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Dine with friends / drink Butterbeer

With a new update, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery gives you the opportunity to dine with your friends in the Great Hall every few hours. During these meals with friends, they will ask you questions. If you answer them correctly, you will collect points to ultimately increase your friendship level. The same goes for a warm butterbeer in Hogsmeade if you're already in year 3. We collect the answers for you.

When you decide to have a nice chat with your friends is up to you. Please note, however, that you can only hold the conversations every 6 hours (1st / 2nd year), 10 hours (from 3rd year) or every 16 hours (Koboldstein). Dine with friends every 6 hours, Butterbeer only every 16 hours. Gobstein - also known by the name - Koboldstein can only be played every 16 hours. We collect the answers for you here: Click me. The questions and answers about having dinner with friends and Butterbeer in Hogsmeade can be found right here. (See below.)

Which friend you take with you to the activities is up to you. In our experience, Gobstein brings more experience points in the friendship bar. So you should take someone with you to eat who needs few points to reach the next level. If you reach a friendship level, you will receive either gems or some energy as a reward (5-10 points, can exceed the energy limit).

Eating and drinking are completely voluntary. But in the course of the chapters it often happens that you see this symbol with a number in it at some options. Unfortunately, it doesn't say whether this is the friendship level of Rowan, Ben, Penny or who actually is. This can usually only be seen from the context. But now it is already too late, because now increasing the friendship level of this friend is no longer possible. So take your time and increase the friendship level with a few or your dearest friends, so that you can always choose the one that best suits you from all the options.

You can decide which friend you will share a meal with or have a drink with. The questions overlap with the food and the butterbeer, so it is easiest if you search for your corresponding question with the search function, as we all group together under the name of the respective friend. Everyone has their own questions for you that are meant to show how well you know them. Difficult, because you have not been able to find all the answers from previous conversations, so you either have to guess or look at the following table, which we are gradually adding:

Rowan Khanna [edit | Edit source]

Rowan has two topics that he / she would like to talk to us about, either Dumbledore or our first year of school.

friend question answer
Complete Rowan's Dumbledore Quiz! (Eat)
Describe Dumbledore's wand ... - It has the tail hair of a thestral as its core - It is the elder wand.
What year was he born? 1881.
What are Dumbledore's hobbies? - Ten-pin bowling - Chamber music.
What was his title? - Very big animal. - Head boy.
Who is his pet Fawkes.
What's Dumbledore's title? Principal.
Where does his brother work? Eberkopf pub.
Where was Dumbledore born? Mold-on-the-wold.
What is he best known for? Defeat Grindelwald.
Our first year of school
What did we buy after we met? Dress.
What exploded in your cauldron? Powder.
What is my favorite game Leprechaun Stone.
What was the first spell we learned? Lumos.
What was our first potion? Healing potion for boils.
What was our second potion? Mega power potion.
What was our first lesson? Magic art.
What was our second lesson? Potions.
Who is my favorite teacher? Dumbledore.
Where did we meet? Diagon Alley.
Where was our first broom flying lesson? Training ground.
Leprechaun Stone
What do I miss the most? family
The farm was so beautiful ... You can learn more here.
There were so many living things there ... Bowtruckles?
The trees on our farm were the best .. Wands.
which tree do I miss the most? Hawthorn
How do I not be so homesick? Read more books
I miss my family so much ... Write you a letter
Sphinx Club Quiz
Name a former headmaster Dexter Fortescue
When was Hogwarts founded? Around 990
Which founder left Hogwarts? Salazar Slytherin
What is the school song called? Hogwarts, warthog Hogwarts
What is the motto of our school? Never tickle a sleeping dragon.
Who put a spell on the talking hat? All four of the original founders.
What is the tallest tower at Hogwarts? The astronomy tower.
Who put a spell on the Sorting Hat? All four of the original founders.

