illusions were then so strong that you could no longer properly classify reality. Your high sensitivity can lead to the fact that you perceive pain and suffering that do not really belong to you. This is how you feel other people's discomfort without being able to resolve or heal it. This condition is unsatisfactory in the long run and distracts you from your real needs. As a result, you may seek to avoid contact with too many people. Problems related to financial matters are also conceivable. These then express themselves in such a way that you always find it difficult to hold onto property and wealth and they seem to slip through your fingers without your doing anything. On the other hand, you may have already had the experience that unexpected sources of money open up and you don't really have to worry about your material future. Trust it. For clarification, learn about spiritual or religious experiences. In order to use the high sensitivity described above in a positive way, it is recommended to deal with topics of faith. But it is less about theoretical discussion than about direct feeling and experiencing. Ultimately, it doesn't matter which belief system you turn to - whether Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, shamanism ... you have the ability to experience spirit.
This combination of planets is a so-called generation aspect. It is active over a longer period of time and characterizes less the individuality of a person, but more a collective sense of time. The last Uranus-Neptune trine took place between 1939 and 1943. This combination of planets can only be found in your natal chart if you were born during this period. People who belong to the generation with a Uranus-Neptune trine in the natal chart usually find it easy to formulate their wishes and ideals (unless individual Horsokop factors prevent this). They have an inkling of future developments and, as a rule, they have confidence in the future. In any case, it is important to consider the entire horoscope. A trine that connects these two so-called “super-personal” planets does not necessarily have to be clearly experienced and felt.
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