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Sport-Thieme dance sack

Product ratings from our shops:

Susanne :

The dance bags were for our grandchildren (5 and 8) - they came in time for Christmas 2020, the material is very pleasant, there is no smell, the zipper can also be opened from the inside and - most importantly, 'the children love these sacks (they are, however, very musical and active children;)). The price is not exactly low, but justified for the quality. Kind regards

Maria :

I bambini non escono più da questo sacco

Ralf :

Very well suited for school theater Years ago, in the literature on school theater, I came across the suggestion to use dance bags as a design element. But there it was also said that these sacks were very expensive. The other day I remembered that and I found it here. Admittedly, these things are not dirt cheap either, but they are obviously made of durable material, the closure is easy to use and the use works. Time will tell if this was a permanent purchase.

Lioba :

Dance bags

Regina :

The dance bag served my daughter as a monster in a short film.

Winfried :

Great dance bags! Fast delivery, beautiful colors, great design

Caroline :

good product

Franziska :

Unfortunately, the zipper broke after being used three times. The idea of ​​the dance bag is brilliantly good. My grandson (years) played very happily indoors. Unfortunately, he always needs help getting dressed, a child cannot do that alone. We'll exchange it, I hope it works, and it will last longer and be as much fun as it promised at the beginning.

Reply from Sport-Thieme team:
We regret that you have cause for complaint and will contact you directly. Under certain circumstances, we can save you the trouble of returning the goods.

Birgit :

The description of the product fits, comfortable material, robust, everything is good

Sonja :

Dance sack for a group performance In the case of a dance sack, the latch at the end of the zipper was not sewn shut enough and the slider could be pulled out. Handling the best way to get in and out of the dance bag gets better with every practice and is practical thanks to the double zip slider. The effect of the dance bag in the group performance is really cool.

Ingeborg :

Universally and flexibly usable items. Motivates children to move around without being shy. Brings a lot of fun and relaxation. However, the Velcro fasteners are not as good as they can cause thread pulls in the fabric. Zippers are better.

Heike :

The dance bag is also a great idea for carnival

Susanne :

All-round successful product The sack feels very pleasant on the skin. The seams are very tear-resistant and well made. The sack can be used for different areas of application and therefore has a high level of functionality.

Edith :

Dance sack, especially good quality for children, hard-wearing, fun to move around in.

Daniela :

The great dance bags are of great quality and really worth their price. =) Great for use with children but also with adults.

Brunhilde :

The dance bags offer pupils the opportunity to work in the area of ​​body work without having to be too exposed, as they are covered in fabric. Very suitable for working with young people. A dance bag showed holes in the fabric after just a few uses.

Rita :

It would be good if he were there The blue dance bag has not yet been delivered! If he were there, he would be good. The other four are of good quality and have been used in class with a lot of fun.

Angelica :

The best! This red is really great! And also features functionality and quality as announced. I like to work with this material, always an experience and a feast for the eyes!

Angelica :

Good article Like all dance bags, they have good functionality thanks to their easy on and off. Easy to close Velcro fastener. Personally, I don't like the color that much, there are stronger shades of green.

Angelica :

Very good! A subtle yellow that still doesn't reveal the inside color of the user.

Angelica :

Wonderful! Man is full of wonder in this dance bag. Completely new movements are tried out, being invisible to others and being able to see for oneself enables a new field of experimentation.

Cornelia :

The dance bags look great and are very breathable. Excellent for a demonstration - including Mardi Gras. Unfortunately, there are problems with the Velcro fastener: the fabric keeps clinging to it when the sack is put on or taken off. That gives unsightly lint and sometimes holes. You should tape off the Velcro for rehearsals! It's a shame actually ... - because the price is already pretty high!

Marion :

Educationally valuable - but soon full of holes! The dance bags are received very enthusiastically in class, but the first holes show up after a short time!

Karla :

Very motivating for children and young people, also in school as an introduction to performing games, as inhibitions in front of an audience disappear in the dance bags.

Catherine :

unfortunately a very bad processing - and at this price !!! the dance bags are actually great! i have ordered 8 pieces for girls aged 9-10 years. i now rehearse weekly for a school performance. i had ordered the bags in size L, so for children aged 6-12 years. unfortunately the seams loosen extremely !!! and that after only 4 rehearsals until now. I find that more than annoying. because now I have to sew. and that at 50 euros per piece. otherwise the dance bags are really crazy and a good idea. but i am very dissatisfied and disappointed with the quality. because the girls move normally and not wildly in the dance bags.

Reply from Sport-Thieme team:
Our customer service will take care of the problem.

Nina :

Dance bag all the best!

Christoph :

The dance bags always give children a lot of joy. The first lesson goes by itself, as the children need it to get used to the bags and can simply move around freely. The concealment in the dance bag in particular awakens astonishing creativity. The bags themselves are a bit sensitive to the Velcro and fluff out a bit.

Sophie :

4Il y a de petits trous près de la couture

Reply from Sport-Thieme team:
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