Where can I get Kuroiler in Uganda Kampala

There is not so much new to report this month as I am currently on isolation leave in Kampala. Marburg fever has occurred in the south-west of Uganda, Marburg or "Mabbag"as the people here call the little Hessian Einod is a hemorrhagic fever which, according to statistics, leads to death if infected up to 80%. It is in the same league with Ebola and Lassa fever. Not much has happened in Ibanda except all of that now Team members of the ambulance are in possession of a driver's license. The deployment rate for the ambulance service remained below expectations in October, although it is probably also because it is harvest time and people want to make their profit before they get to the hospital. I am a little skeptical I nevertheless oppose this explanation, because most of the patients we transport are pregnant women and in Uganda it actually takes place all year round, so there must be other reasons that I have unfortunately not yet been able to come across.

Because I want to make my isolation vacation meaningful, I'll break up my tents in Kampala tomorrow and move on to Jinja. As I have been assured by many acquaintances, Jinja is said to be a very beautiful city. It is about 1 1/2 Ugandan hours by car east of Kampala. Like Kampala, Jinja is located on Lake Victoria and is the source of the Nile. I'm curious what to expect there. I will find accommodation in a seminary where I will help with the care of the elderly. Anne thinks it is the most beautiful place in Uganda, let's see if that applies.

too beautiful to be

Last weekend I was in Kyamuhunga for the first time, my second stop in Uganda and as I have to say it was really a very pleasant experience. The stay was characterized by a lot of warmth. The sisters were all very accommodating and very concerned for my well-being. Kyamuhunga is only 30 Boda minutes away from Queen Elizabeth National Park and the surroundings reminded me of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, only that Kyamuhunga is characterized by tea plantations instead of lush meadows. Anne and I visited the one that was really worth seeing Kingfisher Lodge. A place like from the glossy travel catalog. Located on a terminal moraine, you can see up to 200 km into the country. The national park stretches out in front of you and in the background the Ruwenzorie Mountains with their 5000 meter high snow-capped peaks protrude into the cloud cover. Dreamlike. Cold beer is served and you can enjoy the view in the 2-story pool.

On Saturday we visited the national park, which, according to my guide, is said to be the most biodiverse in the world. I can't judge whether he is that, but what I can say that when I saw the elephant 10 meters away I literally went ass on ice. Fortunately, the pachyderms are used to people and are more afraid of the engine noise than I am of their primal forces.


So now I'll pack my things together for tomorrow's trip and say goodbye with best regards.