Ben Copper Edit source]

Ben has two subjects he wants to ask us questions about - fears and his preferences.

friend question answer
Show how well you know Ben's fears! (Eat)
Which teacher am I most afraid of? Snape.
Which place am I most afraid of? Azkaban.
Which joke article am I most afraid of? Fang-toothed frisbee.
Which student am I most afraid of? Merula.
Which animal am I most afraid of? Acromantula.
Which potion am I most afraid of? Weedosoros.
Which spell am I most afraid of? Avada Kedabra.
Show how well you know Ben's preferences! (Eat)
Which class am I best in? Magic art.
Why does Hogwarts scare me so much? You come from a Muggle family.
What is my favorite food Crisps.
What is my favorite holiday? Christmas.
What is my favorite drink? Butterbeer.
What is my favorite pet Toad.
What is my favorite animal being? Cuddly muff.
What's my favorite candy? Syrup candies.
Who intimidated me? Merula.
Who is my favorite classmate? I.
Show how well you know Ben!
Who is my Head of House? Professor McGonagall.
Where do I like to hide? The artifact room.
Make Ben nervous to win a game of Kobold Stone! We should join the Koboldstein Club ... We should join the Death Eaters.

Penny Haywood [edit | Edit source]

Penny asks us about potions and so far 2 answers have always been correct, and about herself and the gossip from Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Gossip -What's Hagrid's Secret? He holds dangerous creatures - who is Mr. Filch's favorite? Mrs. Norris -Why does everyone say you're crazy? Because of the haunted dungeons. -Why is Merula so mean? Your parents are in Azkaban.
friend question answer
Take Penny's Potions Quiz! (Eat)
What is Doxycide made of? Federal Immune Secretariat. Dragon liver.
What is a healing potion for boils made of? Snake teeth. Whelks.
What is a shrink potion made of? Powdered rat spleen. Shriveled fig.
What is a Polyjuice Potion made of? River grass. Knotweed.
What is a watch potion made of? Standard Ingredients. Wolfroot.
What does the Schwell solution consist of? Dried nettles. Puffer eyes.
What is forgetfulness potion made of? Valerian branches. Lethe river water.
Penny Haywood
What is my favorite lesson? Potions.
Who is my Head of House? Professor Sprout.
Who is my favorite Hufflepuff? Professor Sprout.
What's my family name? Haywood.
We met for the first time after you had a duel against ... Merula.
Where did we meet? West towers.
What am I known for? Be good at potions.
Hippogriff Club Quiz
When do roses bloom? six to eight weeks
What plant is seaweed related to? Seaweed
Which plant is non-toxic? Mallow herb
How should hellebore feel? tough and leathery
When should i plant ginger roots? Beginning of spring
Does the tormentil need scaffolding? Yes
Where does sage grow? Indoor and outdoor

Bill Weasley [edit | Edit source]

Bill asks us questions about his Gryffindor house, our first year at Hogwarts, and himself.

friend question answer
Take Bill's Gryffindor Quiz! (Eat)
What do you associate with us? Bravery.
What does our house coat of arms show? A lion.
Who is a famous Gryffindor? James Potter. / Sirius Black.
Who is our house spirit? Almost headless Nick.
Who is our Head of House? Professor McGonagall.
Who was our founder? Godric Gryffindor.
Where is our common room? The Gryffindor Tower.
Tell Bill about your first year at Hogwarts! (Eat)
Who gave you house points? Flitwick. / Dumbledore.
Who was your first enemy? Merula.
Who was your first boyfriend / girlfriend here? Rowan.
How did you get away from Mrs. Norris? With a sleeping pill.
How did you find the cursed ice cream? I followed Snape and Filch.
Where did you duel with Merula? The courtyard from the bell tower.
Where would you go in Diagon Alley? Ollivanders. / Flourish & Blotts.
Where did we meet? Training ground
Show how well you know Bill! (Beer)
What is my aim? To become a curse breaker.
Where do I live? In the burrow.
Who is my Head of House? Professor McGonagall.
What's my family name? Weasley.
How many siblings do I have? Six.
Where did we meet? The training ground.
Where does my father work? Ministry of Magic.
Distract Bill to win a game of Kobold Stone!
What's the best way to learn? Teach someone else.
Who else can you learn from? From every player I face.
What is a defeat? An opportunity to get better.
Dragon club quiz
Sir Cadogan needs your help! I answer Sir Cadogan's call!
Are you bringing a niffler? Yeah, maybe I'll find a treasure
Are you entering the cursed grave? Come on, I'm not afraid!
How do you defeat the dragon By pure willpower!
Watch out, a trap! I'll defuse them in time!
A manticore is blocking your way ... I come up with a battle plan!
A troll is attacking you, how are you acting? I attack the legs!

