How to make golden paint with colored pencils

How do you mix gold? - Helpful tips for amateur artists

What you need:

  • Aluminum pigments and yellow
  • Silver, yellow and orange or
  • Yellow and light brown

Can you mix gold from other colors?

When painting, it can be annoying if you are about to paint gold knight armor, gold coins or gold cutlery, but then unexpectedly the gold color is empty. On the other hand, it would be helpful to know how to mix gold yourself.

  • Strictly speaking, gold, like silver, is not a color at all, but a metal that, thanks to its special properties, gets its shiny appearance.
  • For this reason it is basically not possible to mix the basic colors together in such a way that gold comes out.
  • If you regularly need gold paint for painting, you should therefore get a small supply from specialist shops.

How to mix compelling shades of gold

If you only need the gold color in exceptional cases and therefore don't want to buy some extra, there are a few workarounds with which you can actually mix a color that comes very close to gold.

  • It works best if you mix normal yellow with aluminum pigments. These give the yellow a fascinating glitter effect, which makes it look like gold.
  • If you don't have any aluminum pigments in the house, you can mix a good gold color yourself by mixing yellow and orange with silver paint. The latter then provides the necessary glitter effect.
  • If the silver color is also empty, you only have an emergency solution. If you mix yellow with a little light brown, the result is a shade that looks at least somewhat similar to gold.

Any of these different ways to mix gold will surely help you. You should know, however, that gold paint bought from specialist retailers will most likely look far more authentic than the result of these mixing experiments.

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