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Masking tape skyline of New York City as a DIY headboard for the bed

Promotion * for Auping / Should I tell you something completely new? I've rearranged. The madness! No, but right now it's really bad again. It went as far as a masking tape skyline of New York City as a DIY headboard for the bed. I could just move something around, repaint, redecorate something non-stop. Except for the Monstera leaves, of course, which are a nice constant running through all of my interior posts. But hey, at least I changed the vase. I ask you to kindly note this.


This time it was the turn of the bedroom again. Finally I was able to implement my plan for a masking tape skyline of New York City as a DIY headboard for the bed, yay! In one of the last posts I complained that the dark gray wall always has green and magenta streaks in the photos, even at ISO 100 and good light. Nobody but me sees them, but they are there. I know it. Together with all the plutonium-contaminated microchips in the walls that our neighbor installed there to kill my Monstera.


In any case, I had to put the box spring bed against the white wall, because the little rampage pig is constantly being photographed and I don't want to work away these streaks every time. So it is now where the shelf was before and the shelf is where the desk was before. The desk, in turn, is where the bed was before. I'll show you the complete overview soon.



Incidentally, the rearrangement should have been carried out without the imaginary magenta streaks, for the simple reason that rearrangement is absolutely great: This kick of the new, as if you had bought completely new furniture, but completely free and free. The knowledge that there are no more dust mice under or behind the bed and that everything is vacuumed. The inner tidiness that comes with the external order almost by itself. The thrill of seeing the new DIY masking tape skyline. And the generalized motivation associated with moving around to eat only healthy stuff and to exercise regularly (which lasts about four days). Splendid.

Masking tape skyline of New York City as a DIY headboard for the bed

But there was still a little challenge after rearranging, namely the white wall behind our box spring bed, which was already headboard-free, suddenly looked terribly bare. Pictures on the wall are somehow not my cup of tea and I find most wall tattoos horrible. So what to do As you may know, my best guy is working at Yale right now and New York isn't far from it. We want to visit them this year, so here are some travel guides flying around New York City. One of them has the NYC skyline at night as a cover picture ... And then Anja recently posted her great NYC cake. So one thing led to another and in less than an hour I had the masking tape skyline of New York City stuck on the wall as a DIY headboard for the bed. A matching cup had to be painted with a porcelain marker, of course.


Auping bed linen:

And something else is new: Auping * bed linen! Perhaps you remember that this year in January I was at the IMM in Cologne with some other interior bloggers as part of the Blogst Lounge. Ricarda, Igor and Clara had organized a wonderful day for us with a tour of the fair, exclusive dates with many great furniture manufacturers and interesting short presentations. I was particularly impressed by the stand of the bed manufacturer Auping *: We had breakfast in bed especially for us! In the box spring bed. Need I say more? This resulted in a very nice contact with the company.


Box spring beds from Auping

The box spring beds * from Auping (the latest model is called Criade *) are simply amazing - from my point of view, trying out and having breakfast in bed at the Auping stand could have taken forever. We also have a box spring bed that I'm happy with, but in my zagzag-I-want-now-here-and-now-a-box spring bed madness, it was only enough to be a Swedish furniture maker. Sure, quality has its price and we should have saved up on a box spring bed from Auping first. Well, someday ... when I grow up ...!



Auping bed linen raffle:

But as I said, Auping not only has beds, but also bed linen *, which creates a very nice luxury feeling. The new collection for spring and summer 2014 has been out for some time now. With pastel colors, ombré effects and geometric prints, it goes perfectly with my masking tape skyline. I was allowed to choose a model, which of course came in handy with my current bed linen tick. And the best thing is: I was able to arrange a bedding set for one of you as you wish. Since so many people took part in the last bed linen raffle, there is now a second chance for fine bed linen:

Conditions of participation:

1. Leave me a comment under this post in which you name your favorite bed linen model from Auping (HERE * you can see all styles).

2. Optional: If you share your favorite model with the hashtag #AupingDE on Facebook or Twitter (just click HERE * on "I like" or "tweet", name the model, add hashtag, done), you will double your chance of winning. Then just write it in the comment, preferably with a link to your tweet or share, so that I can understand it.

3. I also need some way of contacting you in the event of a win. It doesn't have to be an email address, a blog link, Facebook link, etc. is also sufficient. Good luck!

The closing date is Wednesday, June 11th, 2014, 23:59. Any natural person with an address in Germany can participate, including anonymous readers. I use the random number generator and then contact the winner to provide the address. The bedding set of your choice will be sent directly from Auping to the winner. The contact details you may have provided, such as email addresses, will only be used to notify you of the winnings. If you are under 18, please ask your parents for permission before participating. The competition only takes place on the blog. The judges' decision is final.

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