Nymphadora Tonks [edit | Edit source]

Nymphadora wants to talk about Filch.

friend question answer
Take Tonks Filch Quiz! (Eat)
What does he keep in his office? Tie up. / Fireworks.
What is Filch's title? Facility manager.
Who does Filch hate the most? Peeves.
Who is Filch's favorite? Mrs. Norris.
Before Filch, who was the caretaker? Apollyon Pringle. / Rancorous Carpe.
What is the name of Filch's cat? Mrs. Norris.
Where does he spend his vacation? He doesn't do that.
Tell Tonks about your sophomore year at Hogwarts! (Beer)
What do you find with Revelio? A secret staircase.
What cool potions did you learn? Swell solution. / Strengthening potion.
What clue did you find? A transformed black quill pen. / Footprints in the forbidden corridor.
Where did you sneak in? Another house's common room.
What guarded the haunted dungeons? An ice ride / an enchanted door
Solve Tonks' stealth quiz! (Goblin stone)
How can you change memories? Obliviate
What spell can hide items? Camouflage magic
How do you become a Metamorphmagus? This is how you are born.
Which magic potion disguises you? Polyjuice Potion
What spell can make hidden objects visible? Revelio
Nymphadora Tonk's other subject
What cool spells did you learn? Incendio./Revelio.
What guarded the haunted dungeons? An ice knight./An enchanted door.
What was in the dungeon? A Mysterious Book / My Brother's Broken Wand.
What is my first name? Nymphadora.
What is my favorite greeting? Hey
What is my dream job? Auror.
Where is my favorite place in Hogsmeade? Zonko's joke shop.
Who is my Head of House? Professor Sprout
Where did we meet? Broom flying lesson

Tulip Karasu [edit | Edit source]

friend question answer
Gaining trust in Tulips Why should i trust you I can help you.
I could betray you ... You're too smart for that.
We could get detention ... Not if we're smart.
Why are you breaking the rules I can't let the rules stop me
Who do you think is the smarter one? I think we're both smart
Make friends with Tulip!
(Merula Boggart) You wouldn't understand ... I also had a difficult past.
But it was all my fault ... We all made mistakes, Tulip.
Have you betrayed someone I feel like I've cheated on my brother ...
I cannot maintain my friendships ... I trust you, Tulip.
Solve Tulip's prank quiz
(Eat) Who should you watch out for? Mr. Flich. / Professor Snape.
What's the worst punishment? To fly from school.
What's a good remedy for pranks? Fang-toothed frisbee.
What is my pet Toad.
What magic potion will help you sneak around? Invisibility Potion / Polyjuice Potion.
Who is the greatest troublemaker? Peeves. / You.
Where can you hide things The artifact room.
Where should you buy joke items? Zonko's joke shop.
Solve Tulip's toad quiz (Koboldstein)
How do you say to a group of toads? One knot
What do toads eat? Insects / worms
How do toads drink water? They absorb it through their skin
What do toads do in winter? Overwinter.
Can toads get warts from toads? No, you can't.
Show how well you know Tulip! (Beer)
Who was I friends with before? Merula.
What's my favorite prank? Stink bombs.
What's my family name? Karasu.
What do i call you **First name Last Name**.
Where do my parents work? Ministry of Magic.
Where did we meet? The classroom for transformation.
What kind of pet do I have? A toad
Solve Tulip's trick quiz
What can you mix in a drink? Rüplspulver
What could make someone feel disgusted? Frog spawn juice / wormworms
What could make someone flee? Fang-toothed frisbees
What does the most damage? Fang-toothed frisbees
What is best thrown? Snappy boomerangs / fang-toothed frisbees
What trick could someone eat? Chocolate

