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Genshin Impact: “Hard to reach places” - How to remove the remains of flowers

In the case of the festival anecdotes in Genshin Impact, the job “Hard to reach places” can be accepted, in which one has to remove remains of flowers from roofs.

While that Windflower Festival continues, there is no shortage of tasks and activities for Genshin Impact players to complete. Also at this festival there are some citizens of Lunar City who urgently need the traveler's help.

As in previous limited-time event updates, Genshin Impact's Windflower Festival includes several unique world quests that can be completed, called "Festival anecdotes". These main promotions are released in groups of three every other day and offer various profitable rewards when completed.

To complete the quest "Hard to reach places"To unlock, you must first complete the introductory quest of the Wind Flower Festival"Poem of flowers and clouds" to lock. After unlocking the task you have to join Armis speak, which is located near the Cathedral of Lunar City, on the edge of the plaza, and needs the traveler's help in cleaning up the remains of flowers caused by the decorations of the festival.

In order to successfully remove the remains of flowers in the various places in Mondstadt, you have to get one Anemo character Use (wind) in his group and use his elementary skills on the remains of flowers. Anemo characters include: Jean Venti, Sucrose, and Xiao.

If you don't have any of the above characters on your team, you can still remove the remains of flowers with the traveler himself by switching his element to anemo.

To complete the quest, the remains must be removed from three places on the rooftops of Moon City. The first and third locations contain three flower scraps while the second contains four. After all the debris has been removed, Paimon points out that somewhere on the castle wall, they hear the sound of a cat noticed that they should go after. To find the stray cat, one must go around the watchtower and find the cat on the opposite side.

After the cat has been found, you return to Aramis to complete the quest and receive 20 Primeval Rocks, 2 One Hero's Wisdom and 20,000 Mora.