What do two fingers mean?

What does 👉👈, 👉👈🥺, 👉🏻👈🏻 mean? Meaning of two 2 finger emoji, characters, TikTok

The emoji: 👉👈 spread on the social media platforms TikTok and Instagram in spring 2020. Partly in connection with an insecure and shy-looking face: 👉👈🥺. Sometimes also with a symbol for the backhand: 👉🏻👈🏻. You can find out exactly what this is all about in this post:

What does 👉👈, 👉👈🥺, 👉🏻👈🏻 mean? Meaning of the emoji and characters on TikTok

The gesture of the two hands and the index finger pointing towards each other and the uncertain looking emoji have the following meaning: They stand for embarrassment and shyness.

The "👉👈🥺" gesture comes from the anime and manga world. Characters who are insecure, embarrassed, or shy use the gesture to express those feelings. The index fingertips touch, tap, or circle each other. The face shows mimicry of shyness: insecure looking away and no confident smile.

With Sailor Moon and Naruto, the gesture "👉👈🥺" occurs often. At Sailor Moon, Usagi makes the gesture. In Naruto, Hinata Hyuuga can be seen repeatedly showing the gesture "👉👈🥺".

The emojiy "👉👈🥺" can also be understood as an allusion to the fresco "The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo. In the fresco, God extends his index finger to Adam and Adam extends his arm (and hand) to God. However, the two do not touch.

👉👈🥺, 👉🏻👈🏻 means "Shy Finger Twiddling" in English

In English, the gesture is called "Shy Finger Twiddling" or "Shy Finger Twiddle". In German: "Turn shy finger". (Editor's note: We would suggest the following translation: "Shy finger gesture".) If you search for "Shy Finger Twiddling" in the Google image search, you will find countless Manga characters that show this gesture "👉👈🥺".

👉👈, 👉👈🥺, 👉🏻👈🏻: Meaning of the emoji on TikTok

On TikTok, the gesture “👉👈🥺” is not only used to express shyness, shyness or embarrassment, but also because it is perceived as cute.

TikTok users express different things with the gesture “👉👈🥺”. However, the general rule is that this gesture is only used in connection with someone who is in love with, but who does not yet know about it. (See: Crush) The gesture “👉👈🥺” can stand for the desire to spend time with someone, to talk or when one is unsure.

TikTok even had its own challenge with the shy finger gesture. It was the Shy Challenge, in German: The Shyness Challenge. In this challenge, TikTok attendees shared a video of themselves showing how and when they are shy. They showed the gesture "👉👈🥺".

There is no fixed meaning of the “👉👈🥺” gesture and there are no rules about how to use it. As a result, TikTok participants also use the gesture to express nervousness, excitement, and stage fright.

The shy finger gesture "👉👈🥺" can be used on different occasions and with different ideas:

  • When someone blushes.
  • When someone gets a compliment.
  • When someone has to use his courage to speak to someone else, for example. (Accelerated pulse, clammy hands)
  • Afraid of making a mistake.
  • Afraid that something will be embarrassing.

Shy memes: But ... I'm shy. (#imshy)

The gesture “👉👈🥺” belongs to the shy emojis and the shy memes. ("Shy" means "shy" in German.)

The Shy-Meme works like this, someone shows an everyday situation or a prompt that he or she would like to respond to. However, the person does not trust himself and justifies this by saying that he is shy. The final sentence “I want to. But ... #imshy. "

Further explanations:

Editor's comment on the shy finger gesture "👉👈🥺"

The shy fingers gesture comes at an interesting time as the gesture became popular during the corona crisis. During the corona crisis, there was (and still is) social distancing and not touching others. The “👉👈🥺” gesture fits in pretty well with the pandemic containment measures because the fingers don't touch.

The gesture “👉👈🥺” thus has a further meaning. It stands for the longing and the desire to touch someone else and not just look at him or her!

One question that still needs to be clarified here is: Why is shy an issue during the corona crisis and social distancing?

The editors of MeaningOnline.de suspect that this has to do with another event. The corona crisis began (in Germany) just before spring, the spring awakening and the spring feelings. The corona crisis could therefore not be the reason for the "„ "gesture, but rather the gesture is an expression of shy teenagers in whom the hormones are just boiling.

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