Barnaby Lee [edit | Edit source]

friend question answer
Gaining Barnaby's Trust You will think that i'm crazy ... That's what people say about me.
Why does Merula hate you? I think she's jealous.
Our parents were Death Eaters ... Your parents don't determine who you are.
Just like you-know-who ... You are better than that
Take Barnaby's animal quiz! (Eat)
What is best as a pet? Cuddly muff.
Which animal can speak? Jarvey. / Acromantula.
Which animal can fly? Snallygaster. / Hippogriff.
Who specializes in kites? A dragonologist.
Which animal lays eggs? Augurey. / Chimera.
Which animal is from Africa? Fwuuper. / Phoenix.
Name a world class animal expert ... Newt Scamander. / Gulliver Pokeby.
Show how well you know Barnaby! (Beer)
Who was I friends with before? Merula. / Ismelda.
What's my family name? Lee.
What am I known for? Be tough.
What do I like best? Beasts
Who is my Head of House? Professor Snape.
Where did we meet? Potions class.
Who was my father known to? You know who.
Explain the game to Barnaby! (Goblin stone)
What if you lose? One is sprayed on.
Is Koboldstein considered a cool game? Who cares what is cool
Can you eat goblin stones? No, you really shouldn't eat them.
Why is goblin stones fun? It's fun because you play it with friends.
How many stones do we get at the beginning? Fifteen.
Why do you say "Koboldstein"? Because the stones can, like a goblin.
Do the Muggles have a game like that too? Yes, there the stones are called "marbles".

Andre Egwu [edit | Edit source]

friend question }
Solve Andre's fashion quiz (food)
When did you buy clothes? After the escape from the devil's noose
Who is responsible for the implementation of the dress code? The Wizengamot
What are the rules of dressing in public? International Statute of Confidentiality
Which magician knows fashion? Gilderoy Lockhart./Albus Dumbledore.
Who determines dress codes? Wizengamot.
Who is the President of F.U.R.Z.? Archie Aymslowe.
What is a traditional magical robe? Pointed hats. / Simple capes.
Where can I shop in Hogsmeade? Gladrag's wizarding clothes.
How well do you know Andre?
(Drink butterbeer) Where did we meet? Hogsmeade.
Where do we meet most? The three brooms.
What am I known for? Play Quidditch / Know about fashion.
What do I always want to do? Watching Quidditch.
What's my family name? Egwu.
Who do I support? Portree's pride.
What nickname do you use to call me? Curse breaker.
Leprechaun Stone
Is my scarf in the way? No, it underlines your style
How do you like my way of playing? She is the epitome of sophistication
What's your style of play? I like to do trick shots
What is the most important thing? style
Where is shooting from? From the heart (From the hip)
Who is my favorite team Portree's pride.
Which position is hunting the snitch? Viewfinder.
Who Was a Quidditch Referee? Leopoldina Smethwyck.
Which game is the precursor to Quidditch? Shunt bumps 10P. / Swivenhodge 5 p.
Is it worth trying a miracle shot? always

Charlie Weasley [edit | Edit source]

friend question answer
Tell Charlie about your third year at Hogwarts (Butterbeer)
What cool potions did you learn? Guard potion / antidote for commonly used poisons
What blocked the haunted dungeon? Bookshelf in the forbidden section / You-know-who-bogus
What was in the dungeon? A card for the forbidden forest / A broken arrow
What clues did you find? My brother's notebook / a threatening letter
What cool spells did you learn? Ridikkulus / Depulso
Where did you sneak in? The forbidden department / Filch's office
What new friends did you make? Barnaby Lee / Tulip Karasu
Solve Charlie's dragon quiz (food)
Describe a Ukrainian iron belly They have metal gray scales / they are the largest type of dragon
Describe a black Hebrides They eat fresh venison / they have bat-like wings
Describe a Chinese fireball Your eggs are purple / your spines are golden
Describe a Hungarian horntail They have a spiky tail / they spit fire up to 15m
Describe a Norwegian spiked hump They have spiky wings / they feed on aquatic life
Describe a Romanian long horn They have dark green scales / they have long golden horns
Describe a Peruvian viper tooth They are the smallest of all dragons / they eat people
Solve Charlie's nature quiz!
What is there in the black lake? Grindlohs / A giant octopus
Where can you find a quintan? On the North Sea island of Drear.
What are the three types of trolls? Mountain, forest and river trolls.
What is moke skin used for? Money bags and purses.
Which animals are guarded by Porlocks? Horses.
When do moon calves leave their home? On a full moon night.
Leprechaun Stone
What list were we on? The Pureblood Directory / The Inviolable Caution Twenty
What family are we related to? The Prewett family
What's my grandmother's name? Cedrella Weasley
What else lives in the burrow? A gnome in the garden
Dragon club quiz
When should the party start? Before the game starts.
Who should we invite? All!
How much food should I prepare? Prepare a feast!
Shall we get chairs? That's a fantastic idea!
Shall we invite the team mascots? Well let's get started then!
How should we decorate the party? Decorate them in the team colors!
What do you think of a real dragon? Yes absolutely!

Talbott Winger Edit source]

I don't need any help ... everyone needs help sometimes

friend question answer
What kind of moth did we use for the potion? Skull hawkers
What did you keep in your mouth? Mandrake leaf
What was the last ingredient in the potion? A strand of my hair
You keep the leaf in your mouth ... For 30 very long days!
Who Brewed the Animagus Potion? Penny!
How much dew did we add? A silver teaspoon full
A new Animagus should ... Register with the Ministry!
Drink butter beer
Do you remember where the owl is? Top of the west tower.
What do we use owls for? Deliver mail.
What's my Animagus shape Eagle
Who do you call the Irish Phoenix? Augurey.
What do I want to be after graduation? An auror.
I don't work well in a team Our Animagus drink turned out well
i'm better alone Nobody can be alone all the time
and what if you cheat me I have no reason to betray you
why is it so important to you to help We're in trouble together
Who overheard our Animagus conversation. Merula.
Leprechaun Stone
Is it strange when you talk to yourself? The best way to think.
What's the best number? One.
What should the ministry know? Nothing.
Where is it good to be alone? Owlry.
What is the best Quidditch position? Viewfinder.
Shall we go out for a Butterbeer later? No.

Skye Parkin Edit source]

friend question answer
First meeting
Maybe you are haphazardly into magic? Not true, I'll prove it to you
What should I do for you? Train me the best you can
Is this really a fair trade? yes, we help each other
Pass Skye's learning quiz


What could help me in learning? Better manage your time
My excuse not to learn ... i'm doing quidditch
Where should i study? Empty the Quidditch grandstand
How should i study There is no easier way!
Why should i study? To stay on the Quidditch team!
Why tear pages from the books? You travel without luggage
What do I say often? stunning!
Who will help me learn? Me
How can I learn faster? There is no easier way!
Pass Skye's Quidditch quiz!
Who Defends Against Bludgers? The driver
Who is hunting the snitch? The seeker
Who is guarding the gate? The Guardian
Which ball is worth 150 points? Snitch
Which ball is the most dangerous? Bludger
Who will score goals? The hunter
Which ball is the biggest? Quaffle
How well do you know Skye? (Drink butterbeer) Which team did the Parkins create? Wigtown Wanderers
Where am I from? Scotland
What is my father's first name? Ethane
What do I say often? Gorgeous!
For which test did we study? Magic art
What is my Quidditch position? Hunter
What's my family name? Parkin
Leprechaun Stone My father taught me Koboldstein ... How is he?
That's really fun ... More fun than Quidditch?
Actually, I'm pretty good at it ... You are not in the business.
I have to concentrate ... Let's talk about Quidditch.
I never lose a game ... Don't lose a Quidditch game!
Are you ready to playLet's play Quidditch instead!
Teach Skye how to play for fun. (Kobold Stone 2) Prepare for your defeat, {name}! I am sure I can have fun either way!
I don't want to be sprayed on, do I? So you let your fear control you?
What if I want to be a pro! Even the real professionals know how to have fun.
I only know how to play to win. Why not go all out?
I can't just pretend this isn't a competition. Consider it a challenge!
Now I am highly motivated ... Take a few deep breaths, Skye
What's the point if not winning? Have fun with friends

Murphy McNully [edit | Edit source]

friend question answer
British and Irish Quiddich League Who carries out starfish and stalk? guardian
Which team consists only of women? The Holyhead Harpies
Who is doing the Vronsky Bluff? Viewfinder
Where is Quidditch played? worldwide
When was Quidditch invented? 11th century
When was the league founded? 1674
Who is out of the league? Canada
Which is the biggest cup? The league cup
Which team loses the most? Chudley Cannons
Which team has the most wins? The Montrose Magpies
Who runs the league? Ministry
Where was Quidditch invented? On Quidditch Moor
Who Performs the Bludger Backlash? driver
How many fouls are there? 700
What did the snitch replace? The snitch
What do my friends call me Mc Nully
What is my dream job? Quidditch commentator
What am I known for? Quidditch strategies
How well do you know Murphy? What is my specialty? Quidditch strategy / comments
What did I train you in? Quidditch strategy
Who is my favorite team Our house team
Where did we meet? You saw me with playbooks
Which train did I invent? Thimblerig change
Quidditch maneuvers Who is using the Parkins tweezers? Hunter
Who carries out the Plumpton Pass? Viewfinder
Who performs the blitzen ballet? Hunter
Who Carries Out the Porskoff Deception? 2 hunters
Who is performing the Vronsky bluff? Viewfinder
who performs the clap blowback? The driver
Who carries out starfish and stalk? The Guardian
Quidditch story Which ball was last invented? Snitch
How often does the Quidditch World Cup take place? every 4 years
When was it invented? 11th century
What was replaced by the Snitch? The snitch
How many fouls are there? 700
Where was Quidditch invented? Queerditch Moor
Magic chess How many queens are there? 9
How many characters are in the game? 16
Which figure can change? Farmer
How do you win? You checkmate the king
Which figure is running diagonally? runner
What does the winner say? Checkmate
What does magic chess do? Figures move alone

Orion Amari [edit | Edit source]

What do you need for fortune telling - open-mindedness

friend question answer
Who leads a team? captain
What do Guardians need? Defense / quick reflexes
What can help with playing? Teamwork / balancing
Who do I trust when it comes to questions about young talent? Murphy Mc Nully
What do drivers need? Thug / protective instinct
What skills do hunters need? Agility / teamwork
What do i like the most? concentration
What did i teach you How to balance on a broom
What did I do when we first met? Step in for Skye
What was your first lesson? Magic art
What's my last name? Amari
What do I look for in a player? versatility
What must a seeker have? Good eyes / full concentration
What position do I play? The hunter
Fortune telling
Who teaches fortune telling Sybill Trelawney
what is not part of fortune-telling astronomy
What is a prophecy A fortune teller's prophecy
Fortune telling is ... Interpretive
Which being can divination? Centaurs
What is an omen of death? The Grimm

Erika Rath [edit | Edit source]

friend question answer
Why was i mad at you You thought I started a rumor
What move did you teach me? Throwing bat at teammates
Why did you become a driver? Orion thought I was good at it

One of our students got bad grades

When did you first see me fly? At my first Quidditch friendly
Why did you ask me to give you training lessons? You are the best driver I know.

Chiara Lobosca [edit | Edit source]

friend question answer
St Mungo's Quiz
What do the healers practice? Healing spells
What can the healers not heal? Lycanthropy
How many floors is St. Mungo's? six
Who founded St. Mungo's? Mongoose Bonham
Where is St. Mungo's located? London
What is guarding the entrance? Dress form
Who works at St. Mungo's? healer
Wolfsbane Potion Quiz
Who invented the wolfbane potion? Damocles Belby
What are the ingredients? Monkshood
When does it have to be taken? One week every day
What is true about the potion? It tastes terrible
What are the known side effects of the potion? Dizziness
What does the Wolfsbane Potion do Avoiding / saving werewolves from madness
What is the name of the Wolfsbane Potion? Monkshood / balaclava
Werewolf quiz How are werewolves qualified? As beasts
Which legend is true? Transform with every full moon.
How does lycanthropy spread? From a werewolf bite.
Who wrote wolfish lawlessness? Emerett Picardy
Who catches werewolves? The werewolf capture squad.
What Makes a Werewolf Bite Ineffective? Diptame and silver
Why were the werewolves' rules of behavior a failure? Fear of prejudice
How well do you know Chiara
Where did I get to know Borf? In the Forbidden Forest
What kind of shapeshifter am I? A werewolf
What career do I want? healer
What's my family name? Lobosca
Before the full moon I drink ... Wolfsbane Potion
What kind of shapeshifter am I? A werewolf
Which house do I belong to? Hufflepuff
Healing Quiz (Goblin Stone)
What spell heals broken bones? Brackium Emendo
What spell is used to bandage wounds? Ferula
What magic is used to clear the airways? Anapneo
How is Diptam used? It is placed on the patient's skin. / It is taken by the patient.
Reparo is helpful with ...? Injuries to the body.
What does Vulnera Sanentur do? Heals severe wounds on the body.
What spell is used to heal small injuries? Episkey

Jae Kim [edit | Edit source]

friend question answer
Dining with friends
Who does a house elf serve? His master's family
Discipline Quiz Which items are prohibited? Fang-toothed frisbees / self-responsive nibs
What happens after you get kicked out of school? You will be sent from school / Your wand will be destroyed
Who can deduct house points? Teacher
What is a normal punishment? Deduction of house points / prohibition of privileges
How can you get out of school? Doing magic in front of muggles

Liz Tuttle [edit | Edit source]

friend question answer
Dining with friends
What do people know most about


When you are listened to / When you are looked in the eyes
What should i talk about Common interests
What do others like to talk about? About yourself
Leprechaun Stone
What ingredients did I give you? Two horn horn / boomslang skin
What's my family name? Tuttle
Who did you hear about me first from? Penny Haywood
What's my nickname? Lizard
Who is my Head of House? Prof. Snape
Where did we meet? In the bell tower
Hippogriff quiz
What can you tell me about crups


Crups have a forked tail
Do you know anything about


Your singing drives people crazy
What can a moke do? You can shrink yourself

Badeea Ali [edit | Edit source]

friend question answer
Dining with friends Name a famous magical painting ... A witches and wizard couple / Godrics Hollow by night
Name a famous magician-painter ... Amos Diggory / Roderick Plumpton
Name a magician writer ... Mopsy Fleabert
Name a famous magician-poet ... Ingolfer, the iambic
Name a magician-playwright ... Malecrit
Name a magic band ... The Hobgoblins / The Bent-Winged Snitches
Who's on a Chocolate Frog Card? Walter Crane / Magenta Comstock
Drink butter beer Who is my Head of House? Professor Fliwick
What advice did I give you first? Thinking about unusual things
Who did you hear about me from? Almost headless Nick.
Where did we meet? Inner courtyard from the bell tower
Who did I paint when we met? Beatrice Haywood
Leprechaun Stone Do you like collecting ideas? I like to be creative.
I feel a little discouraged ... Then we'll take a break and try again later. (/ Just concentrate.)
Is it dangerous to invent spells? Yes, it can be really dangerous. (/ Yes, but only rarely ...)
Which spells require eye contact? Jinxes. (/ Hexes.)
How about a food spell? It is not possible to conjure up food.
Sphinx quiz What is the brightest star Sirius.
What object does the cup look like? A cup.
What does the big bear look like? A bear.
Which constellation is the largest? Hydra.
Which constellation looks like a Leo? Lion.
Polaris is also known as? The North Star.
How do constellations move? From east to west.

Dobby [edit | Edit source]

friend question answer
Is Dobby a burden? You are never a burden!
Dobby has to punish himself! You have done nothing wrong!
Are all wizards cruel? No, there are also good magicians among them.
Dobby is a bad house elf! No, you are just in a bad position!
Dobby longs to be free ... Maybe one day you will
Dobby has already said too much ... We can stop if you like
Why shouldn't Dobby say more it helps to talk about these things